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London Haul

It’s finally here! The very last London post! It’s been almost seventeen years since I started this series, but I’m finally able to retire it, and stop bombarding you with extra-long posts full of overenthusiastic sentences.

I’m very sorry that this has taken so long.

Anyway, I thought I’d end my London series by showing you all the wonderful things I bought on my trip, because I spent way too much money and feel like I should at least justify it a little by using it for blog content. I really did buy a lot, so please don’t judge me for my ridiculousness.

Anyway, here goes…

Black Harrod’s backpack
First things first: this bag. I bought this in Harrod’s for £40 on the first day of our trip. Yes, that’s right, £40. £40 for this absolutely beautiful bag, which I now wear to work every single day. This was definitely the best purchase I made on my London trip and I love it so much!

Pikachu plastic toy set

Pikachu plastic toy set

This is the Pikachu toy set I bought from The Japan Centre. This was a mystery pack where you got one of eight Pikachu room sets, all of which looked incredibly cute. As you can probably tell, I got the bedroom one, which included the most adorable Pikachu slippers ever.

In hindsight, I probably didn’t need a Pikachu toy set, but when you’re getting swept away in the magic of everything, you can’t stop yourself buying all the cute things. Even though I have no idea what I’m actually going to do with this.

Matcha Collon, Matcha Quattro biscuits and Latte biscuit sticks
Matcha Collon, Matcha Quattro biscuits and Latte biscuit sticks

Matcha-flavoured caramel corn, a red bean snack, mini cookies and pizza-flavoured biscuit sticks
Matcha-flavoured caramel corn, a red bean snack, mini cookies and pizza-flavoured biscuit sticks
Choco pies, Pikachu sweets and some bean bag animals
Choco pies, Pikachu sweets and some beanbag animals

Panda biscuits!
Panda biscuits!

Snacks, which were collected from various different shops; in Camden and in China Town. There was such a wide variety of different snacks to buy in London, that I’m not surprised I came back with so many. My favourite out of these has to be the panda biscuits, which I loved so much that I’m actually going to try and order some more online.

These photos also feature some beanbag animals from the gift shop at London Zoo, which I have since realised I really didn’t need. I mean, what am I going to do with a beanbag turtle?

Sloth cushion cover and postcard

Fox cushion cover which says ‘Reading in the sun’” width=
Cute cushion covers which I picked up in Camden, along with a gorgeous print (even though the apostrophe is missing, which I didn’t notice till after I got home). The woman running this stall was so lovely and even gave me a loyalty card in case I come back.


Totoro shirt with a free anime badge
I could’ve ironed it first

A Totoro shirt from Camden Market. I loved the style of this and thought it was incredibly cute!

Pokémon stickers
Pokémon stickers, again from Camden Market. Because one day I’ll become the very best that no one ever was…


Zatanna: The Mistress of Magic, Batman: Faces and Batgirl: The Lesson
Zatanna: The Mistress of Magic, Batman: Faces and Batgirl: The Lesson

These comics and graphic novels were bought from Forbidden Planet, which was only a short walk from our hotel. We were lucky enough to pass Forbidden Planet on most days of the trip and, even though we have one in Leeds, I couldn’t resist treating myself to some of their sale items.

X-Men: Divided We Stand - two issue set
X-Men: Divided We Stand – two issue set
New Avengers: The Reunion from the Dark Reign series
New Avengers: The Reunion from the Dark Reign series – I collect Dark Reign stuff so this was a great find

Deadpool Versus The Punisher
Deadpool Versus The Punisher

More comics/graphic novels! Except these are from the comic shop we found in Camden. I loved that they had individual issues bagged into sets, and spent ages looking through all the boxes to make sure I didn’t miss something good.
Snape, Dumbledore, Luna, Hermione and Hufflepuff postcards
Harry Potter character postcards. I love the style of these and thought they’d be great for decorating my desk at work. I still haven’t remembered to take them to work yet, but hopefully I will someday!
M&M's for my mum and sister

M&M's with mine and Andy's faces on
Personalised M&M’s from M&M’s World. The first set have my mum and sister’s names on, and the second have really tiny photos of me and Andy on. These cost way more than anyone should ever pay for M&M’s. I got overexcited, okay?!
A butterbeer bowl and butterbeer mug from Harry Potter studios
The butterbeer bowl and mug we got with our butterbeer treats at Harry Potter studios. Luckily, these are made of plastic, so there’s no chance of me accidentally smashing them.

