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The Best Things About Living Kind of, Sort of, Alone

My lovely house keys

On the 5th of September last year, I moved out of my parent’s house and into a tiny flat with Andy. It’s weird that over a year has past, and even weirder that we’ve moved twice since then. I’ve lived in four different houses this year, yet it still feels like the year has flown by. I thought I’d share what I love about living on my own (well, with Andy hah), to mark this anniversary.

Having My Own Kitchen

I love having my own kitchen because it means I don’t have to wait for my turn to use the oven at my parents’ house. I don’t have to squeeze into the kitchen while my mum and sister also vie for space. And I can fill the cupboards with as much chocolate as I want.

Actually, forget the last one. I did that at my parents’. xD

I also love the fact that I get to buy items that used to be a bit pointless. Like fancy oven gloves and novelty egg timers. And I get to cry with happiness when I buy a pan that’s easy to clean.

Having an Excuse to be Considerably Duller

When I was 15, happy tears over frying pans would have been weird. But now I live on my own, finding a pan that’s easy to clean becomes meme-worthy.

I'm Silly

Can you relate? If you’ve ever had to scrub burnt hoisin sauce from a pan, then I’m sure you can.

Other things you get to squeal over include: New plates, stainless steel spatulas, colour catchers, clothes pegs and clothes airers. Yes, you get to become really boring. Yes, you’ll feel like you’re turning into your mum. No, there’s no going back now.


Being Able to “Decorate” How I Want

Well, as I don’t actually own this house, I can’t decorate properly, but I can add personal touches to ALL the rooms. I’ve used this new freedom to do this:

My favourite part of the flat

And this:


Yes, I am an adult now. Which means I get “totally cool adult points” making visitors jump out of their skin when they come round.

Never Having to Queue to Use the Bathroom

At my parents’ house there were 4 of us and one bathroom, which resulted in me and my sister arguing over who got to use the shower first. It resulted in me having to wait a whole FIFTEEN MINUTES to have a shower. It resulted in the saddest moments in the history of the universe.

I’m kidding, it wasn’t that sad. But it was mildly annoying.

Since moving out, I’ve never had to wait to use the bathroom. I’m lucky enough to live with a person who showers quicker that Usain Bolt runs, and, in the new house, I’m lucky enough to have two bathrooms. Which means my hair and bladder are safe from the horrors of the bathroom queue.

Living With the Person I Love

Even though he leaves clothes all over the floor and never cleans the toastie-maker, I really love living with Andy. It’s so lovely to come home to each other, and not have to think about having to leave his house when he goes to work. And the best thing is, I have someone to share the washing-up with. Who wouldn’t love that?


Very Important Questions:
Who do you live with?
How excited do you get over boring household items?
How do you scare your visitors?

13 thoughts on “The Best Things About Living Kind of, Sort of, Alone

  1. Sounds like you love your living situation 🙂 Nice finishing touches btw.
    I live with a roommate I’ve lived with for the 3rd year (not in a row) in a two bedroom apartment.
    I don’t get that excited over household items, but I haven’t bought any new ones in a while. That could be why.
    Haven’t scared visitors yet. In my previous apartment, I have been known to scare my roommates just by walking up to them and greeting them. They weren’t expecting me to be there.

  2. Haha aww, I can’t wait to move out. It sounds a lot more fun when you’re doing it with someone you love!

    I sort of look forward to really boring adult things. Buying tea towels maybe? An iron? When have I ever been excited about an iron?

    I don’t actually have all that much trouble at home now with the bathroom queues. Our toilet and shower are separate so that makes things less annoying. We all shower at crazily different times. But if someone is on the toilet for a long time, that can get annoying if I need to go pee. 😛

    I am keen on decorating my future apartment! I don’t think I’ll go for a house as it will be too much space for us… 🙂

  3. I’m glad to hear that you’re having tons of fun living away from your parents ;). When I lived at school, I LOVED buying kitchen supplies :’). It’s awesome to have control over everything and not needing to way for your turn to use something. Agh, I’ve spent so much time trying to scrub burnt pieces off the cast iron skillet so I feel yah! It’s great to live with the person you love!

    I’m living with my parents at the moment. Buying household items are the best!!! It gives you a sense of independence XD. I try not to have visitors because I like my own personal space.

  4. I live with my grandmother on my dad’s side of the family. ? I get excited over the strangest things, like chip clips and cutting boards. I recently got over an obsession with the toaster oven, but in my defense, it heats up quicker than an oven, doesn’t heat up the house and legit cooks stuff in less time than an actual oven! ? Like, what’s NOT to love about it?! I also love when foods come in containers I can wash and reuse. ?

    I don’t currently do anything to scare my visitors, as this isn’t my house, but I also probz wouldn’t even in my own apartment (when I get one, that is). ?

