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You Know It’s Nearly Christmas When…

The ice sculpture from the Yule Ball in the fourth Harry Potter film
The ice sculpture from the Yule Ball in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Because nothing’s more festive than Hogwarts at Christmas…

This post is probably a bit late, considering we are all now programmed to start thinking about Christmas in September, but being the massive Scrooge I am, I’m writing it now. Yes, I’m finally ready to feel festive. Yes, it’s finally time to start sitting in my living room covered in tinsel, watching Elf over and over again. Yes, I have eaten tonnes of Christmas chocolate in preparation for this post.

You’re welcome.

Because it’s that festive time of year, I thought I’d do a jolly old festive post, to bring a little bit more Christmas into your lives…

Along with a little bit of whining, sarcasm and silliness. Enjoy!

You know it’s nearly Christmas when…

1. You see 300 tweets about the Coca-Cola truck

2. You spend two hours trying to find the end of the sellotape

3. Your entire wage has to be spent on other people

4. You’re willing to spend £4.45 on a coffee just for the cup

5. You have a list of about 30 Christmas markets you’d like to go to, but can barely afford to visit one

6. There’s an extra aisle of sweets and chocolate in the supermarket

7. You can’t go shopping without thinking of what someone else might like, even though you’ve already spent way too much on them

8. You run out of wrapping paper on the last present

9. You convince yourself you can wrap all the presents in five minutes, then spend over five hours wrapping presents

10. You get messages from people asking what you’d like for Christmas and feel obligated to reply with ‘you don’t have to get me anything, thank you’

11. You’ve heard ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ 3000 times already

12. Someone comes to work wearing a festive hat or jumper

13. You’ve eaten 16 mince pies already

14. You’ve got stuck in three hours of traffic because they’re switching the lights on in your local town

15. You’ve eaten 84 festive sandwiches already

16. You’ve complained to your mum/dad/partner about the fact they haven’t bought you an advent calendar yet

17. You can eat as many mince pies as you want without anyone judging you

18. You can cover yourself in tinsel without anyone judging you

19. Your floor is covered in pine needles/fake snow/glitter

20. You’re reading this blog post

Sorry, that last one was super cheesy…

Are you feeling festive yet?

9 thoughts on “You Know It’s Nearly Christmas When…

  1. Glad you’re feeling festive! Haha, it took me forever to start feeling festive (considering how Christmas trees have been up since November 1). Oh my goodness, the Coca-Cola Bear is lit during the holidays. AND YES!!! #3 is so relatable. I somehow found myself spending a good chunk of my pay for gifts.

    I am totally feeling you about the extra aisle of sweets and holiday goodies at markets/stores. I’m still looking for the giant Ferrero Rocher XD. Surprisingly, I’ve only heard of “All I Want for Christmas is You” like twice so far. (THANK GOODNESS). Girl, I’ll feel even more festive as soon as I bust out my ugly Christmas sweater XD.

  2. Although we drink Coke year around, there’s something fuzzy about drinking coke at this time of the year. I do love their commercials and the festive coke cans.

    I’ve never had Mince pies, but then again, I don’t really think they’re a thing in the states. I’m unsure what we have that would be comparable to them? We do have these really cute festive cupcakes that are shaped and colored all festive like – from the same creator as the Twinkie.

    Glitter is life.

  3. I absolutely love the ice sculpture they have at Harry Potter Studios! Really need to revisit.

    Elf all day, every day! (Love Actually as well, for me :P) And yeah, Christmas doesn’t start until I see the Coca-Cola advert, haha.

    “3. Your entire wage has to be spent on other people” — Legit hurts my heart, ngl.

    I’m feeling pretty festive! I did some baking yesterday and used Christmas cookie cutters. I’ve already got my Secret Santa presents and I bought my Christmas jumper for Christmas Jumper Day @ work, as well 😀 And it’s so exciting opening up my Advent calendar everyday!

  4. Hahaha I loved this post! I’m terrible at judging wrapping paper, so I always run out at the last present! 19 hit very close to home, though. My house is covered in glitter, and work is also covered in glitter. I love glitter, but even I know that’s too much glitter exposure!

  5. I remember when I loved christmas, but now it’s more of a time of stress on my part. I now have a child of my own, and realise how important it seems for parents to give their child “the best christmas ever”. For us, that means it’s the one time a year where I get to spoil my child, considering we aren’t much of a toy-buying household year round. She only gets “nice” toys at christmas and birthday. So Christmas is special to her still. For me, it lost its magic once I became an adult, sadly.

  6. I can relate to all of these points! Especially the mince pie ones. I only started eating mince pies last year, and I don’t even like them that much. But it’s Christmas and it would be rude not to!

    Also this post has just reminded be that I’ve not been listening to Christmas songs nearly as much as I should be. Like, I’ve got one month to enjoy Band Aid and Shakin’ Stevens before it’s back to reality.

    I’m actually not feeling that festive at the moment (probably because I’ve not been listening to enough Christmas songs!) but I’m sure I will when I head home to Shropshire for the Christmas break.

  7. I’m cracking up hahaha! This post is SO true omg.

    “8. You run out of wrapping paper on the last present”

    This was me last Christmas AND THE STRESS GIRl WAS NOT WORTH IT xDD Going out where everything was closing early and packed. NOPE.

    I always wrap myself in tinsel during Christmas. I also always say to my family: “hey look I’m wearing tinsel as a scarf” and they’re always like “yeah ok haha” FML.

    Loved the last one <3 Thanks for making me smile Amy! xD

  8. AHAHAhahahaha this post gave me a good chuckle. It’s so true… I cry at some of these things though 😭

    I don’t hate spending money on people. I love getting people gifts. But yes, afterwards, looking at your credit card bill is slightly sad. I used to focus too much on how much money I paid on someone’s gift compared to someone else, but now I focus more on getting a nice, thoughtful gift.

    Oh, oh, and “You spend two hours trying to find the end of the sellotape” is so true… I try to fold over the end of the tape so I know where the end is, but sometimes, we fail at life, right?

    There have been so many times I think I can wrap gifts really quickly but my brain and hands nope out, and I take a long time. 😪 Recently I have taken to buying gift bags instead so I don’t have to buy gift wrap and then keep a roll of gift wrap that has a Christmas print on it that can obviously only be used once per year and just lies around at home for a long time. And then I have that problem where I run out of paper halfway through wrapping a present 😛 You know what, we should just pay people at stores to wrap our presents for us, makes everything easier right? 😜

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