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What I’ve Gained From Blogging

I have now had this website for five years. It seems like yesterday when I was writing my first post on here, using no content management system, just a commenting form, and writing three line blog posts because I couldn’t think of anything to say. And now I’ve probably bored many people with lengthy awful blog posts about my silly struggles as a teenager, and my complaints about the things that annoy me in life. I have learnt so much in the past five years, and am so thankful for all the people that have helped me. Here’s a list of five things that I’ve gained from blogging:

It taught me how to write

I could write before I had a blog, obviously, but before I delved down into the wonderful world of WordPress I wouldn’t have seen snails riding skateboards and wolves discussing dinner preferences as appropriate topics to write about. In fact, these ideas would never have come anywhere in the vicinity of my brain. I used to just write stories about people suffering horrible deaths in English class, and plagiarize the storyline of Harry Potter in exercise books (but using a female protagonist so I wouldn’t get caught out, of course). Blogging taught me to be more creative in my writing, to think up interesting new ways to write about boring life events. There were only so many times I could write about my school life ordinarily. Blogging forced me to add in silly information about skateboarding snails and new punctuation marks, and write ridiculously over the top descriptions of what happened in class. It gave me a writing style, no matter how terrible that may be. And blogging made me love writing. It’s what caused me to choose writing as a degree (that, and the fact I realised my drawing skills were near enough limited to stick-men, flowers and swirls). It made writing more than just a hobby.

The extent of my drawing ability

It improved my graphics skills

I mean, look at that great picture above.

So, it hasn’t yet taught me how to recreate the Mona Lisa on Paint, but I do know the basics of Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro and I can spring together a fairly decent layout, so that’s okay. And I’ve learnt that burning people’s retinas is generally frowned upon, which is a crime I often committed when using Piczo.

It allowed me to learn about different people’s lives

I’ve talked to and read about so many different people while blogging. There’s such a diverse range of people and blogs online, so there’s never really an opportunity to be bored of following other blogs. It’s great.

It taught me how to use the internet

Blogging introduced me to so many different social media websites, which became really important when I did work experience at a social media marketing company. I’ve discovered Twitter, Plinky, Blip FM (which hardly anyone uses), Last FM, Photobucket, Flickr and Tumblr while creating websites. I’ve also discovered that Twitter is full of robots, Tumblr is full of porn and Photobucket is full of messages pressuring me to share images with my friends, but at least I’ve had a fair warning about such things so I won’t have to suffer a heart attack in the workplace when I accidentally stumble upon a web page trying to sell me viagra and intimidating me into sharing pictures of penises with my friends. You never know, that could happen.

It gave me website coding humour

Which gives me more opportunities to sit laughing at my own jokes while everyone else stays silent:
A conversation I had on Facebook

Blogging is something that I love doing, but for the past year or so I’ve been too bogged down with how dull my posts are to actually want to blog. Which is sad. But that’s all about to change. Just remember, even if you feel like your posts are terrible there will always be benefits to blogging, and there’s always an audience. Even if it’s just you.

Or the stick-men you create on paint…

2 thoughts on “What I’ve Gained From Blogging

  1. Oh blogging. 🙂 I think one of the coolest things about blogging is being able to look back at who you were and how far you’ve come. I remember my first blog and I thought I was so funny (I wasn’t) and didn’t understand why other people didn’t think I was the awez0m3st person ever, haha.

    I love all the amazing people that I’ve met and how much I’ve been able to learn about other people’s lives. It’s cool to see the difference and the similarites, but also just gives you perspective. It’s truly awesome. Plus, I love knowing that there are even cooler people out there that I’m going to meet in the future.

    Bahaha! I laughed at your joke! 😉

    Blogging has taught me so much I feel like I’m about to write a post just in this comment! Haha. This post made me smile and I agree/feel the same about all of it! (Sadly to say my graphics have not improved at all. I believe that is just one area best to leave the door closed, haha.)

  2. Blogging is an amazing hobby. I know I’ve been on and off with it, but, like you, it has still taught me so much. It has taught me how to write with an audience in mind, and it taught me about coding and HTML and all that lark before I just got lazy and installed a premade, ha.

    Well your stick men are still better than mine. And your flowers and swirls are so pretty.

    I’ve learnt so much from reading other people’s blogs, too. Like what their school structure is like, or just their culture, or what their cities and food and beliefs are and it’s fascinating.

    There’s too much natural scenery where I live. It’s a wonder green is still one of my favourite colours.

    I’d love to live somewhere where you weren’t obliged to talk to people. It’s hard work.

    Take care! And thank you for commenting. xx

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