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Q&A: Super Silly Pizza Hero!

There’s a lot of talk of cosplaying and comic cons in this Q&A, so here’s a photo of some comics on my living room floor. #ProPhotographer #BetterThanRoseGold #WhyAmIHashtaggingOnABlogPost?

This time last year, I filmed a really embarrassing Q&A vlog, where I talked and pulled lots of weird faces and said lots of strange things. This year, however, I decided to do a written Q&A, because it’s far easier to answer questions when I don’t have to worry about how terrible my hair looks and whether my boobs will escape from my shirt.

I don’t understand how vloggers do it, I really don’t.

Anyway, this year I got lots of wonderful questions, and had a lot of fun answering them. Thank you to anyone who asked me something!

Nancy asked:
What motivates you to blog?
Definitely other bloggers. I don’t think I’d still be doing this if it wasn’t for the lovely bloggers who inspire me every day. Whenever I’ve taken blogging breaks, I’ve always wanted to come back after seeing amazing content from others, and wanting to remain involved in the community. I don’t think I’ll ever stop blogging!

If you can be a hero or villain, what would your abilities be and your ultimate goal?
I’d definitely be a hero and love to have mind-reading powers. It would be so cool to know what was going on in people’s heads. My ultimate goal would be to catch bad guys through reading their thoughts. I’d be so terrified of taking them on, so this would be the perfect way to get around actually confronting them – I’d just tell on them, sneakily!

Or I’d become the hero of pizza, I’d have the ability to make pizza appear, and my ultimate goal would be to get everyone eating pizza. Because pizza.

And what is your ultimate goal****?
My ultimate goal in real life is just to be happy. I’ve got lots of huge goals for what I’d like to achieve in life, but none of that would be worth anything if I wasn’t enjoying myself. Situations change and so do priorities but happiness is always important.

Cat asked:

Are there any games you’re looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to the new Spider-Man game and Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon. The Spider-Man game looks very similar to the Batman: Arkham games, which I love, so I’m so excited to try it! As for Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon, I’m excited to see how it differs from the original version. Plus, it’s Pokemon, so I’ll have to get it!

I’ve not really been keeping up with game trailers lately, or I’m sure there’d be a lot more!

Any exciting plans for the summer?
For once, I have quite a lot planned over the Summer. I’m going to Hyper Japan next week, hopefully meeting up with Holly and Pauline, then spending a week down in London at the start of September. I’m also off to see a couple of shows at the theatre and there’ll hopefully be a few sunny days out with friends!

Cat also asked:
What’s a dream cosplay you’d like to do one day?
And Katy asked:
If you had no limitations (money/time/etc) who would you most want to create a cosplay for?
So, I’ve put these two questions into one as they’re very similar, and also such fantastic questions! Here’s my answer…

In the near future I’d love to create a Koro Sensei cosplay. He’s a giant, alien, octopus, teacher (yes) from a manga/anime called Assassination Classroom. I’ve already started planning it, but it’ll probably be the most difficult one I’ve attempted.

I’d also love to cosplay as Jane Foster’s Thor and Watchmen’s Sally Jupiter. I love both of the characters and their costumes are fantastic!

If I was to choose something crazily unrealistic though, it’d have to be Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. I can’t imagine ever even attempting it, but it would be so cool!

Michelle asked:
Would you face off against zombies or vampires?
I’d rather go against vampires, because zombies really freak me out. Plus, I’ve watched enough True Blood to know how to stay relatively safe!

What world would you love to live in if given the choice? Can be games, movies, books and etc;
If you’d have asked me this question when I was 11, I’d definitely have said the world of Harry Potter, because I was obsessed with everything Harry Potter related. I used to pretend to be Ginny Weasley in primary school, and I’d make lists of all my classes and pack a wizard-style school bag. It’s such a magical world!

Now, being all old and sensible, I’d pick the “world” of the TV show Cougar Town. Even though it’s set in the real world, in Florida, I’d love to live a life full of sunshine and fun like the characters do. It always makes me so happy and I’d love to be there!

Brandy asked:
What is your most prized possession?
I don’t know if I have anything I’d describe as a “prized possession”, but the most sentimental items I own are the five pound coin my Grandad left me when he died and a doll of Tilly from TotsTV that my Grandma knitted for me when I was little. They both mean so much to me, and I could never get rid of them.

What is your favourite summer activity?
Sitting inside with the blinds closed and wishing I wasn’t ginger…

Just kidding!

