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MCM Liverpool: My Cool Comic Con Adventure

Me and my friends as DC villains. I’m the one covered in leaves on the end.

It’s been a month full of leaves. A month full of endless hours staring at piles and piles of the things, and wishing they just sew themselves. A month of almost accidentally sewing my fingertips to things because needlework is not my forte. All to make this thing:

Ignore my weird face…

On Saturday, after all the stress, I finally got to show off my new Poison Ivy dress. My previous Ivy costume, pictured in this post, wasn’t in the greatest of condition after taking it to multiple events, so I decided to scrap it and start again. This time I thought I’d make something a bit less revealing, and a bit girlier, and something not made out of uncomfortable Primark lingerie. Because having corset wiring digging into my sides was never fun.

It took me (and my mum) over 40 hours to sew on all the leaves, which resulted in multiple over-dramatic tantrums and Andy finding strands of green cotton in strange places around the house. There’s still a leaf on my bathroom windowsill, for some reason.

I also made the shoes and the very last minute belt to finish off the costume. Unfortunately, most of the roses fell off of the belt throughout the day, which is why I’m wearing a plain black belt on the photo at the top of this post. Oh well, I tried!

The event itself was amazing. I went with eight friends who all got dressed up as well. We spent hours and hours looking at lots of exciting stalls and costumes, taking photos and having our photos taken. I waltzed with Nick Fury, took a selfie with Mr Freeze and won a BIG prize in a mystery box I bought (scroll down for more on that). We also accidentally made the Liverpool local news, which was a big surprise. Big thanks to Holly for sending me the article!

By the way, in case the news article has confused anyone I’m not actually from Liverpool. I’ve not been lying to you all this whole time. The headline’s just not completely accurate. Probably because ’70 people who visited Liverpool for the day and went all out for comic con’ doesn’t make a good headline.

Now, onto the bit where I show you why my bank account looks so sad and lonely at the moment. Here are some photos of what I bought at the event. Brace yourselves, there’s quite a bit to get through!

Fun nerdy art prints, including surfer Chewbacca and Batman being all cool and hero-y.


Posters, which were a bargain at 3 for £5. I’m planning to frame these and save them for when we own a house, so I can put them up without upsetting my landlord. Because landlords hate nail holes, not because of the terrifying Pokemon gang.


Cool double-flavour Oreos.


Pikachus. That grumpy face though…


Now we’re onto the mystery bags, packs and boxes that I bought. I’ve always been interested in the lucky bags at comic conventions, but I’ve rarely bothered with them as I was convinced that they wouldn’t be worth the money. Unfortunately, I was right, but it was really fun to open them! Here’s what I got:

Mystery One: Pokemon cards
This one was a £6 selection of random Pokemon cards, including one ultra rare. Even though I have most/all of the common cards in this one, I’m really pleased with what I got and thought it was really good value for money.


Mystery Two: £25 Pokemon Lucky Dip
The contents of my £25 Pokemon mystery bag, along with a tiny Pokeball which contained the tiny green Smeargle and three stickers you can barely see in the photo above. Umbreon’s one of my favourite Pokemon, so I was very excited to see this cute plush version!


This beautifully modelled Pikachu hat was also inside the mystery bag. Chewbacca has never looked better.

Although I got some really cool stuff, I don’t think the contents were worth the £25 I paid, unfortunately, especially considering you can buy a full set of Eeveelutions for £7 on Amazon.


Mystery Three: £30 Super Nerdy Box
This is the box I was most excited about, having seen them at almost every MCM I’ve been to. I love the design, and was expecting something just as impressive to be inside. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed…


Yeah, a phone case for a really specific phone, a key-ring from a film I’ve never seen, a bright blue lanyard. The Domo characters are quite cute, and the Doctor Who Top Trumps tin is nice but overall I was disappointed. I guess some people would have loved the contents and it’s just the luck of the draw, but it really wasn’t for me.

However, in my box was a ticket saying I’d won a bigger prize that I needed to collect from the stand…



I was very lucky to win a giant Halo Master Chief action figure, which made the box well worth it! Luckily, my friend let me put him in her car for the rest of the day, so I didn’t have to almost break my arms carrying him. He’s so heavy!

I also bought a box of cupcakes, but they cannot be photographed due to my extreme greediness. I’ve ruined my diet, but it was so worth it.

Overall it was an amazing day, and I’ll definitely be going again next year!

What have you been up to lately?

13 thoughts on “MCM Liverpool: My Cool Comic Con Adventure

  1. Glad you had a good time at MCM Liverpool, I have MCM Birmingham coming up this weekend that I’m really looking forward to. First convention of the year. 🙂

    Your dress looks great! Very cool that you all got an article in the news too. I recognise all the DC villains in the photo except who the girl stood next to you is. Doh. 🙁

    I’ve seen those mystery bags and boxes at loads of conventions and especially at MCM. I’ve never bothered with them and don’t think I will after seeing what you get for your money. :-/Luck of the draw, I guess but I would have been disappointed except for the Pokemon plush and the Doctor Who top trumps! Very cool that you won one of the big prizes though.

