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Top Tips for Winter Gardening

It’s that time of year where we’re all still recovering from Christmas and are too busy struggling to cope with coming out from under the covers to even think about getting the gardening done. When we eventually surface the garden is a complete shambles and we all regret not tending to it. It’s about time we all wipe the dust off of our gardening tools and get back to work. We’ve got some top tips for winter gardening to help you keep the cold from waging war on your garden.

1. Say no to Grit!

It may be frosty outside but it is better to avoid throwing grit all over the place in a frenzied attempt to keep your garden from becoming an ice rink. Rock salt can cause damage to plants, as it soaks up the natural water and dehydrates the roots. The sodium ions in the salt also replace the nutrients the plant needs, which again causes damage. So when you’re out and about stopping the slipping try to avoid gritting near plants. It will work wonders for your garden!

2. Feed the birds

Birds are trying to build up energy reserves to brave the cold this winter, so give them a helping hand with garden bird feeders. Foods such as peanuts are good as they are high in energy and you can also look out for high energy bird seed to keep our feathered friends flying. Also, make sure your bird bath hasn’t frozen over or you’ll end up running a pigeon ice rink. Adding some warm water when you refill is a great tip for keeping the water running, but don’t make it too warm – you’re not making dinner!

3. Clear the snow

In the winter months, heavy snow can be a problem for hedges, with the weight of the snow causing the branches to push apart, ruining your beautiful garden. No one wants a hole in their hedge, so if it snows make sure you brush it off your hedges. This also helps to prevent damage from the cold and will keep your hedges looking lovely. However, if you’re too late to stop the damage, remove any branches that have been hurt by the snow to stop the problem getting worse.

4. Keep the little ones safe

Take care of the more vulnerable plants by planting them in a sheltered area. Underneath trees and against walls are great places to put them, as these areas will provide a bit of extra heat and minimize winter damage. It saves you from wrapping your plants up in hats and scarves anyway…
With these tips your garden is sure to be safe and sound in the winter weather. Do you have any tips for winter gardening?

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