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New Year Goals 2016

New Year

Just before my 23rd birthday I wrote a blog post entitled 24 by 24, where I set myself 24 goals to complete by next year. Because I’m already working towards my 24 goals, I don’t have many New Year’s resolutions, but I am still going to set a couple of goals that I’ve been thinking over for the past couple of weeks. Some of them are just developed versions of my 24 by 24 goals, as I’ve either altered what I plan to do, or decided how I’m going to achieve it.

1. Stop Buying Things

On my last week of work I missed my bus by one minute, so had a 29 minute wait for my next one. In that 29 minutes I went into Waterstones and spent £35 on some things I didn’t really need. It was mainly just to kill time and I instantly felt silly for doing it. I did, however, get a free chocolate, so it wasn’t all bad, but it did make me think about how I want to be spending my money. I make too many stupid purchases. At my parents’ house I have LOADS of books I haven’t touched. I have a collection of graphic novels and comics from the past couple of Comic Cons that I haven’t had time to read yet. I have DVDs I haven’t watched, games I haven’t played, and dresses I’ve never worn.

So, for this goal, the aim is to set a budget for “treats” so I’ll only buy what I really want. I’m allowing myself to get my regular comic subscriptions and the occasional item, but I want to curb my spending so I can save up for bigger, more important things.

2. Organise Mamyology

When I refreshed my blog a few years ago, I made up categories that were never really relevant to my posts. As part of this goal, I want to change these, so they split my content into easy to understand sections. I also want to fix my archives page, improve my portfolio, and read through all my previous posts to see if they need editing.

3. Start a Food Diary

Food Diary

This is linked to my ‘don’t eat chocolate for a month’ goal from my 24 by 24 post. I want to start eating healthier meals and getting more fruit and veg into my diet, so in order to discipline myself I’m going to create a food diary. In this, I’m going to plan my meals and snacks, then compare this with what I actually ate that day, so I can track my progress. Hopefully this will stop me from giving up and reaching for the chocolate!

4. Blog at least 52 times

In my 24 by 24 post I challenged myself to blog more, but I wanted to make this goal a little more measurable. I’ve not been able to blog consistently since I was 17, so I’m hoping that setting this goal will push me to do it. I have so many ideas for posts, I just haven’t organised my time well enough to get them written. Hopefully this is the year!
Thank you to everyone who still reads this blog, even though I neglect it sometimes. And I hope you all have a very happy New Year!

What are your goals for 2016?

12 thoughts on “New Year Goals 2016

  1. I always buy stuff I don’t need sometimes to kill time or to make me feel less stress – I always do this too and end up spending way too much money! I love the idea of a food diary, I need to do that too to stop eating so much unhealthy food which I again spend so much money on.

    I’m wanting to blog more too this year – I can’t wait!!

    Happy New Year Amy!

  2. Good luck with your goals! Not spending money and not eating chocolate? I’d totally fail those already X_X; But I wish you luck with them and hope you will succeed! Hope you will blog a lot this year! ^^

  3. Lose more weight. Started that in 2015, but hope by 2016 summer time to be healthier and thinner. And finish with school. I buy too many things, too and I can’t help it. Bad impulsive habits, I suppose.

  4. Spending money on things I don’t really need is my Achilles heel, but that’s neither here or there. I’m going to try better this year and focus on buying things I actually need that want. Also, save save save! Good luck with your goals – my main goal is stop eating like a gluttonous pig XD

  5. I wrote a post a while ago which was more about buying clothes… I can’t remember if you read it but it had a bit about how I learned to stop buying ‘crap’. I can understand how it feels to just go for a browse to kill time or just for fun but end up wanting to buy things you don’t really need. I started to write a list of things I actually do need, and avoid buying anything that is not actually on it.

    I tried keeping an online food log once but I could not be bothered keeping up with it. I wanted to eat healthier but we get served breakfast and lunch at work and there are usually healthy options so every day I just try and make sure I have some of the healthy food.

