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Reviewing My 2017 Goals

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At the start of January I made myself a list of 25 goals and convinced myself I could achieve all of them. I spent hours and hours imagining the “new me” that would emerge at the end of this year, certain of the fact that I would somehow rise from the ashes as this perfect version of myself, who would never waste six hours scrolling through Facebook while stuffing her face with chocolate.

Obviously, that didn’t happen. I am still the same me. I didn’t become Wonder Woman and manage to change everything in one go. I didn’t become a task-completing machine who never allows herself time for fun. In fact, I kind of did the opposite.

Around May, I came to the realisation that trying to be productive all the time is not the best way to live your life. I scrapped the extra-long and ridiculous to-do lists, allowed myself more time to relax and even wrote a post about slowing down. Ever since I started high school or maybe even before, I’ve been obsessed with improving myself and trying to do as much as I possibly can and, while that may sound like a good thing, it’s actually very tiring, especially on top of a full time job.

So what now? Am I just gonna stop trying to do anything and just give in to the power of Netflix forever?

No. I’m definitely not.

While I may not want to be 100% productive all of the time, I still have lots of things I’d like to achieve and improve on. I still want to write that book, learn new things and try to live a healthier lifestyle. But I plan to have a more relaxed approach. There’ll be no more excessive to-do lists and no more pressuring myself to fill every bit of my spare time with something productive. There’ll still be goals, but they’ll come in smaller chunks and be less overwhelming. Because you simply cannot do everything.

This year, I’ve learned how important it is to have time to relax. I’ve learned that you shouldn’t feel guilty for spending six hours watching Cougar Town. I’ve learned that you don’t have to be superwoman all the time.

That’s why a lot of these goals got left behind. That’s why I don’t have 25 goals ticked off, or anywhere near that. I learned to prioritise and became less afraid of giving up the goals I didn’t care about anymore.

The list below details the reasons, the achievements. I might have only completed a small number, but I’m still incredibly happy with everything I’ve done this year. Some achievements don’t come from the list you make at the start of the year, but that doesn’t mean you should be any less proud of them.

Despite most of these being incomplete, I hope you enjoy reading this goal summary and I hope you won’t judge me on the amount of chocolate I ate this year!


1. Blog 70 times
By the time all my scheduled posts for 2017 are up, I’ll have still only managed 44 posts. So it’s a no, unfortunately.

I’d like to say I’ve done better than last year, but I did 44 then as well. Clearly, that’s my limit!

2. Code and design a new layout
I wish!

3. Improve my photography skills
Even though I’m still terrible at taking photos, I do think I’ve improved a lot since last year. Here’s an example:

Birthday presents from last year
Last year.
Pokemon stuff
This year.

It’s not the biggest improvement in the world, but it’s still something!

4. Sort out my post categories (these are such a mess right now)
This sounds like a terribly boring and time-consuming job, doesn’t it?

5. Look through and clean-up previous posts, by adding photos and proof checking
I did a few, but then got distracted about how strange my content used to be. Anyone for an overdramatic post about a powercut?

6. Sort out all of my pages

7. Make monthly content plans and stick to them
I’ve gotten better at planning content, but I hate being forced into a strict schedule, especially for longer posts. I am still trying to write content a few weeks before I post it though, because it’s always good to be prepared!

Creative Things

8. Write a full, decent draft of a novel
I’m very close to this, but it’s not organised enough to be considered a full draft.

9. Succeed at NaNoWriMo or Camp NaNoWrimo (one month, 50,000 words)
I barely got anywhere on my three attempts this year, because I just wasn’t in the mood to spend hours and hours writing after work every day. NaNoWriMo is so difficult, especially if you have plans that month or just want a day to relax. I might attempt it again soon, but, if the previous attempts are anything to go by, it doesn’t really seem to work that well for me.

10. Improve my Photoshop skills
I haven’t even opened Photoshop in the past year… oops.

11. Create a new cosplay
Yes. I created a new Poison Ivy cosplay which I wore to Liverpool Comic Con earlier this year.

12. Write a script
Unfortunately no.

13. Do something art-related at least once every two weeks (e.g. draw, paint, make jewellery)
I’m seriously wondering why past-Amy thought she’d be organised enough to even keep track of such a ridiculous goal.

Clearing Out the Clutter

14. Clear out my wardrobe
Yes. I managed to get rid of four bin bags full of clothes. It looks amazing now!

15. Sort out all the stuff at my parents’ house
No, but I made a lot of progress. Hopefully when I have a bigger house it’ll be easier to finish. I have no space for some of the things I left there. Sorry, Mum and Dad!

16. Sort through my jewellery box, because there’s way too much in there
Yes. It all fits in one box now, along with all my make-up and hairbrushes, which is nice.

17. Sort out DVDs, books and comics
Comics, yes. Books, yes. DVDs, no. So unfortunately it’ll have to be a fail on this one!

Health, Fitness and Wellbeing

18. Do one hour of exercise per week
I managed one week. Am I #FitnessGoals yet?!

19. Fit into my old clothes
No, but I bought lovely new ones that fit really well.

20. Eat less chocolate I’d like to cut down to (less than 3 single bars a week)
Considering I’ve eaten an entire box of Terry’s Chocolate Orange Segsations this weekend, it’s a definite no. But I don’t care because chocolate.

21. Take better care of my skin by removing my make-up before bed and developing a skincare routine
It’s not become a fixed part of my routine yet, but I’m getting there.

