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Life Catch-Up: Working on my Goals

I’ve kind of accidentally broke from the unofficial blogging schedule I’ve made to write this post. Because I don’t actually have a proper 2017 diary yet, because I’m an idiot who didn’t click ‘Pay’ on Paperchase. Legit spent a week waiting for my organisers refills to show up, then got incredibly angry when they didn’t, went looking for my order confirmation email and realised I hadn’t actually done anything. Which was so great. To top it off, they were out of stock by the time I did order, which means I had to order a brand new organiser instead. Oh well, it has owls on it, so it’s not a total loss.

So, this puts me in a bit of a scattered place when it comes to blogging. I’ve not had a diary to sit down and schedule anything, and the first week of work left me longing for lazy nights on the sofa, which is why there wasn’t a post at the weekend. Very sorry. I’ve also not been very inspired lately, so sitting down to write something has been a bit difficult. January doesn’t have a built-in blog post theme like December does. Where did Christmas go?

So yeah, that’s why it’s been quieter than I would have liked on the blog front. But I’ve now got loads of content planned, and I’ve set myself two nights a week to focus on writing posts, so hopefully things are going to get more organised around here. Yay!

So, without further ado, here’s what I’ve been getting up to recently…

Back to the Routine

The first week and a bit of work has been great, and it’s been really nice to settle into the routine again. And, because I managed to clear my desk before Christmas, my workload hasn’t been too stressful, so I’ve been able to gradually get back into it. I just wish it wasn’t so cold – getting the bus every morning is not nice!

Fun with Family and Friends

The 30th of December was my Dad’s 60th so we (me and Andy) ended up going out for breakfast and tea at Wetherspoon’s which was lovely. Pre-diet Amy had a great time, and I think my Dad did too. He got a ridiculous amount of presents (60 from my sister!) and a very gold dalek cake, which was really amazing.

New Year’s Eve was spent playing board games and drinking at my friend’s house, because we didn’t fancy wading through tonnes of people to go out in town. I had a great time playing Exploding Kittens and Cheat, and I actually won at Cluedo!

I’ve also been out to the pub a couple of times this week and to Krispy Kreme, without breaking my diet once! Which brings me onto..

Goal Progress

Last Tuesday, I started work on my 2017 goals. I said goodbye to my cupboard full of chocolate, and hello to salads, grapes and strawberries. Yep, I started the good ole January diet.

So far, it has gone very well. I’ve actually stuck to it properly for 9 days now, which is a record for me (I usually get to about 4, before scoffing an entire box of Lindor balls and ordering a pizza), and I’m really happy that I have. I’m not getting hungry, and my pizza/cake/chocolate cravings haven’t taken over my entire day, so hopefully I’ll be sticking at it this time around.

The exercise, on the other hand, hasn’t started yet. After 12 hours out of the house for work, I just want to have fun, and copying some women in lycra on YouTube is not exactly fun for me. I also can’t really commit to the gym, because it would take far too long to travel there, and it’s just time I don’t have. So, instead, this week I’m going to start tap dancing again. On my living room carpet. Like you do.

I’ve always loved tap, and I took classes for eight years, but quit when I was 15 because all my friends were going out at the weekend and I was missing out. Unfortunately, the nearest adult class is miles away, so I’m settling for YouTube video lessons without tap shoes for now. I’ll let you know how it goes (and how strange I look making imaginary tap noises in my living room).

The Blog

This is very much related to my 2017 goals, but I began looking through my old posts at the weekend, in an attempt to sort out my post categories. Even though I’ve only got posts from after I started uni (I deleted the before ones), there was still a lot of stuff that felt like it was written a lifetime ago, and it was so strange reading them all back. It was also strange seeing how varied my content is. One week I’ll be posting something relatively normal, then the next I’ll be writing a dramatised version of how I dealt with a powercut or pretending I’m a wolf. Hmm, okay.

