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The First Season Showdown

This year, many UK retailers have suffered during the recession, and have unfortunately had to close their doors to the public. Even though I was sad to see some of them go, this gave me the chance to pick up lots of DVDs for next to nothing, and turn my room into a claustrophobic sea of box sets. Which means I’ve spent a large portion of this year watching television box sets before I drown in them. Here are my thoughts on five of the TV shows that I began watching this year:


Watching rich kids walking round being rich is not usually my idea of a good show, but somehow, on a dull morning, I found myself glued to E4. So I decided to glue myself to the box set as well, and found myself having a great time watching 30-year-old teenagers running around being rich and bitchy. Unfortunately, it’s one of those TV shows where they set the story lines at a snail’s pace, so don’t be expecting high speed car chases and dramatic deaths or you’ll be sorely disappointed. And don’t be expecting to fall in love with all the characters. The majority come across as annoying at best, with some of them leaving you searching for a rolling pin to hit your screen with. I enjoyed it, but really it’s just a poor version of One Tree Hill. Teen shows have been done before, and so much better.


Mad Men

Mad Men focuses on a 60’s advertising agency. It basically involves men drinking and smoking, women being set in very gender-biased roles, and men drinking and smoking. The storylines are minimal, and I spent the majority of the series curious as to what would happen. You watch. You wait for some big scene, some big revelation, something they’ve built up to – but it never happens. I watched. I waited for someone to kill off Don Draper. But it never happened. (Don Draper is the main character. I dislike the main character, which means I’ll always be thoroughly disappointed by his existence on the show.) WARNING SPOILERS: Nothing ever happens on this show. But somehow I find myself wanting to watch series 2 to see nothing happen all over again.



Trollied is a UK comedy series based in a supermarket. It’s hilarious, the characters are wonderful, and it does a really good job of depicting what working in a customer service environment is like. I found myself laughing just because I’d had some of the experiences in my job. It’s one of those programmes that you can watch over and over again and still end up laughing until people stop experiencing rage over self-scan machines in supermarkets. Which will be never.


True Blood

The vampires have revealed themselves to the human world. This is one of those television moments where your heart beats rapidly. Where every feeling, every emotion is intensified throughout. There’s blood. There’s vampires. There are sex scenes that I unfortunately had to watch with my mother. The first series is a brilliant murder mystery mixed with the supernatural. Trust me, it will have you crouching down at your DVD player for another bite.


Orange is the New Black

The new Netflix series that everyone’s been raving about. It features Piper Chapman, a middle-class American woman who ends up going to prison for carrying a suitcase filled with drug money for her girlfriend. The characters are amazing. The storylines are amazing. The script is laugh-lying-on-the-floor-with-legs-in-the-air funny. Even the Tumblr GIFs are wonderful. And the ending. THE ENDING. It’s one of those where you get to be happy, sad, shocked, and almost falling off your seat. The only negative is that they spend the majority of the series wearing tan outfits, not orange. But I don’t suppose ‘Tan is the new black’ would have sounded nearly as interesting. That just sounds like a bad advert for sun beds.


And the winners are… Trollied and Orange is the New Black, for allowing me to laugh a lot, shout out my emotions at the screen, and become overly connected to people who don’t really exist. I am too cool.

Have you started watching anything new recently?

4 thoughts on “The First Season Showdown

  1. Yeah it’s a shame mant UK companies are shutting down. 🙁 It makes me sad that this recession isn’t getting much better *sigh*

    At least you managed to bag some nice box sets! I bought the Big Bang Theory Box Set Season 1-5 for £15. Bargain.

    I’ve watched some 90210 on E4 and I get confused what it happening it’s a lot of betrayal and just kissing scenes from these oldbie teenagers.

    Haven’t really seen the others but I do like the sound of Trollied. I like a good laugh 🙂

  2. I should’ve bagged some box sets for cheap, too! Like Doctor Who, the ones with Nine and Ten. Sigh. I don’t normally buy box sets unless I really like the show… I have all the Merlin ones. And when I saw that there was a box set of Harry Potter 1 – 8 on Amazon for just £20 I bought it because it felt like great value for money.

    “he majority come across as annoying at best, with some of them leaving you searching for a rolling pin to hit your screen with.” — haha! I always thought that when my (old) friends used to make me watch Waterloo Road. It was so predictable, it was overly dramatic so I didn’t feel sorry for any of them, and the characters were just lame.

    Trollied sounds brilliant. Is it solely comedy or is there a plot to it too? Like, are all the episodes “stand alone”s or do they all lead on from each other?

    “for allowing me to laugh a lot, shout out my emotions at the screen, and become overly connected to people who don’t really exist.” — so accurate.

    Erm as a general rule I really don’t watch much TV at all… I got into watching “The Apprentice” when it was on. I just liked watching them all argue, haha, and the boardroom talks afterwards when they all slagged each other off. I normally watch films on the TV… maybe I should actually try some of the shows you’ve suggested.

    I do want to watch the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special. Because — DAVID TENNANT, ack.

    Well, you can’t be lucky with the weather in England…

    Take care! xx

  3. Hey Amy!

    Thanks so much! So glad that you enjoy my art!

    And I know, right? Being bogged down with just work for university is just dreadful if it is for a general education class such as physics or English or whatever else. Not to mention it just takes time away that could be used for increasing the quality of my work from classes for my major – digital media. Thankfully though, I’m finally at the stage where I’m taking only graphic design-related classes for my major and that’s it. So I’ll finally be able to focus and be creative 24/7. I usually like what I do for my university classes, but I just wish I could also find time to keep on working on personal projects as well instead of having to wait until Christmas break and summer break every year. 😛

    My illustration class will definitely be a blast, especially since my favorite professor is teaching it! So yes, I am definitely looking forward to it!

    Regrettably, I haven’t seen any of those shows. I’ll stay far away from Mad Men, as I have dealt with more than enough people from the advertising field, and they all drive me insane – in a negative way. So watching a show about an advertising agency is the last thing I need, ha! True Blood sounds like it’d be interesting for me, although I’m almost tired of the whole vampire craze.

    The majority of the shows I keep up with are all crime dramas. 😉 This year, I have been fangirling non-stop over NBC’s Hannibal. It isn’t for those with a weak stomach, however – it’s pretty gory. And dark. But the acting, writing, cinematography, set design, symbolism, everything about it is just so top notch and beautifully-done. I was really, really impressed with the quality, and it reminds me of how Criminal Minds used to be back in its very early seasons. There are also a lot of very strong, independent female characters on the show, which is refreshing. And, Hugh Dancy is just perfect!

    I’ve also gotten into watching the original Dallas series from the 70s/80s. CBS’s Under the Dome is also nice if you’re into thrillers or anything weird, but the writing is rather cheesey. Same with Falling Skies.

    I really, really want to watch Sherlock but I just haven’t gotten around to it. I don’t have Netflix or anything, so I’ll probably end up having to just buy seasons 1 and 2 before season 3 starts.

  4. I don’t want anything on that list except for True Blood. I’m pretty much a season or two behind. And so far, my favorite season is season one. According to my friend, it doesn’t seem like there’s much going on with True Blood anymore for another season, but apparently, HBO will have another season for the show.

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