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Sweet-Making Fun

So, over a month ago now, me and Andy bought some Japanese sweet-making kits from Liverpool Comic Con, and I mentioned that I’d be doing a post on them. Be prepared, however. This will not be a post where I share amazing photography or my amazing skills as a sweet-maker. No, not at all. This will be a post where I share some badly-angled pictures of the sloppy mess that actually came out when I tried to follow some really basic instructions.

In the kit you get a mould, a pipette and loads of different coloured powders, which is incredibly cool. I had no idea what to expect when we bought it, and I was incredibly confused when I opened it to find loads of little packets. Plus, there were no English instructions, which resulted in me asking Andy to explain what the pictures meant. I’m so good at life.

The kit
The kit looks so cool!
The instructions
The instructions

So, you’re supposed to put some water in, mix it with a powder, put it into the mould, and like magic it turns into a perfect little doughtnut. However, if you’re me, this doesn’t quite happen. Instead, you put the powder in, realise you were supposed to put the water in first, then get really angry over the fact it won’t stir in properly because you did it wrong.

When it came to the mould part, I couldn’t work out how to put the doughnut mixture in so it would come out like a perfect doughnut and not a blob. It took me absolutely ages. Then I struggled to use an icing bag, got angry with an icing bag, and finally decided to just put the icing on using a spoon (and my fingers)!

Meanwhile, Andy had finished and managed to eat most of his sushi sweets before I had chance to take pictures. I did get a couple though:

Andy making sushi sweets
Andy making sushi sweets
A work of art!
A work of art!

His were definitely way better than mine. No question about it.

Now it’s time for the big reveal. Be prepared for something totally amazing, something so outstanding that the world will never be the same again…

The finished product

Well, I tried. 😀

They did taste amazing, if that’s any consolation. I’d love to have a go at the sushi ones Andy got, too. They looked like so much fun! I’ll just have to try and be more patient next time!

As part of this post, I thought I’d also show you the really cool Pikachu sweets I got. They taste a bit like sherbet lemons, except they’re not lemon and they don’t have any actual sherbet in them. The yellow ones are banana-flavoured, and I’m not sure what the blue ones are. They are very nice though.

Pokemon sweets

The sweets themselves aren’t actually the best part. It’s the packaging. On each individual pack of two sticks you get a little Pokemon puzzle. This is my favourite, because it reminds me of the TV show:

Who's that Pokemon?

Can you guess who they are?

14 thoughts on “Sweet-Making Fun

  1. Ahaha I think you made a solid effort. Sometimes it’s just hard to do crazy things with your hands especially when using materials like food, dough, or paper, or anything that might fall apart really. LEGO for example is easy, but food… I’m surprised you didn’t eat it before you finished creating it.

    The shapes look like Pikachu, Eevee, Moltres or something? I don’t know, but one of them looks like the new (not 1-151) Pokemon.

  2. I think the bear one is so cute! And so is the donut with sprinkles. You can never go wrong with sprinkles. The sushi is so small and cute. I want some of those, but I’d probably get just as frustrated. I’d give them to my daughter, she seems better at baking than I am. With her Easy Bake at least.

    As for the Pokemon: the first one looks like a Bunnelby, the second one I think is a Fennekin, the third one I know is an Evee because that’s my favoritest Gen 1 Pokemon. That last one I’m less sure about. Noivern, maybe?

  3. You get an E for effort 😀 I’m glad they ended up tasting good, though! I can see this being a fun projects with the kids I work with, but the mess — not something I’d want to clean up, personally, haha XD I like how the sushi one turned out!

    And Pokemon sweets! I’d totally go for the Pikachu and Evee ones ^^ I don’t recognise the other ones, though . . .

  4. These were seriously cute – I love tiny food things. However, I’m horrible at baking, cooking…anything culinary-related really. I’m making Shortbread cookies tomorrow, and I’m totally dreading it. The only Pokemon that I recognized was Pikachu…I used to know more of them, this kid who sat next to me during basketball games was into them and he would show me his latest cards.

  5. I’m relatively sure I would have lost it at trying to figure out the instructions and made one holy mess – I’d definitely have fun doing it though, which it looks like you did 🙂

  6. I feel like the pictures on those things are always too perfect. I would question whether most people could have them turn out that way, haha. Yours still look cute though, and that’s good that they were still tasty! The packaging on the Pokemon sweets are cute too!

  7. LOL. They didn’t turn out that bad! They may not have been perfect, but I think your little doughnut and (I’m assuming that is a) bear came out pretty good! Plus, how they taste is really all that matters. 😉 These things are never as easy as they look, but I think that that makes it more fun! It’s like the stuff on Pinterest people try and do and completely fail at, haha. At least they get a good laugh! I feel like mine would have turned out even worse. But I’ve not heard of a candy making kit before, but if I ever see one I would want to try it!

    I can definitely pick out Eevee, but I’m not sure about the others. I was always really really bad at those and would get mad when I was younger and couldn’t figure them out! 😛

  8. This looks like so much fun! I think having instructions that are in a different language is all part of the challenge! And it looks like you did a pretty good job.

    The main thing is that you had fun and they tasted good!

  9. Bunnelby, Fennekin, Pikachu and….Noibat? I’m not sure about number four, but I’ll go for Noibat.

    I think the sweets turned out really well! The little donuts look so cute with the sprinkles on. Considering the instructions were in a different language, I think you did a great job – and it sounds like you had lots of fun. The sushi sweets look lovely too, the red jelly looking bits look very refreshing. I’d love to give something like this a try but I’m so impatient, I’d get really moody!

  10. LOL!!! Those are so much fun but OMG I feel you. Mine came out as a disaster too. I was lucky though – mine came from a subscription box so I had some slight English instructions on the little paper they give with it. It tastes good though, despite the way it looked – haha.

  11. This is so fun! I love that you shared it even though you weren’t happy with the end result – that’s real life 😀 I’m really jealous of your Pokemon sweets too – I need to get myself to a ComiCon.

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