I actually love going outside in summer, even though I have to be really careful not to get burnt. My favourite activity would either be sitting in a beer garden with friends or having a barbecue with friends. Because there’s nothing better than sunny days with friends!

Kim asked:
What was your first comic con?
My first comic con was MCM Birmingham in November 2014, but I’ve been going to sci-fi and comic events such as Memorabilia and Collectormania since I was too young to see a Stormtrooper without crying. Yes, I used to be terrified of Stormtroopers! My Dad’s really big on sci-fi and collecting stuff generally, which is how I got into conventions. He used to build Daleks in our garage at one point!

I absolutely loved my first comic con, and I ended up spending way more money than I was expecting. I actually had to borrow quite a bit of cash from my dad when we were there, because I just loved everything. Plus, my dad is the worst person to go anywhere with – he’s always suggesting things I should buy!

How are you going to organise your blog? Do you have a game plan?
I’m planning to do a massive overhaul of all my old posts, which will involve adding photos, improving photos, proof-checking and small amounts of editing. I also plan to sort out my categories, design myself a fancy header, and edit all of my pages.

So far, I’ve started listing all my posts, then making a checklist for each of them. As I have over 100 posts on here, I thought that would be the most organised way of doing things. Plus, I tend to do tasks in weird orders, so I definitely need a way of keeping track!

As far as the header image goes, I’ve started playing around with design software, but I’m really out of practice. I’ll probably end up drawing something on paper first, then work out a way to make a digital version. Hopefully it will all go well!
And that’s everything. Thanks again to all the lovely bloggers who asked me something. I had so much fun answering all your questions!

16 thoughts on “Q&A: Super Silly Pizza Hero!

  1. I wonder how many “takes” vloggers need to do to get a scene right. I am fine off-camera but blank out when I’m being recorded. It’s great that other bloggers motivate you to keep on going! Hey, maybe you can add reverse psychology to your mind-reading powers and turn villains into good XD.

    It’s so cool that you’re meeting other bloggers this summer! Hope you’ll enjoy your time with Holly and Pauline :). Koro Sensei sounds like an interesting character to cosplay as XD. (Make sure to add some sort of cooling system in the outfit!)

    I wish I am more like you when it comes to going out during the summer. I feel like a vampire and want to avoid the sun XD. Proof-checking your old post is definitely important! I’ve done it a few times before and somehow caught typos that weren’t caught before. Whoops!

  2. Haha this is brilliant!

    The fact you used to pretend you were Ginny and take a wizard bag to school is the best thing ever. Your dad sounds awesome. 😀

  3. I love how you answered the questions! I agree with Kya up there, the fact that I wasn’t the only one pretending to be a student or a character in Harry Potter is awesome. I feel better knowing that I was never alone in wanting to be a part of Hogwarts and that world.

  4. I would rather go up against vampires as well. If I die, maybe I’ll be resurrected as one. lol I’d rather be a vampire than a zombie.

    I love the blogging community, and that’s what got me motivated to get back into blogging and continue as well.

  5. Thanks for answering our questions! My motivation for blogging is the same. Without other awesome bloggers, it wouldn’t be as fun! I also like your ultimate goal. Being happy is definitely a good thing to strive for 🙂

    I’m looking forward to the new Spider-Man game too! I wasn’t interested in them before, but the footage I saw at E3 looked really fun. I also love it when bloggers meet each other in person. I hope you’ll get to meet with Holly and Pauline, and I can’t wait to hear about that. I remember you mentioned that you wanted to cosplay Sally Jupiter before, which would be a great cosplay. I also think it’d be so cool if you did Thor!

    I think it’s interesting because as I get older, I would probably answer the question about what world would I live in with a more realistic one too, haha. And I love hearing about people’s sentimental possessions! I think those are more “prized” than ones worth money. You just can’t replace those memories and feelings around them.

    How cool that your dad is big on sci-fi and is the reason you got into conventions! Nerdy parents are great! Looking forward to the new blog updates too!

  6. Good luck with your header! It’s been so long since my made my own layout. I started working on one a few months ago and I couldn’t even remember what program I used to use!

    I also try to start by drawing it out on paper but it never turns out the same way on the computer.

  7. I still remember when you posted that vlog answering everyone’s questions – I for one really enjoyed it! I have been meaning to do one ever since but I always had a fear of no one asking me questions, I think you have motivated me to try it out anyway – I’ll do it in a future post – watch this space, you’ve inspired me!

    My motivation for blogging is exactly like yours – everyone inspires me so much and I can’t see myself without such a great community. Honestly, everyone motivates me every day from twitter and blogs too! I generate ideas from everyone’s hypeness and posts and it’s just so great!

