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London Day Five: Things You Need To Do at Harry Potter Studios

The outside of Warner Brother’s Studios

The final day of our London trip was spent at The Warner Brother Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter, where we got to tour the set of the Harry Potter films. I’ve always loved the Harry Potter series, so it was incredibly magical to be able to see some of my favourite sets close-up, and to learn so much about how the series was filmed. There was so much to do and see and I loved it so much!

Instead of describing the entire experience in detail and potentially ruining it for anyone who wants to go, I thought I’d write a light-hearted list about things you can do while you’re there. Enjoy!

1. Try to get as many photos as you can with the giant chess pieces because they’re giant fucking chess pieces
We got soooo many.

The chess pieces outside the studio

2. Visit the gift shop and try to justify spending £75 on a robe
I mean, you could go to work as an actual wizard, which would almost definitely get you a promotion.

3. Shout ‘OMG’ repeatedly as you pass the cupboard under the stairs
It’s the most iconic cupboard under the stairs, guys.

The cupboard under the stairs

4. Marvel at how amazing The Great Hall is and take some really awful videos of said amazing place
I am only capable of moving the camera at one speed and that is FAST.

5. Point at things and squeal
Yes, this is 100% necessary.

6. Spend £25 on a video of you flying a broomstick
Because when else are you going to get the chance to buy a video of you winning at Quidditch?

7. Try to cure your significant other’s arachnophobia with a visit to the Forbidden Forest
Though be aware that your partner may not be cured by seeing Aragog, and may be incredibly mad at you for trying to convince him that giant spiders aren’t scary.

8. Do some awkward amateur acting on the Hogwarts Express
I am now an actual pro at pretending to be scared of Dementors. Anyone wanna hire me?

9. Eat as much butterbeer ice cream as humanly possible
It is seriously the best ice cream ever and I wish I could have taken some home with me.

Butterbeer ice cream

10. Steal some of your significant other’s butterbeer so you don’t have to pay for your own
It’s a very sweet, very tasty drink and you have to try some!


11. Queue up to walk through the Dursley’s house so you can get totes emosh over the fact the first Harry Potter movie came out over fifteen years ago
Yes, we are all aging. Yes it is terrifying.

The letter scene

12. Almost cry as you see the model they used for Hogwarts
It’s… just… so… beautiful.

The Hogwarts model

13. Take photos of every single thing you see
Then cry and panic when your phone starts dying.

An amazing ice sculpture
This is a photo of the amazing sculpture they have at the Yule Ball in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Dumbledore’s office
This is a photo of Dumbledore’s office. Because everyone needs a photo of Dumbledore’s office…

14. Accidentally take a photo of The Knight Bus while a stranger is posing in front of The Knight Bus
I unfortunately have about five of these…

The Knight Bus

15. Try to justify buying every single wand they sell
Because you need to have every single one to prove you’re a true Harry Potter fan.

16. Try to get the perfect blogger photo on Diagon Alley
This only took 8 attempts and it’s still not amazing…

Me on Diagon Alley

17. Push some suitcases into a wall
Because we all know this is the sign of a true wizard.

18. Spend £9 on a Chocolate Frog
It’s a magic frog, guys. It practically pays for itself.

19. And, finally, have fun!
Fortunately, this one’s easy!

As you can probably tell from this post, it’s a fantastic tour and I’d definitely recommend booking if you haven’t been before. You need to book quite far ahead though, especially for weekend slots. We went on a Thursday and I stupidly assumed it would be quieter, but it’s so popular that the majority of times are at full capacity. They do stagger entry, but you still end up going in with a group of around 200 people. That sounds ridiculous, but it’s not TOO bad when you’re in there. Yeah, you have to wait to get a few photos, but I’ve honestly been to comic cons that are more difficult to move round. It’s well worth it and that’s coming from me, and I hate busy places.

Plus, where else can you spend the day pretending you’re in eight of the best films ever?

6 thoughts on “London Day Five: Things You Need To Do at Harry Potter Studios

  1. I’m at work laughing out loud with no shame at this post right now HAHA.

    I have never actually watched or read Harry Potter (please don’t hate me) so I always find it hard to follow people when they talk to me about it. All I know is that it makes them happy, they’re excited, I get excited and also want to be a wizard????

    “Visit the gift shop and try to justify spending £75 on a robe
    I mean, you could go to work as an actual wizard, which would almost definitely get you a promotion.” LOL. Could you at least take photos with it on with no payment or a small fee? Because I would JUST DO IT FOR THE PHOTO.

    Trying to get a perfect blogger shot is always difficult. It takes me more than 8 attempts and usually by the end of it I’m questioning if Matt still likes me LOL.

    I’m so glad that you had a great time Amy! <3 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Harry Potter Studios looks lit! The giant chess pieces look pretty awesome. Haha, I would say “OMG” as well if I see that iconic cupboard! Butterbeer ice cream looks delicious! Everything there looks gorgeous. Can’t believe it has been 15 years since the first movie came out! Glad you enjoyed your time there :).

  3. That tour looks amazing! That must have been so exciting to see the sets in person, and there is way more to see than I would have expected. I also think that’s smart that they stagger the entry. Dealing with around 200 people is probably way better than the full amount of people who are trying to get in. That looks like such a fun place to visit!

  4. Wooowww!! Yes this does seem pretty exciting!! And like, Universal Studios fit inside a building! Very efficient. They definitely didn’t have most of the stuff here at the park (makes sense), but I’m actually pretty upset about this butterbeer ice cream thing.. YO WHERE WAS THAT WHEN IT WAS HELLA HOT IN FLORIDA?!

  5. Omigod. OK so I… am not even a Harry Potter fan, but I thoroughly enjoyed the studio tour! Nick really enjoyed it of course, because he loves Harry Potter, and he most wanted a photo with the train! I thought it was pretty cool though.

    The Butterbeer tasted great! I didn’t have the ice cream though, because dairy does bad things to me… the guy at the counter said that the Butterbeer has like 0.1% dairy so I was like YEAH I’ll take that. ✌️

    I can’t remember what time we went in, but it was pretty early in the morning and I think we may have been the second group in for the day. There really are a lot of people! I was worried we wouldn’t cover the whole thing (we booked our bus as part of a tour) but we did with lots of time to spare!

    I’m glad you had a great time and absolutely fangirled over the whole thing! Sounds like it was totally worth it 👏

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