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Writing When Tired

Writing is hard. Writing is very hard, even. From the point of coming up with an idea decent enough to grab someone’s attention to doing that final edit, writing has many struggles throughout the process. You have those great moments where you’re filled to the brim with inspiration, where you feel as though you can write for days, and your hands are getting extremely tired from typing faster than a jaguar in a Ferrari, and all of your ideas are just bursting onto the page happy-firework style. Then there are those days when you sit staring at Microsoft Word and questioning whether the ‘I’ you have written and deleted fifteen times can be classed as sufficient progress. Then there are those days where you’re about as inspired as Kermit the frog minus the puppeteer, and you’re also incredibly tired. Today is one of those days. But unlike Kermit I can’t just get someone to put a hand up me to bring my ideas to life. This is a really bad metaphor. I have major regrets over this metaphor.

Currently there are many things going through my head in regards to writing something, anything to make a decent enough blog entry, that people will read and love and ‘wow’ over. (Or that people will just be able to get through without banging their head on their table and wanting to break their computer screens). So here’s a list of the things that go through my head when trying to write through tiredness:


I need a topic. An easy topic. One that will get me to my bed faster than an actor on a mattress advert. I know INSERT ANY OLD TOPIC THAT TIRED BRAIN DOES HERE. That’s great. That’s brilliant, even.
*writes one sentence* No, that won’t work. There’s too much to say, I need longer than this ten minutes to do this justice.
What can I write about in three sentences that people will enjoy reading, and that won’t seem really lazy?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It cannot be done.
But surely people won’t mind a bit of laziness, as long as I post something? Three sentences about how lazy I am never hurt anyone. ‘I am lazy. I am lazy. I am lazy’ would make a brilliant blog entry. Wonderfully unique.
That’s only unique because no one else would ever want to do it. Other people can manage to blog past midnight without snoring into their keyboard between lines. Other people are successful. Come on, be successful, write something brilliant now.
Think of a new topic. A good one. Something that you could write about forever without ever feeling tired.
I know, INSERT GENERIC TOPIC HERE. That is great. This will be easy.
What are words? What are words? What are actual words?
I need a dictionary. My brain has ran out of words. We have no words. We have a problem.
Oh, it’s okay, I’ve got it I can do this.
What are words?
Okay, back to the drawing board. I know, lists. Lists! Lists are easy; people love lists.
I could list something really good like, um, urm, I don’t know, a shopping list?
Nope, definitely not, that one’s been overdone for sure. By every shopper in the whole world. Beans. Eggs. Beans. Beans. It’s not exactly exciting.
I know, I know! Zzzzzzzzzzzz *falls asleep for a second*
Can someone please tell me what words are?


And this is why I should not be allowed to write anything when tired.

6 thoughts on “Writing When Tired

  1. Man, I go through this struggle even when I’m NOT tired. It doesn’t help that we’re both introspective people, seeing how thinking about one thing can lead to another. Before you know it, we’d be writing a book if we don’t contain our thoughts into words while taking length into consideration. Then again, this if we’re blogging. If we wish to write an actual book, we’re not constrained by length as much. 😉

    The pain and struggle of writing is too real. *Sigh* Here, how about a hug to squeeze some stress/fatigue-induced frustration out of you? 😀

  2. I have been lazy in writing my blog entries for the last few months. I have several topics but I didn’t have the motivation to carry my heavy laptop to the desk and use it to blog. Bleh. I haven’t even finished blogging about my Korea trip that happened in April. 🙁 I totally know how you feel. Previously when I am motivated to blog but I don’t have much content to blog about, just like what is happening to you now. Now that I have lots of content to blog about and I don’t even feel like writing them down. Life can be really weird.

  3. I can imagine how hard writing must be; especially with NaNoWriMo and its 50k word goal *o*. This *writer’s block* reminds me of blogger’s block where at one point, there are a ton of ideas for a new blog post and other times where you have no idea what to write about (Then again, you’re still writing here, right right?)

    That list is pretty much me when I’m in tired in general. From what I’ve experienced, I usually stop doing whatever I’m doing, go to sleep, and return to whatever I was doing when I’m energized again. In that case, you can’t procrastinate too much *o*.

  4. Man, I can’t do anything when I’m tired, let alone write anything. It just does not work. At least even if you do write in this state often, your writing is still very charming.

  5. WRITING IS HARD. I FEEL YOU, GIRL. (I didn’t actually have to type in capitals, but I just wanted to show you that I’m with you and I’m here to support you)

    I thought my job was easy in the beginning, but now that we’re getting more work and there’s only me doing all of it I’m under pressure. /sobs uncontrollably/ Nah, it’s not too bad, but coming up with new ideas every day make you want to run into a brick wall and stay embedded in there forever.

    I don’t even time to blog anymoreeeeeee.

  6. Writing when you’re tired is one of the hardest things. That’s why I’ve been trying to blog early – compared to when I used to. When I’m trying to blog while I’m tired I found that I don’t really write much…I don’t put much thought into it.

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