  5. Currently I live in a house with my husband (we’ve been here for about a year now), but before that I was living on my own. It was a bit strange getting used to living with someone again, especially because my husband is a bit of a bathroom hog and we only have one. But we’ve finally settled into a good routine and it’s nice having someone else around most of the time.

    I’ve always gotten excited about buying household items. The day we got our new vacuum was a big deal for me…my husband didn’t really get it. We also have a lot of Bed Bath and Beyond credit from our wedding and I could spend days in that store and never get bored.

    As for scaring our visitors, we don’t really scare people. But not a single person makes it through our living room without asking about our Love Sac (it’s a giant 6ft memory foam bean bag) so it’s at least something a bit unique about our home.

  6. I can relate to this! I definitely like not having to wait for the bathroom, and though I didn’t really cook while living with my parents, I now love my kitchen. I get the same excited feeling when I buy new kitchen things, haha. When I first moved into our house, I was looking forward to decorating it, but I procrastinate sooo much. It’s taken me years to get around to some things. I do have my figures everywhere though, and I’ve hung up a bunch of Anime and video game prints in my sewing room 🙂

    I also like other dumb things, like being able to walk around naked or barely dressed after a shower because I’m too lazy to get dressed. The downside is having to handle way more things than before, like yard work and maintenance. When our AC broke the first time, we were like… uh, what do we do? How do we adult?

    As for the questions, I live with my husband! I totally get excited for boring things now, especially decor ones. I don’t scare my visitors though! My turtles do it unintentionally because people forget they’re there and then get startled by their noises, haha.

  7. I love living with just one other person! I live with my partner and I absolutely love it. I know about the whole bathroom situation! My sister was the type that would spend an hr in the bathroom everyday! Even in the morning she’ll spend 15-20mins in there. If I got up a tiny bit late, I’ll have to beg her to let me share the bathroom with her to brush my teeth and wash my face else I’ll be late for work.

    I love household items! (so sad right..!) but I do love owning gadgets but we do have a few that we don’t use that much and its pretty much sitting in the cupboard gathering dust.

    I do miss living with my parents sometimes tho as I didn’t have to do much chores back then. I’m not very good at cleaning up after myself so I tend to leave stuff lying around the house a lot and then end up having to do a massive clean and tidy session every now and then.

  8. I seriously just AWWWW’d for 15 minutes straight at the last paragraph ha! It’s great that you can live with someone you love and come home to each other after working all day. I still live with my parents and going home often results in them criticising me in someway, as parents do! And is definitely not what you want after a long day at work. 😛

    I’m actually that sister. LOL. My sister always complains about how long I take in the bathroom so she always wakes up extra early to get in the bathroom first! 😛 We don’t fight for the bathroom much anymore because of this xD

    HAHA, I love how you have decorated your house. I have to say, you have +10 cool adult points from me!

  9. Aw what a cute post and I can totally relate! I’ve actually been looking for a new frying pan haha! I only have a large one and a smaller one, but I always love buying new things for the house! Even if it’s something simple like a cutting board, it’s very exciting! I think my favorite thing about not living at my mom’s is that she has A MILLION tupperware containers and like two million lids, yet you can never seem to match them up. She has two whole cabinets devoted to them and they drive me crazy!

    And yes yes yes to the bathroom queue. My parents’ house had two bathrooms, but one was theirs, so the four kids had to share the hall bathroom. Whoever was last was running late and never had any hot water!

    Andrew may drive me crazy sometimes, but I love living with him 🙂

  10. I know how amazing it can be to have your own place. I have my own things, I decorated how I wanted and I know exactly where to find my things (well when my roommate doesn’t move them around).

    Trust me, I know the feeling about pans. And everything that is for my house. If you want to make me happy, give me something that I can use in my house.

    One thing that I love is that I can match my dishes. I mean, my parents have plates, mugs, bowls and glasses in so many shapes and colors. My OCD is acting every single time I go home. I hate it. I want all my dishes to be the same and preferably white.

    Who do you live with?
    I leave with a friend now, but she is going to move out soon, so I’ll be living alone, again <3

    How excited do you get over boring household items?
    Really excited

  11. I live with my husband and my ESA, dog, Labrador Marley. The best part of living with someone you love and being on your own is going around naked! Jk, but you can do that, you know? No one will judge you for it. XD Love this post, because it’s all so true. I love the freedom and responsibility it gives me and my husband, plus I can have pets!!

  12. Totally can relate, so badly! ^^ The best part of it? You can run around in your birthday suit and haha, more freedom. Just kidding, but you can, you know? I live with my husband and my lab, Marley. It’s amazing to have the freedom and even responsibility.

  13. Those are excellent reasons! I also love the fact that you can do what you want and even can go around in your birthday suit. Just kidding, but you can if you want. I live with my husband and my yellow Labrador Marley. <3

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