    I would love to see a post from you every week haha! I hope you can blog at least 52 times. 🙂 🙂

  6. I am so bad at buying books I don’t need at the moment. I justify it by saying that it’s better than buying a bunch of candy or video games or something, because reading is good, right? 😛 What ends up happening is I have piles of books I own and don’t have time to read! So I feel ya there. Staying in budget can be pretty hard, so best of luck sticking to it!

    I’ve always been a bit sporatic with my blogging as well. This was actually one of my goals for 2016, to blog more consistently. I didn’t explicitly say once a week or x amount of posts, but I feel that if I blog more than last year and semi-consistently, it will be successful for me because it’s better than what I was doing! I’ve found planning out posts and organizing them really helps, as does writing down any ideas so you’re not looking at a blank page. I email posts to myself (That way I don’t have a million drafts cluttering my wordpress) and then upload them when I’m ready. 🙂

    Happy 2016!

  7. I used to be an impulse buyer until I met Tristan. He would literally tell me to think it over for a few days and ask myself “Do I really need this?” Some times, I would think it over for a few days and realize that I really don’t need it and I don’t buy it. That usually helps.

    I like the idea of your planner with food and the like. I would like to do the same, as I am trying to eat healthier as well. I kind of stopped doing so when Tristan and I started college as it was just easier to go and get something to eat, rather than making it at home (due to people living here). Though, that’s how you blow through your money. IN fact, we were stupid about money again and barely have anything left and are now relying on our grant money. Though, there were items we definitely needed for college i.e. books for classes, parking permit, SGA sticker, and etc. so not much was wasted. We are learning, slowly but surely to stop spending money on items we don’t need. Though, we do end up buying a lot of books. Tristan buys science, programming languages books, and other things related to his field of study, whereas I purchase Fiction and some books related to my field of study. So, I guess it’s not really impulse….right? But anyways, I was on Weight Watchers before, and I know how to calculate points. For example, I have 26 points a day to use. So, I would have to calculate everything that I place onto my plate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Fruits and vegetables are always 0 except for avocados and corn. So, I usually just put 26 points on the top of my notebook or planner, put what I ate like waffle 5 points including syrup and subtract that. Though, I don’t know how much you weigh to get your points. But it really does help. I have lost a LOT of weight since starting Weight Watchers awhile back and on a really awesome diet plan (which I have forgotten already). Those two things have really helped me to lose weight. Plus exercising helped a lot too. So, I can help you if you need it? Let me know.

    I don’t think I have really challenged myself 24 things before 24, or 30 before 30, or any of that. I just make new years resolutions and try to stick to them. I hope you can achieve all of your goals and be healthier. I know you can do it!

  8. Having goals can be really great, especially when you have them ‘personalised’ for specifically number items (I have a 30 before 30). They can feel much more ‘real’ than just resolutions.

    I hope that you will be able to curb the spending. Sometimes you get so used to spending money that it somehow becomes normal. I try and keep track of my finances and try and think about purchases more. It’s not always easy. >.<

    It can be a good feeling to have things organised on your blog. I had my categories in a mess and went through them and ordered them to what was more appropriate. I didn’t touch the tags though, they are just a whole other thing haha.

    A food diary is such an awesome idea and I hope you go really well with it. 😀

    I like the idea of more blogging as well and look forward to reading the entries!

    My goals are to study, keep creative and try and have a little holiday.

  9. Those are great goals! I have a similar problem with buying video games. Any time Steam had a sale, I grabbed a bunch and now I have a terrible backlog. A few years ago, I started making a goal to buy less games each year!

    I organize my blog categories once in a while too. If I see one with too few entries in it, it probably meant I didn’t need it, haha. 52 blog entries is a lot! Last year, I started blogging around once a week (sometimes more often), and it feels nice to have a regular schedule 🙂

    A food diary is a good idea! I’ve done something similar on and off. I use a website to keep track of my calorie counts. It was super motivating to eat well when it’s all tracked somewhere.

    Good luck on all of your goals!

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