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New Year Goals: 2017


Oh, January. That wonderful time of year where we all get to pretend that we’re going to stick to our diets, save thousands of pounds, and workout for more than five minutes a week. I love January, because it makes me feel like I can achieve everything I’ve ever wanted, like I’m a super hero who can save the world and successfully fill-in a passport application.

And, I also love that I can forget that last year I ate more chocolate than Augustus Gloop on a bad day, spent too much money on things I didn’t need, and exercised for a total of one hour. It’s a new year, guys, shed the skin of your greedy, failure of a self, and move the fuck on.

To convince myself that I’ll do better this year, I’ve made a gigantic list of goals. There are 25 in total, which probably seems a bit extreme, but a lot of them are just little tasks/fun things that I’d like to do. The list is split into the four main areas of my life which I’d like to work on, plus a few additional goals which didn’t fit into any of the categories.


This year, I plan to make my website more “professional”. That doesn’t mean censoring what I say (which is probably pretty obvious from the use of the “f” word above), but taking better pictures and improving the quality of my posts. In relation to this, I also want to code a new layout, which is a bit more personal, but also clean and functional. I also want to blog more regularly, with a reasonably strict schedule. I’ve never been one to make a schedule for blogging, but, after trying it out recently, I’ve realised that having a plan makes it way easier for me to write a post. Here’s a break down of my specific goals:

1. Blog 70 times.
2. Code and design a new layout.
3. Improve my photography skills.
4. Sort out my post categories (these are such a mess right now).
5. Look through and clean-up previous posts, by adding photos and proof checking.
6. Sort out all of my pages.
7. Make monthly content plans and stick to them.

Creative Things

I want to spend more time creating things this year. I’d like to take some time away from social media, and write and draw like I used to do when I was a teenager. Here are some goals to motivate me to do that:

8. Write a full, decent draft of a novel.
9. Succeed at NaNoWriMo or Camp NaNoWrimo (one month, 50,000 words).
10. Improve my Photoshop skills.
11. Create a new cosplay.
12. Write a script.
13. Do something art-related at least once every two weeks (e.g. draw, paint, make jewellery).

Clearing Out the Clutter

I have so much stuff I don’t need, and this house so full. In 2017 I hope to:

14. Clear out my wardrobe. I wear less than half of the clothes in there and we really need the space.
15. Sort out all the stuff at my parent’s house.
16. Sort through my jewellery box, because there’s way too much in there.
17. Sort out DVDs, books and comics.

Health, Fitness and Well-being

Hi, I’m Amy. I never remove my make-up, don’t know a press-up from my left elbow, and sometimes eat an entire packet of Twirl bites in my sleep. (I wake up and find the empty packet on my bedside table. It’s sad and confusing.) But, unfortunately, this lifestyle is not good for my body, my skin, or my health, so I’m hoping I can get this sorted this year. Here are my goals:

18. Do one hour of exercise per week. I know this seems small, but I struggle to find the time/motivation to exercise at all.
19. Fit into my old clothes. I’ve put on two stone over the past couple of years, so I’d really like to get back in shape. And fit back into the best dress I’ve ever owned. I can currently only get one boob in there.
20. Eat less chocolate. I’d like to cut down to less than 3 single bars a week (or the equivalent in non-bar shaped things).
21. Take better care of my skin by removing my make-up before bed and developing a skincare routine.

Other Stuff

Here are the goals which don’t fit into my four main categories.

22. Learn to play a song on the keyboard.
23. Save Β£4000 towards a mortgage.
24. Get a passport.
25. Go shopping somewhere other than Leeds/Bradford. Because I love Manchester, Sheffield and York, and train journeys are fun!

Hopefully I manage to achieve most/all of these things. I do have a whole year after all.

Oh no. A whole year? Of eating healthily? Of exercising every week? Of saving money?

What have I gotten myself into?!