  2. I love your outfit! You all look amazing! It sounds like you had a really good time and it looks like you managed to pick up quite a bit of cool stuff. I love the Chewbacca print and those Oreos look interesting.

    We didn’t end up going this year because we were a little bit disappointed with it last year, especially considering we paid for weekend priority passes and only spent like 4 hours there altogether. It sounds like it might be getting better though so I will probably go next year. So I’ll see you there. 😉

    Haha you get use to the Liverpool Echo click bait after a while. I once ended up being featured in an article about Ikea which I thought was hilarious!

  3. OMG you make such a lovely Poison Ivy! I love the dress, so cute! LOL I can imagine the hell it took to make it though. When I sew I take after my mom and lovely words fly from my mouth when I screw up, hehe.
    Looks like you had a lot of fun. I really need to try and sew a costume again even if I don’t think I will be going to any cons this year. orz

  4. You looked like you had a lot of fun! Your cosplay looked great! Sorry the roses fell off, but it didn’t take away from the outfit. And how cool that you were featured in an article.
    Your prizes/con haul are cool too, the surprise box was a tad disappointing. I think they could have done a better job with it. But you’re right, it could very well be tailored for a certain person just not us. XD

    I’m looking forward to the con I’m going to next month. I hope I have as much fun, I haven’t been to one in awhile. I’m hoping my casual cosplay comes out ok, I don’t want to look stupid. -.-

  5. It looks like you had a great time! Great cosplay. I can imagine how long it took to sew all those little leaves. I like the attention to detail – especially the shoes!

    I’ve never had the chance to go to comic con yet but looks like you managed to get a lot of goodies. And Pokemon cards!! Those never get old. I was never really that into Pokemon but my first graders LOVE their Pokemon cards and they would be so jealous of your stash! I also know someone who is currently a high school teacher and she amazes her students with her Pokemon knowledge and how “relevant” she is haha.

  6. That seems so fun! I’ve always wanted to go to a comic con but my schedule is always full so I don’t really have much time to go. Your outfit is so cool! I especially love the shoes. If people were selling those, I’d definitely get one, ahaha.

  7. Your costume is lovely! What a detailed costume! 40 hours? That’s dedication. It’s so cool your group shot made it into the magazine ^^

    Those are some neat stash! I love buying prints and getting them framed, too! I have two from my favourite video game/anime, so when I get my own place, I will hang them up ^_^

    I’ve never been to a Comic Con. I know one’s coming this way in August, and I have a few friends who are super excited about it. I am not a comic fan, though, so I don’t think this con would be for me ^^;

  8. I saw your tweets being featured in the Liverpool news! That’s so awesome. Also, I would assume most writers just refer to the city the event takes place in, so it doesn’t matter that the headline is not completely accurate, haha. But your costume looks amazing! I love the leaf detail, it was worth all the time it took you to do it. And it’s definitely a step up from your previous one. 😆 Shame about the roses falling off, but you still look amazing in that photo. 😄

    I’m glad you had a good time! It looks like you got a lot of goodies that were worth it (including the cupcakes). Well done on winning the action figure!

    I have heard of the “I love lamp” thing but I don’t know where it is from. 😜

    I’m actually surprised you didn’t eat the Oreos before all the cupcakes. That would have been me. 😄

  9. YES FOR COMIC CON! I am actually going to stewarding for the one in May with Mutay, and I am super excited 😀

    I love your costume! I definitely wouldn’t have had the patience to sew on all those leaves – kudos to you, it looks brilliant.

    It’s shame the stuff in the Super Nerdy box wasn’t for you, but I love that you got an action figure as well! Ah, this post is giving me so many Con feels and I can’t wait to attend!!!!

  10. Your Poison Ivy outfit looks on point! It’s pretty cool how all of you went out and dressed as DC villains! It’s a bummer that the leaves fell off the shoe but trying counts! Maybe this will help you think of better ways of keeping the leaves still?

    All of the goodies that you bought looks pretty cool. I’ve never seen the double-flavor Oreos before (or at least in those colors). The Pikachu hat on Chewbacca cracked me up XD.

    Congratulations on winning the Halo Master Chief action figure! That would definitely fit in well with the theme you have going at home :).

  11. Wow, that’s amazing that you sewed on all those leaves. Your hard work paid off! Your posion ivy dress looks sooo good, and everyone looks great in your DC villains group! 😀 That’s awesome that you made it into the local news too.

    Aah, I love the prints that you got, and the Pokemon plushies are so cute. Congrats on winning the giant Master Chief! It looks so big!

    I’m glad you had a fun time there!

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