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London Days Three and Four: Camden Market and London Zoo

A brightly-coloured truck
This brightly-coloured truck can be found in the lion section of London Zoo.

It’s been like six years, but it’s finally time for the third instalment of my London adventures. Luckily, on these two days we didn’t do quite as much, so I’ve been able to put both of them into one blog post. Woo!

Day three was spent at Camden Market, while day four was spent at London Zoo and walking for over an hour to get to Planet Hollywood. This might not seem like too much, but all the walking made these days just as tiring as the previous two. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading all about it!

Day Three – Camden Market

Camden high street
This is actually a photo of Camden high street, but let’s pretend it’s the market sign or something… Also, look at how those buildings are decorated!

Camden Market is one of my favourite places in the world. Well, considering I’ve never left the UK my view of the world probably isn’t entirely accurate, but it’s still one of my favourite places. I first went to Camden market when I was 19 with my best friend and I was astounded by the amount of amazing stalls. We have nothing nearly as huge in Leeds, and I couldn’t believe that such a magical place existed. Because of this, I obviously had to add a full day of Camden into our trip, because it’s the best!

And it didn’t disappoint. We spent the day exploring, finding lots of cool anime things and eating delicious food. We were also lucky enough to come across an amazing comic book shop on the way into Camden, where they sold cheap sets of comic books. I obviously spent ages in there, and treated myself to a couple of bits. I mean, who wouldn’t?

The best part of Camden Market has to be the food. At a lot of food markets, I struggle to find a full vegetarian meal, but they have so much choice in Camden. It took me so long to decide!

I eventually picked the halloumi fries, which were amazing, as well as some Cajun-spiced fries, which were also amazing until I somehow managed to slice my tongue against the Cajun spices. Cue my tongue bleeding and me massively overreacting about how I was going to die.

Halloumi fries with pomegranate
These halloumi fries were the best.

Luckily I didn’t die, and I actually pulled myself together so I could eat the rest of my fries – obviously while wailing about how much it hurt, but still!

*Just to clarify, I do eat meat, I just don’t like many meats, so I tend to go for veggie options, especially with hot food. I don’t know why I feel the need to clarify this, but thought I’d mention it, just in case I post something about eating a pepperoni pizza in future and confuse anyone. I won’t go into full detail, but I do tick the vegetarian box on unseen menus and for food-based events for work and such, but I do also eat meat too. LOL this explanation is so long and unnecessary, sorry.

I’m also highly allergic to cats in case anyone fancied reading more unnecessary facts about me.

Andy got himself the biggest hot dog I’ve ever seen and proceeded to eat it while passers-by looked on in astonishment…

A massive hot dog

I definitely wouldn’t have been up for eating that much hot dog, especially with all the strangers staring. He almost managed the entire thing btw, and excused his failure by referencing the halloumi fries he’d eaten earlier (yeah, yeah).

I didn’t do any eating challenges, but I did buy myself an amazing ice cream from a shop on Camden high street.

My flower-shaped ice cream and macaron.
It’s so pretty!

Camden Market is such a magical place. It’s almost like a different world, with so many wonderful things to look at and experience. I’d definitely recommend visiting if you’re ever in London!

The outside of Cyberdog
Cyberdog, one of the coolest shops in Camden. It’s full of neon/light-up space-style clothing.
Camden's Amy Winehouse statue.
Camden’s Amy Winehouse statue.

We finished off the day by meeting Chynna for a beautiful meal, which you can read about here. Warning: this post contains the most ridiculous olive-eating experience ever. Read at your own risk.

Day Four: London Zoo

Day Four was spent looking at all the animals at London Zoo. I’ve been to the zoo before but in the winter season, so I really wanted to visit again when all of the attractions were open. Here are a few snaps from the day:


A sign from the lion section of London Zoo


A pig playing with a ball

We ended our final full day in London with a meal at Planet Hollywood, which came with the Ripley’s ticket we’d booked earlier in the week. Planet Hollywood is an amazingly nerdy restaurant, and we were both really impressed with all the nerd memorabilia. Unfortunately, the food was pretty average, but it was still a lovely place to visit.

An average pasta picture. Bask in the glory of its averageness!

Thankfully, after food, we went back to the hotel so I could rest my achy legs. I was so unbelievably tired and so very happy to be able to get into bed and chill for the evening. I’ve never appreciated a bed so much!