Other Stuff

22. Learn to play a song on the keyboard

23. Save £4000 towards a mortgage
I would have achieved this if I hadn’t dipped into my savings for holidays, events and Christmas stuff. Oh well…

24. Get a passport

25. Go shopping somewhere other than Leeds/Bradford
Yes! I went to Sheffield, Manchester, York, London and Edinburgh.

So, in total, that’s 5 out of 25 goals. It isn’t a lot, but I’m really not disappointed by the result. I’m so happy with everything I’ve achieved this year and with how I’ve used my time, that it really doesn’t matter if a few things on a list got forgotten about.

Even though last year’s goals didn’t go well, I will still be making goals for 2018, except I won’t be making as many and they won’t be nearly as ridiculous as some of these ones were. I’d rather just have a few things in mind, than try to balance everything.

Plus, goals can be made at any point in the year; you don’t have to settle for the ones you made in January!

Have you achieved your goals for 2017?

10 thoughts on “Reviewing My 2017 Goals

  1. Making goals are good, and so is achieving them, but unless they are absolutely mandatory, it’s not the end of the world if you didn’t meet one.

    Five out of 25 goals is pretty good, though. You managed to meet them, and that’s what matters. And goals definitely can be made any time of the year — not just in January. I realised halfway through 2017 when I decided to make a savings goal for this year, haha!

    Hope you will meet more goals in 2018, but at your own pace! If you don’t, just keep trying. Have a good new year, Amy!

  2. I think the important part is making the progress that you want, rather than trying to hit every goal. And, like you said, making time to relax is really important too!

    44 posts in a year is a lot, so I think you did well there! That’s almost 4 times a month, which I find hard to achieve. I also think that’s great that you made a lot of progress on clearing clutter. You were very close on completing all of those!

    Yay for creating a new cosplay this year! It’s often hard to find time for creative hobbies. I’m hoping to be better about it next year since I love doing creative things so much.

    I like your positive outlook on the results! You really did achieve a lot, even if they didn’t match up with the goals you originally set. I think that’s a good idea to keep a few in mind for the year, especially since so much can change as the year goes on.

    I didn’t set goals last year (other than a few gaming ones), but my main focus was on decluttering, which I felt like I did a lot of!

  3. The fact that you have been able to discover this about yourself and learn to treat yourself with kindness and not put as much pressure to complete a million things is fantastic. 😀

    You should be proud of the things you have completed, and getting to know yourself and what is essential. I am so interested to read your book because I like your writing style and your great use of language and humour!

    Hah! I forgot if I even set goals and had to check… I did most of them (ish)… 😀

  4. I agree that being productive all the time is not the best way to live your life. I mean you need to rest at some point! I enjoy alone time, especially with putting a ton of hours of work per day. Self care is important!

    Even though you’ve posted 44 times this year, it’s still pretty impressive! Little steps make a big difference. Your blog will always be here so there will be more opportunities to clean it up at a later time :). 5 goals down is still a good achievement! It’s totally okay if you don’t achieve some goals. 🙂

  5. Girl I LOVE this reflection because it honestly takes a lot to step back from our overly ambitious selves and recognize that it’s OKAY not to have checked off that ridiculous to to list we’ve set for ourselves. The main questions you should ask were, was I happy and was I healthy? And if the answer is no, then think about what you want to do differently in these coming months.
    I think you’re doing AMAZINGLY and your head is in the right space to make whatever changes YOU want to. But also, you shouldn’t feel like you need to change anything at all, because this moment is exactly where you should be.
    Hope you had such a wonderful holiday lady!

    Susie |

  6. Your #13 goal is actually something I want to do myself. Right now, I only do a drawing every few months, if that. I would like to make it a monthly thing, but there just isn’t enough time to do everything. Plus, I have to feel really inspired in order to create something.

  7. I spent almost a whole afternoon/evening cleaning up/organizing my categories/tags… Who knew it’s such a process… Especially when my blog doesn’t even have that many posts! Jeez louise. I had categories and tags that were the same things because clearly I couldn’t really understand the difference… So duplicates everywhere that I had to consolidate and try to figure out a system for myself. Not sure if I’m doing too well keeping to my new system, but I do make less new categories and tags now. Lol.
    I’ve been trying to set goals/make plans that are more overarching and easily measurable so I can knock them out without being confused about what exactly it is I’m knocking out… And to keep them very few. I don’t do too well trying to do too many things at once! Haha.
    44 times posting is almost once a week! That’s pretty dang awesome!

  8. Amy, oh you superstar you!

    I’ve learned that you don’t have to be superwoman all the time.


    It’s something that took me a while to learn, too. I always tried to be better than myself and improve on myself every year as well. But if you remember, back when I was still in university I seemed to be doing literally everything and wondering how I fit everything in. When many years passed and I looked back, I didn’t understand how I couldn’t be like that girl anymore. But my priorities changed. I realised I still had passions and that doing less stuff than I did in the past did not mean I was less of a person. I’m superwoman no matter what I achieve. And so are you 💪

    I gotta admit, you writing a flat-out “No” for some of the things you didn’t achieve makes me imagine you confidently putting that task down and knowing that although it was a good goal at the time, it was not worth your time in the end or you didn’t care enough about it to do it. And that’s OK. I had the same with my “27 by 27” list… I mean, I still have a week left, but there’s no way I’m going to finish the rest of the shit on there. I’ve realised a lot of the goals I made were things I thought were reasonable at the time but later stopped caring about or found unreasonable. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. Stop with these comments, you’re going to make me cry!

      I remember when you used to blog every day and do all those reviews! You must have been so tired! I’m glad you’ve slowed it down a lot though, and still stayed awesome. I was reading your 27 by 27 post today and was so impressed. You’re smashing it, Georgie!

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