Bulma Pop! figure
And, finally, a Bulma Pop! vinyl, which was on sale at Forbidden Planet. Bulma’s one of my favourite Dragon Ball characters, so I was very happy to see her at such a low price.


So that’s it. The last of my London posts. As you can probably tell from how much I’ve gone on about it, I had the most amazing time and can’t wait to visit again.

I’d definitely recommend going to London if you ever get the chance. There’s so much to do and see that you could easily spend an entire month there without getting bored. I’ve been eight times now and there are still places I haven’t explored yet!

I hope you enjoyed reading about everything. Again, I’m sorry it took so long to get these written. They were a lot harder to write than I thought they would be and there were so many photos to sort through. I couldn’t believe we’d done so much.

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “London Haul

  1. Omg, I love Pokemon and remember when it came out, years and years ago, and still love it to this day, and those Pikachus are so adorable! Plus, I am loving the haul of Chinese snacks, though I wonder if you have tried Japanese sweets? Japan Crate is amazing and so yummy, as they pick amazing sweets, and I bet there are other boxes for sweets. You have to try them!

    I collect Funkos, too and I love the purse as I got a new purse, too. Tokidoki purse x Lesportsac purse, which is amazingly colorful but all in all, you got a great haul!

  2. I feel the same way about New York. But I’m biased, because I’m actually from there, heh.

    And I still support your decision to buy the horrible expensive m&ms. :p

  3. Don’t worry about taking a while to post these London posts, Amy! I’m glad that you’ve completed your series now – but good content takes time, right? 😉

    Thanks for sharing your purchases, I do this all the time (every month) to justify where my money is going hahah xD I leave out the excess visits to italian restaurants though.

    I love the bag! I haven’t gone to Harrods yet despite going down to London so many times this year! I had a friend who worked there and she said it was really fun. 😀 40 pounds for a bag is amazing especially if you use it everyday 😉

    OMG YOU CAN GET CUSTOMISED M&MS????????? I WANT ONE WITH A PAW-LEAN EMOJI. PLS. WOW. I don’t blame you tbh, those ARE AMAZING. Will you ever eat them though? I probably would leave at least one… xD TO LOOK AT FOREVER.

    Have an amazing Christmas lovely!

  4. Wow, that’s a lot of great haul! Love the bag you got for such a good price. All the snacks made me smile because I would buy all sorts of snacks, too! And all the geeky stuff — comics, Harry Potter, Pops, video games! Eeee! That’s some major good stash from London. ^^

    Thanks for sharing them. I do enjoy seeing what other people buy when they go on trips and such!

  5. You are forgiven for taking an age to write your London posts… as long as I am forgiven for not catching up on your blog until now 😭 *prepares for rocks to be thrown*

    I am glad you found a good purchase in that Harrod’s bag! Although it was a lot of money it’s worth it and you use it for work, so that’s a plus.

    Sometimes I buy small things that are similar to the Pikachu toy set. I don’t really know what I am going to do with them either. Sometimes I just like buying little cute trinkets and toys that don’t serve much more purpose than decoration! 😜

    I almost screamed when I saw the sloth cover. I don’t know what it is about sloths but they are amusing creatures and so adorable when they are drawn. 😱

    I could eat those M&Ms out of the screen right now.

    I love the Totoro shirt! And yeah, sure it needs ironing but I don’t care. It has bloody Totoro on it; that’s all that matters.

    I actually don’t like Dragonball Z very much and Bulma was probably among my least favourite character, but those Pop figures are always super cute haha.

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