To keep myself motivated, I’ll be posting regular goal updates on the blog, setting specific times and dates for certain goals, and staringly longingly at the dress that no longer fits me.

What are your goals for this year?

22 thoughts on “New Year Goals: 2017

  1. I wish you all the luck with your goals! I think it’ good to have lots of goals. I feel like if I set myself loads then it doesn’t look so bad when I fail a few! So god knows why I’ve only set myself one this year, haha!

    I’d love to eat less chocolate but both Tyrone and I got sent back to Liverpool with 4 of those big tubs of chocolates and I’ve just got to eat them. It would be a shame to waste them.

    I’m with you on the blogging organisation/admin work. I had to go back through 400 old posts to add featured images ready for my new theme to go live (sometime this month) and I realised how messy my old posts were. I definitely need to spend some time working on them.

    Happy new year!

    1. I’m slowly working through my Christmas chocolate, but I’m only allowed a couple of pieces a day, so it’s going to take me a really long time. I’m so tempted to just give up and eat the two boxes of Lindor balls in the cupboard! How do people diet?!

      I had a look through what admin I needed to do last weekend and it’s just ridiculous! Featured images are a pain too.

  2. Good luck, Amy! If you ever need help decluttering, holler πŸ™‚ Especially with that jewellery box haha, I easily had 500 or 600 pieces a few years ago and now I have 89 πŸ˜† Big progress hahaha. Same goes for the clothes. I am rooting for you!

    Exercising once a week is a huge step. I know this because I tell people I go to the gym three times a week and they are visibly shocked. So apparently, three times is a lot. Once a week is GOOD. πŸ˜„ And don’t forget that diet plays a big part so you don’t necessarily need to exercise so much, just watch what you eat in conjunction.

    I have thought about going through my old posts and cleaning up but I can’t be bothered. 😢 I definitely keep my categories in tip-top shape though – I recommend this plugin to edit categories and tags in bulk I am not sure if WordPress does it internally yet.

    Happy new year πŸ˜„

    1. Oh wow, as if you had 500 or 600! I don’t have nearly that many and I still want to get rid of some! I’ve been reading your posts to get me motivated – your blog is helping with all the goals this year!

      Thanks for the plugin recommendation. I’m going to plan them out this weekend, then hopefully come to some sort of solution!

  3. Maybe recovery for me and functioning? Maybe I could get a part time job and stick with it this time. And to treat my husband better and me too as I am always so hard on myself to the point of abuse. I have bad problems with perfection that cannot ever be achieved and curtail my self harming tendencies. They will end up hurting not only myself but my marriage too. I want to regain my husband’s trust and build a stronger foundation with him, honestly.

  4. haha, January does seem to give off that feel, doesn’t it πŸ™‚ I love making goals, but it’s hard to stick to them through the year. I like that you’ll be posting regular updates and scheduling dates for goals! That sounds like it’ll help a lot!

    I also like how you’ve set goals in certain categories, and they sound like good and realistic goals to me. The doing something art-related is a goal I should set for myself too. I miss drawing and painting, and I’m not very good at sewing consistently (hence the rush before every convention). I’m also trying to de-clutter more. I have too much stuff!

    Good luck on your goals! I look forward to seeing your progress on them, especially if you make a new layout or cosplay! πŸ˜€

    1. I used to draw all the time when I was in 6th form, but taking English at uni meant I hardly had any time for it. I’m really trying to set some time aside for it though, because I find it really relaxing.

      Good luck with your goals too! Your cosplays inspire me so much!

  5. Good luck with your goals!

    I’m looking forward to seeing all the things you’ll do with your site!

    I totally know how you fell when it comes to exercising. I have no motivation what-so-ever and being a busy student who’ll be working 2 jobs, it’ll be tough to try and get to the gym. I usually use the excuse that my catering job satisfies all the exercise I need XD I guess there’s always room for more though.

    1. I used to have a job where I was running around all day, but now I’m just at a desk, so I have no excuse! I’m the same as you though, time is definitely a problem. Good luck with your goals!