To be honest, I was initially annoyed by this, as I wanted to make my blog more organised and, umm, normal I guess?, but I’ve now realised that’s not “me” at all. I’m not someone who’s going to be taking flatlays and always writing serious content. I just can’t do it. I got my degree and job through writing silly things, and it’s what I love to do, so I’m going to keep doing it. Never change who you are guys. Take shit photos of your Pokemon collection, and don’t think about page views. You only live once!

I think that’s pretty much it for the last two weeks. What have you been up to?

25 thoughts on “Life Catch-Up: Working on my Goals

  1. Best of luck reaching your 2017 goals. I think sometimes doing some form of exercise from home is the best alternative when the gym is just seeming like too much of a chore, a few years ago I would constantly do workout DVDs in my bedroom, or learn dance routines, and ended up losing quite a bit of weight!

    Definitely do what you want to do with your blog regardless of what others are doing, that’s always what ends up producing the best content!

  2. What’s your unofficial blogging schedule? Hope you get your scheduler soon. I don’t use a scheduler but I keep my appointments in place with my phone’s calendar. πŸ™‚

    1. I was trying to blog three times a week, but it’s seeming unlikely at the moment, because there’s so many things I’m working on! I’m making a new plan though, so hopefully I’ll start posting in a more organised way soon!

  3. I’ve been struggling with some inspiration as well for writing posts. December is always an easy month with reviews and the holidays, and normally the new year always brings a lot of inspiration in January, but it’s been a bit dry for me this year. So feel ya on that one. I try to post about once a week, but if it doesn’t happen, oh well. πŸ™‚ Not gonna stress out about it because my blog isn’t supposed to stress me out!

    Great job so far on the diet! Make sure to treat yourself every now and then so you don’t wear yourself out! I got a Zumba game for the Xbox that I have LOVED playing. It’s a great workout for me and I like that it’s in video game form so I can kind of make it my own. I am so sore, but I’m already seeing progress!

    I loved the end of this post! Looking back through my archives, my posts can be very all over the place sometimes, too, and while they all may not be polished and picture-perfect, they’re very genuine and I’m proud of that. I want my blog to represent me, not some idealised, “perfect” version of who I am. That would just be silly. πŸ™‚

    1. I think once a week is a good amount to aim for. I was aiming for three times a week, but it’s a lot of work, especially when I’m working full-time, so I’m now being a bit more relaxed on that goal. Plus there are so many different things I want to do this year, so I need to make time for those!

  4. Write whatever you want to write! I mean, some of my posts are pretty silly but then others are… serious as fuck. I always aim to represent the real me when I am blogging, as much as I am in real life, moods and all. πŸ˜†

    Shame you got in a muddle with your order but glad you are back on track now! Definitely no need to get too worked up over one little hiccup! πŸ˜„

    It sucks that you don’t have a gym readily accessible. You can do loads at home, though, without any equipment. Before I joined a gym I was doing exercises that I found on – there’s some really good stuff there. And I was always dancing in my room every night before I bothered to do any β€œreal” exercise. I also did tap dance but it was a long time ago, the dances I continued with were jazz and ballet. Dancing is a lot of fun and you definitely still burn calories even if you’re doing it barefoot πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. Thanks! I’ll definitely have to have a look on I’ve been doing a few workout routines this week, and it’s been really great!

  5. Even though you’re a bit behind on the blogging routine, it’s still not too late with keeping up with your goals :). I’m looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the blog!

    Happy belated birthday to your dad. Sounds like all of you had a great time celebrating! Good job on sticking to a good diet so far. Sounds like you have some neato exercises planned as well.

    I feel a bit weird reading my old blog posts. Haha, I wish I can take some proper flatlays but I don’t have any furry cloth big enough for some nice background to happen XD. You know what? Keep taking pictures of your Pokemon, Guardians of the Galaxy, and any other collection you have. It makes you happy so why do anything else that takes you out of your way? ;).

    1. Thank you!I’ll definitely be sticking with what I’m doing and taking my usual photos. But hopefully better quality this year – some of my old ones are so awful!

