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MCM London Comic Con 2015

Last weekend I took a break from normality and went to London for Comic Con with my boyfriend. We booked a full weekend in the Premier Inn right next to the convention (minus Lenny Henry, unfortunately), and did the full three days. Being Northerners, we’d never been to the London con before, so were very excited to go and see what it had to offer. When we got there we were very impressed with the size of it, so many stalls!

The view from our hotel room. Comic Con was in the red building. So close!
The view from our hotel room. Comic Con was in the red building. So close!


We chose to have a different cosplay for each day, so we could get as many cool pictures as possible. Admittedly, this was only possible because of my Dad being an absolute star and driving us down, we wouldn’t have survived four hours on a packed train with all the costumes and props we had to carry! On the first day I went as Suigintou from Rozen Maiden, and Andy went as Marvel’s Kingpin (the version from the new Daredevil Netflix series). He got stopped for pictures a lot, and a few people actually knew what character I was (at the Birmingham con I didn’t run into any Rozen Maiden fans).

Here’s us in the Comic Con queue. Because we got weekend wristbands we only had to queue on the Friday, which made getting in a lot easier.
Bat car
Me in front of the coolest Batman vehicle ever. I have wings and everything.

We spent most of the Friday looking at all the stalls and buying a few things, or, in my case, a lot of things. There was so much to buy, and I ended up going a little bit mad and buying loads of T-Shirts, graphic novels, comics and Japanese sweets (so much Mochi). One of my favourite con buys, though, has to be this:

Mean Girls + Pokemon = the coolest shirt ever. Tee Turtle is amazing.

To end our first day, we went to the Yogscast Q&A, where the Yogscast answered audience questions, including one that Andy asked himself. He’s a huge fan so it was a great experience, even though I didn’t really know much about them before Comic Con, I found the evening very entertaining. My favourite part was when Sips had to describe his understanding of the phrase ‘cheeky Nando’s’, which he said involves going to Nando’s with a guy called Callum who is a “lad” and also a “ledge”. A lovely way to end the first day.


On Saturday we went as Team Rocket grunts, bringing with us a Pokeball and a Pokemon each. This was the most stressful day in terms of getting around anywhere; it was packed! But, these were the most comfortable costumes for walking around in, which saved some sanity when we were stuck in a slow-moving crowd. We got a few pictures with Pokemon cosplayers, including one of us catching some people dressed as Pokemon.

Me and Andy as Team Rocket grunts. I have a Cubone and he has a Magikarp. For the lolz 🙂

After spending the first three days living on sandwiches, we rewarded ourselves with red bean ice cream and filled pancakes for dessert. If you ever go to a con, get the pancakes. They are the best pancakes in the world and you will not regret it. Eat them. Now.

We also visited the police vehicle display, which we made the most of by getting ourselves arrested in costume:

They arrested me. They shot Cubone. Woe is me!
They arrested me. They shot Cubone. Woe is me!
Magikarp's arrest
Let’s see Magikarp try and splash its way out of this one!


Sunday was the debut of the costume I was the most excited about. After over 10 hours slaving away with a needle (this, from a person who never sews, ever), I couldn’t be happier to test out my Poison Ivy costume. Andy went as Bane, making for some awesome pictures and fun throughout the day.

Bane an Poison Ivy
I sewed every leaf onto this. And only got the needle stuck in my thumb 8 times. Sewing genius 4 lyf.

We got asked for pictures a lot on the Sunday, especially when we stood in front of the Batman section. It was so much fun. We even took part in a massive DC vs. Marvel photo-shoot outside – so many brilliant costumes!

Ivy and Bane
We are super villains.

One of the coolest moments, though, has to be when Andy went to meet the Yogcast at their stand and got this picture with Lewis:

Yogscast’s Lewis and Bane.

He also arm wrestled Hercules and won a cupcake for doing so. Apparently I’m meant to show him off for this. So here I am, showing him off. All the showing off. All of it.

Bane: the arm wrestling champion.

The Weekend

Overall, I had a great weekend, and would love to do it again sometime. One of my favourite things to do over the weekend has to be the Syfy FanCam, where you got to have your photo taken from every angle, creating a video that give a 360 angle view of you. We did it twice, on both the Saturday and Sunday, and the videos look really cool. And, to make it even better, we got a free goody bag for taking part!

I’d definitely recommend going to London’s con. It’s so big and there’s so much to do there. If you do plan to stay for the weekend, and you’re not from London, like me, make sure to book into one of the hotels next to the Excel centre. I was initially going to stay in central London, as this was slightly cheaper, but I’m really glad I didn’t, as this would have involved lots of travel. Plus, staying nearby meant we could drop off our buys at the hotel whenever we needed to.

For anyone who’s thinking of doing just the one day, Friday’s definitely the one to go for if you want to get a proper look round. It was pretty quiet in comparison to the other days, which made it way easier to see everything. Saturday was an absolute nightmare for this, we actually went back to the hotel for a couple of hours mid-day because we got tired of trying to move through the massive crowds.

To finish off, here’s a picture of me and Baymax. I wish he was real…

My personal healthcare companion.

6 thoughts on “MCM London Comic Con 2015

  1. Would have been nice if Lenny Henry was there.

    ERMERHGERD, THOUGH. YOU WENT TO COMIC CON. I was going to go this May, but I was away, so now I have to go to the one in October. We could have met up!!

    That has got to be the cutest t-shirt ever. Admittedly, I haven’t finished Daredevil yet but wicked cosplay. And I’m not familiar with Rozen Maiden, unfortunately. Love both your cosplays! I was reading about how Americans are confused by the term “cheeky Nandos”, hahahaha.

    Perf Team Rocket grunt outfits… but, seriously. THAT SUNDAY COSPLAY IS AMAZING. Love love love Bane and Poison Ivy! Can’t believe you sewed every leaf – absolute ledge!

    I went to the Con on Saturday, last year. So many people, so many costumes, so many things! It’s an amazing experience, and I can’t wait to go again this year 😀 I’m banking on going as Gamora this time because I did DC last year, and I’m gonna make my bf go as Starlord, haha.

    Baymax <3

  2. Oh wow, Comic Con looks so much fun! I’d love to make it down to London one year to attend.

    Your outfits look great!! Love the Poison Ivy one.

  3. It looks like you and your boyfriend had lots of fun at the Comic Con! It’s awesome that you both have different cosplay for each day :). I like how you and your boyfriend were compliments of each other. The Team Rocket one is especially cute! The police part is so funny! But don’t shoot a Pokemon xD.

    The Bane and Poison Ivy is so cool! I think it works out even more because the description matches with the actual character.

  4. Can I just say that London Con looked awesome in your photos and it made me wish that I could attend it but I am unfortunately on the other side of the world?!
    Batman has always been my favorite DC superhero and your Poison Ivy and Bane costumes look amazing! Good job on the sewing 🙂 I never would have had the patience to do what you did haha
    Also, I love that pokemon shirt 😀

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