  6. Blog 70 times in a year? That’s about 6 blog posts every month. I’m sure you can achieve it! Gambatte!

    I need to clear up my wardrobe too. I seriously need more space if I want to get more clothes.

    Perhaps you can try to have goal check-ins every month to see how much you have achieve?

  7. One of my pressing tasks for my website was sort out my categories. I managed to tidy it up somewhat but it’s still a mess. Hoping that by the end of the year it’ll be neater! πŸ™‚ Good luck with it! I know it’s a pain in the arse sometimes. πŸ˜› Good luck with blogging 70 times! I want to blog a lot this year too but some weeks it’s super hard! I’m determined to blog at least once each week, though!

    Ugh, the decluttering journey has already begun for me. It’s been hard to let go of clothes I wore when I was 18 especially cute summer dresses but some just aren’t my style anymore πŸ™ I managed to get rid of 4 bags of clothes last week xD (with tears of course)

    1 hour a week is so much better than nothing! If you need help with getting into the routine, I recommend Fitness Blender (as I have done on my blog loads of times haha)

    ALSO, OMG COME TO SHEFFIELD AMY! There’s Meadowhall which is a huge shopping centre you can visit, it’s nice for a day out but it gets pretty crowded on weekends πŸ™ Let me know if you’re ever close by!

    1. Good luck posting once a week! I attempted that last year but failed, so I don’t know why I’m aiming for 70. Oh well, hopefully it’ll push me to spend more time on the blog.

      I’m going to be so sad when I get rid of my old clothes, but some of them are literally falling apart. I never wear them anyway, they just have so many memories! Congrats on starting on yours!

      Thank you for offering to help. I think it’s more motivation that I struggle with than anything else. I’m just glued to the couch!

      I’ve been to Meadowhall once, but I can’t remember what it was like! Is it the one with the basement food court thing? I’ll let you know if I’m coming to Sheffield! It’s only half an hour on the train but I’ve never been to Sheffield city centre before, so hopefully I will this year.

      Good luck with all your goals!

  8. Ah, your goals are GOALS! I love that there are 25 and split into different sections. So organised~

    Wishing you all the luck with your goals and I know time flies, but I’m pretty sure you can achieve all of them πŸ˜€ Generally looking forward to the upkeep of your blog. I’m really glad you’re still around because I love your writing/posts!

    Good luck with NaNoWriMo and such – I’ve no idea if I’ll attempt it again this year because every time I have, it’s been a fail. In saying that, I feel like 2017 is a good year to try again πŸ˜›

    1. Thank you!

      I definitely think you should give NaNoWriMo ago again. I made 44,000 words last year, and most of that was written on the bus to work! I’m gonna attempt Camp NaNo in April, but actually dedicate time at home to it this time, because I want to write something good. Good luck if you do try it! I’m routing for you!

  9. As long as people make an effort in their new year’s resolution, it’s all good. Good luck with all of your goals this year!

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you have in store for your blog. Blogging 70 times is definitely a challenge! I like the creative writing you want to do!

    One week of exercise per week is better than nothing. Baby steps make a big difference! Hope you’ll find the motivation and inspiration you need.

    Happy New Year, Amy!

  10. “I love January, because it makes me feel like I can achieve everything I’ve ever wanted, like I’m a super hero who can save the world”I love this! Such a positive way to look at things and also such a great way to start out the new year.

    I also love all your goals. I related the most to your website goals and also want to do more creative things, like fill up my sketchbook, in the new year. I haven’t attempted nanowrimo in a long time but I remember always failing every time I tried.

    Good luck to the both of us on achieving all our goals!

    1. I used to do really badly every time I tried NaNoWriMo. I’d usually get to day 2, then be too lazy to write anything, but last year I almost made 50,000!

      Good luck doing more creative things! I can’t wait to start drawing and painting again!

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