    Really enjoyed reading your answers – I can’t wait to meet you, SO EXCITED!

  8. Thanks for answering our questions! It’s great that your dad for you into conventions 🙂 my family and I always go together, my dad is like yours, convincing me to buy things. Haha.

    Good luck with your blog, especially your new header. I can’t remember the last time I created my own for my blog.

    I’d definitely choose vampires over zombies too. Love True Blood by the way.

  9. Pizza is awesome! I like that your powers have to do with helping other people and making them & yourself happy. Especially the pizza hero! Improving people’s lives one pizza at a time.

    Hyper Japan sounds really interesting – I had to Google it to see what it was. That’s also really exciting you’re going to meet Holly & Pauline!

    Also oooooh a Koro Sensei cosplay does sound like it would be really complicated. Do you have a process when it comes to creating cosplay stuff?

    Good luck with the header!!

  10. Q&A posts are fun 🙂 I enjoy seeing the answers to the questions because it provides more insight about the askee.

    It’s good that other bloggers inspire you. I like our blogging community, especially with the ones I’ve known for years! Your ultimate goal is a fine one. We need to be happy, and if we’re not happy, then there’s no point in anything else.

    I hope your meetups will go well this summer!Those are some good cosplay options :3 I’ve never heard of Assassination Classroom! It really touched me that your prized possessions are things that your grandparents have given you.

    Thanks for sharing your answers. 🙂

  11. OMG Pizza Hero needs to be a thing NOW! You’d be an amazing hero because you’d also be able to feed all the hungry people your delicious pizza.

    I just looked up Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon, because I was not aware that it would be happening! :O The new forms of the legendary pair look so cool! Wowww I’ve never finished Pokemon Moon, though I got the game half a year ago.

    I agree that I’d have a hard time vlogging too, mainly because I get anxious on camera and my facial expression looks weird when I try to smile too hard. I don’t think I’d be able to even blog without all the bloggers who are interested in getting to know me, and vice versa!

    Good luck with the reorganizing of your blog! Mine took months and months, and still is ongoing! I need to update my old header images to look nice with my new photography-heavy theme.

  12. I’ve contemplated VLogs, but I don’t know. I just don’t know how they do it! SO MUCH WORK! Omg. Lol. I want to do all these challenges, but I don’t think I can get to the editing. And without the editing, it’s just going to be some confused blob of me droning on and on….

    Goal in life… TO BE HAPPY! You’ve got that right. 😉 It’s so simple, and such a difficult concept… Editing posts… 100 of them. So ambitious. XD I do have some “staple” posts from a few years back that I still refer to, and should probably polish as well, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get there…

  13. I’ve tried the vlogging thing a few times but I find myself too self conscious. I don’t know, but I feel like a lot of YouTubers try too hard and some are even “fake” in front of the camera. That is just not me…

    I hope you do more of these Q&A posts!

  14. Your motivation to blog is definitely part of my motivation, as well. If it weren’t for the community I don’t think I would have been blogging for as long as I have! Haha, I love the idea of hero of pizza.

    Yaasss, we definitely need to make plans when you come down to London in September!

    I would love to live in the world of Cougar Town. That was one of my favourite shows. I randomly started watching it and didn’t expect to love it as much as I did 😛

    Also, I love that you used to pretend to be Ginny! Haha.

  15. I REMEMBER THAT VLOG IT WAS REALLY GOOD. However, I also agree with you… I went on an interstate trip recently for four days and I tried to vlog as we walked through the airport, went on the plane, and checked into our Airbnb apartment, but it was just really awkward. I am not sure if you remember my boring-ass talking-to-the-camera vlogs way back in the day, but this time it just felt incredibly awkward talking to a camera. :/

    I love your ultimate goal ☺️❤️ I think it’s really important to be happy, and it’s definitely true that situations and priorities change over time. I don’t think it’s very realistic to have an “ultimate” goal. Long term goals, sure – though I’m personally not a fan – but not one single ultimate goal.

    Can we swap because DANG I would love to be ginger lolol.

    It is interesting that you want to add photos to old posts. I have some where I linked to social media because I was short on time to add photos into the actual post, but I have… I dunno. 2000 posts or something. And I can’t imagine going back on any of my posts unless it was really important. The only times I’ve gone back is to remove broken links or replace broken images, but text-wise, nope.

    1. I’ve given up on adding photos and editing posts. I kept getting upset when I changed them so felt it was best to just leave them be. It’ll shows how much my writing has improved, I guess!

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