  6. I agree that it’s nice to get back into the work routine after a break. I start feeling too lazy and unproductive if I’m on break for too long, haha. Oh, and my brother’s birthday is December 30th too! I’m glad your dad had a nice birthday, and that sounds like a fun way to celebrate New Year’s Eve πŸ™‚

    Nice job on eating healthier! That’s awesome to get more fruit into your diet. It’s something I really need to do. If you’re not getting hungry, it sounds like you’re doing it right! I’ve been exercising at home too, which I feel like saves a lot of time.

    I feel the same way about my blog. I have it for fun, and I’m just going to write what I want, whenever I want. It’s easier to maintain that way!

  7. Ahaa, I’ve done that several times. Put tons of things in my basket and then actually forgot to proceed to checkout.

    Glad to hear your workload hasn’t been too stressful. It definitely feels nice to get back to a routine, I’ll tell ya that. The period between christmas and new year, i have no routine and have no idea what day/month/year it is.

    Love Wetherspoons! I love the idea of a gold Dalek cake. I would totally get that for my birthday, too.

    Good luck with the exercise and diet! Sounds like it’s going well! You got this, girl πŸ˜€ I’ve not been up to much. Pretty much working on my goals as well in terms of blog and writing. so far, so good!

    1. Yeah, I’m so glad that I know what day it is again too. Christmas is so confusing, even though it is lovely to get time off.

      Good luck with your blog and writing goals! I really need to get my arse into gear with writing. I’ve done nothing so far in 2017!

  8. I’m the same. I never had a structured blog. I’m so random most posts aren’t even planned. orz At least you got that going for you – from what I see in this post. XD

    Good luck with your diet! Mine started a lot sooner because of a weightloss challenge they did at my job. Got two more weeks on it but I won’t be stopping when it is over.

  9. I’m glad that you’re working toward your goals and I’m so happy that you’ve been able to stick with your diet.

    I’m a little disorganized too when it comes to blogging, mainly because I let my school work get in the way.

    I’m imagining the Dalek cake and I can’t help but smile. I bet it was awesome.

  10. A gold Daley cake? The sounds amazing! I’m a big Doctor who fan. πŸ™‚

    Sorry to hear about the confusion with your order!! But at least now you can get organised with your new planner. What is your blogging schedule? I’ve tried to blog more often but then I can go months without blogging because I have happen in my life worth writing about.

    I always think you should write whatever you want to write, it’s your blog. Mine has a mix of serious and silly posts, I had a host server brethren a few years ago so lost some of my teenage embarrassing posts where a used to moan about college! I managed to find them through Google cache and a “way back when” website but only kept a handful.

    1. Yeah, my sister made it. She somehow found edible gold spray paint and I was so impressed!

      As for the blogging schedule, I was aiming to post three times a week, because I managed that in December, but now I’ve got a lot of stuff planned so it’s going to be too difficult. So it’s probably going to end up being once a week, just so I don’t spend all my free time writing posts!

      I saved all my teenage posts on my PC, but I’m too scared to look at them. They’re so bad!

  11. I’m sorry about the diary. I have to admit I laughed a little bit though. Haha, it happens to me sometimes when Im shopping at 3am in the morning. I think that I’ve paid and everything but it’s actually all in my dreams xD It’s a good thing though because it’s allowed me to save money and really think about buying it again haha. Have you tried planning your blogs digitally? I currently plan mine on Google Calendar!

    I’m so glad youve been working on your goals. I was so proud when you were tweeting about being healthier etc. You’ll stop the constant craving for chocolate eventually. There was a month last year I didn’t have chocolate for like 5 weeks, CRAZYRIGHT?! I started craving other things though instead like oranges for a month lol.

    Haha, tap dancing made me laugh! I think it’s great you’re using other methods to stay fit. Thats how you stay motivated and start towards the fitness lifestyle! I started with Zumba personally πŸ˜›

    I’m always SO surprised when you say that your blog is a mess and you want to write a certain way? Because it’s one of the more organised blogs (especially compared to mine before!) and I really enjoy your tone. It’s very entertaining πŸ˜€ Don’t change!

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