So there you have it. Day Three and Day Four. These were the last two days we spent in central London; the next post will be about our visit to Warner Brother’s Studios for the Harry Potter tour. I’ve got to say, I had a brilliant time staying in the centre of London. If I could do it again, I’d probably take a more relaxed approach, and not try and cram so much into four days, but it’s done now. I’d also make sure to stick to one area of London per day. We walked more than I’ve walked in a long time, and it made the afternoons quite difficult and painful. I’m really glad we did it all, because London hotels are ridiculously expensive, but I’d have liked to have explored some places in a more relaxed way.

Oh well, maybe next time!

6 thoughts on “London Days Three and Four: Camden Market and London Zoo

  1. I’ve been to London 5+ times and I still haven’t been to Camden but it seems wonderful! I’m glad that you had a great time – honestly don’t worry about posting your adventures late – it’s completely alright!!

    “me massively overreacting about how I was going to die.” HAHAHA, I love spices and hot stuff so whenever I get super hot things with my friends, they’re always saying the same and asking if I’m some sort of “monster” for liking hot stuff HAHA. Looks delicious.

    OK OH OK LOL WOW That hot dog is huge! xD My first thought was where and how do you begin xD Totally loved the contrast between the average pasta hahah!

    London has space for a zoo? WHAT. I feel like I don’t know London at all xD

  2. Can I say it? Would you be offended by my language? Because Oh my fucking god, that’s the longest hot dog like ever! It’s okay to love your area and what’s in it. I have wonderful places that I love in my area of Texas.

    I love zoos and animals in general. I used to go to a lot of zoos back in elementary. I miss those trips 🙁

  3. Glad you found some delicious food during your trip to London! Ugh, I am a fan of food markets because there are a lot of choices I love food with Cajun spices *o*. Oh my goodness, that hot dog is huge!!! Haha, major props to Andy for almost finishing that hot dog. For sure, I wouldn’t be able to finish 3/4 of it XD. That rose-shaped ice cream is so cute!

    The London Zoo looks cool! I always enjoy looking and learning about animals at the zoo. Looks like you made the most out of your trip with all of these sightseeing adventures! Hope you’ll have a chance to go back soon :).

  4. Camden is one of my favourite places to visit. There’s always something going on there 🙂 Their food stalls are amazing, I agree! Hmmm, hmmmm, halloumi fries. I remember you telling me about how you sliced you tongue! 😮 That is a long ass hotdog, wow.

    OMG CYBERDOG! I actually only visited there for the first time this year and I was like, “WHERE THE FXCK AM I?” LOL. It was so much fun, tho. Did you go to the bottom level? That section is …. Ahem.

    I haven’t been to London Zoo in ages, omg. I wanna go back now!

  5. Okay, anywhere that serves an ice cream cone with a macaron on top IS magical! It sounds like food heaven there! And that hot dog is so ridiculous haha I’m VERY impressed that he took that down!
    Also, that piggie is adorable.
    And I felt the same way about our time in Rome (SO jam packed), but it’s hard when you want to see everything! Guess it’s just an excuse for us to go again!

    Susie |

  6. I think the more you go travelling the more you get to know your way of travelling and what works best for you. Nick and I like to cram a lot into one day when we travel, but also try to be reasonable. Recently we have been trying to deliberately include more rest/lazy days on our trips, because we know at some point we will want to crash. I can imagine the walking and travelling through London made you really tired! 😢

    We went to Camden Market in London too! I really liked it there. I love markets and that market had such an awesome vibe. I don’t think I bought anything there except for some really nice chilli chai tea (that I couldn’t ever get over, and now I want more of it!!), and some food at the food stalls. But it was really nice exploring it and walking around.

    That hot dog is EFFING HUGE!!!

    I don’t think your clarification about your food preferences was unnecessary. In catching up with your posts I noticed you opted for vegetarian food and I kind of assumed that was to do with your diet or just your preference. Either way I shouldn’t question your choices, it’s up to you what you eat. 🙂 I had people assume I was vegetarian because I used to eat a lot of vegetarian food, but I was actually pescetarian. Also I had to mention a similar “unnecessary” comment on my blog at some stage after I started eating meat again because otherwise someone would be like “ey?? I thought you don’t eat meat?!” 😆

    omg wait is that a spotty black and white pig? It’s really cute!

    We didn’t go to the zoo in London because we were going to Singapore Zoo later in our trip, and I guess we had other things we wanted to do in London and didn’t feel the need to visit a zoo twice in our trip. Maybe it will be worth it next time. We walked the canals though (on our way walking to Abbey Road), so did walk past the zoo. It was such a lovely walk and probably one of my favourite parts of London.

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