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Life Catch-Up: Turning 25 and Getting Engaged

Leeds Town Hall at night
Leeds Town Hall looking very sparkly!

Starting from now, I’m no longer writing ‘Life Catch-Up’ posts on a monthly basis. If you’ve been around here a while and have a significantly better memory than me, you’ll know that ‘Life Catch-Up’ originally started as a way to categorise any posts that were about what’s been going on, and I’m going back to that. I’ve enjoyed having a monthly review, but I’m starting to find it quite dull. And sometimes I just want to write about something that happened without having to start with ‘this month has passed quickly’, you know.

I feel like I go through phases with blogging. Sometimes, I’m big on scheduling, spend every day thinking about it, and manage to get out two posts a week, other times I just live my life and let the blog take a backseat. At the start of the year I challenged myself to get into a schedule with blogging, because I wanted to improve my content and increase my audience, but that’s not really something I’m interested in right now. I want to write and get to know new people, yes, but I don’t want to be a professional blogger. That’s never what I started this for, but I somehow got sucked in by all the new-age bloggers and fancy flatlays. I’d rather just have fun doing it, and not try to force out posts for the sake of it.


The Past Few Weeks of Blog Neglect

I’ve spent the past few weeks doing lots of things and going to lots of events. A few weeks ago I went to Bradford Unleashed comic con as Batgirl and had an amazing time taking lots of photos and looking round some absolutely fantastic stalls. I treated myself to the best Spirited Away lamp ever, which now has pride of place on my bedside table.

My Spirited Away lamp
No-Face is my favourite.

I’ve also been going to lots of writing open mic nights, and it’s been so inspiring watching people read out their work. I’m hoping that soon I’ll be brave enough to stand up and read mine!

I also went to a writing workshop and managed to actually read my 1000 words to two people without stumbling over my words and panicking. It might not seem like much, but it’s definitely a little victory for me!


The Birthday Week

I’ve had the busiest, weirdest, most fantastic birthday week ever! I can’t believe all the things that have happened, and know that I’m truly blessed to have so many amazing people in my life. If you’d spoken to me only three years ago, after my fail of a 22nd birthday, I’d have had a completely different view of everything. I was miserable, thinking negatively, and convinced that there was just no point in celebrating anything. Yes, this year something life-changing happened, but even without that I’d have had a brilliant time, and still been incredibly happy. It’s unbelievable how much a change of attitude can change everything, and make everything so much better.

Last Sunday, I went out with my high school friends for a pub meal and had the most amazing veggie burger ever. It was a mixture of two cheeses, peppers, covered in a beautiful nacho cheese crumb. I also had some sweet-flavoured mocktails, which looked absolutely beautiful, but we’re waaaay too sweet for me.

Monday was spent doing ridiculous amounts of shopping with my mum. We ended up spending nine hours in Leeds, I spent all my birthday money and we had a beautiful meal at Handmade Burger company. We also had ice cream for breakfast, because we’re very responsible adults and all that.

A very big ice cream.
That ice cream though…

I ended up buying enough clothes to replace most of the old stuff that looks awful, and the stuff that doesn’t fit me, which resulted in a huge wardrobe clear out yesterday. I got rid of two bin bags full of stuff which I haven’t worn in years, and my wardrobe is finally tidy! YAY!

On Tuesday, Andy took me out for a meal of my choice. We went to the White Rose Centre in Beeston, and I picked Chiquito’s, which didn’t turn out so well. My order had to be changed at the last minute because the waiter misinformed me about what was in their five bean chilli, then the enchiladas I ordered came out rushed and cold. Luckily, they didn’t charge us for the cold parts of the meal, but it was still annoying. Here’s a picture of my mushroomy starter though, which was amazing…

My cheesy nacho mushroom starter thing

Tuesday night was spent trying not to chop my own hand off as I carved the most difficult pumpkin I’ve ever carved. Here it is:

My Totoro pumpkin

And don’t worry, there will be a photo of my cut-free hand later, to prove that I survived my terribly dangerous knife usage…

Wednesday was my 25th birthday, which I spent opening presents, returning clothes, and looking for a nice pair of jeans in Bradford. My mum brought me lots of chocolates, Andy bought me a giant helium tank (lol) and we celebrated the evening in a private room in a pub with friends.

Which brings me onto the next thing that happened…


The Proposal

If you haven’t seen on my Twitter/Instagram already, on Wednesday (my birthday) I got engaged. Yeah, Andy did the whole get down on one knee and make a cheesy speech thing and I said yes. Thanks to my amazing friend I have it on video, so I can marvel at how shocked and emotional I was over and over again.

How did it happen? Well, Andy spent the evening suspiciously ignoring my questions about why on earth my parents were in Leeds centre the same night I was having my birthday get together. I obviously spent ages questioning him, bringing forward the fact my parents NEVER go into Leeds on an evening for food, to which he shrugged and laughed, suspiciously. So I knew something was happening.

Then, after food, I started feeling unwell, and spent the next hour going back and forth to the toilet and outside for air. When I came back the third time, my friend was filming me and my mum and dad were in the corner of the room. I was like WTF??!!

Yes, I know, being “like WTF” is not a romantic thing to say. I’m meant to say I came in and imagined a thousand doves flying overhead in the pub and the whole world went into montage-style slow motion or something. But “like WTF” is 100% more accurate. I’m actually really glad I have a video of the proposal, because it was all so crazy that I barely even registered all the things Andy said. It was just like ‘woah, he’s on one knee, woah, what is happening’.

My engagement ring, on my hand.
Look at my shiny ring!

I’m not gonna lie, getting engaged was much more overwhelming than I thought it would be. It’s a little bit terrifying having so many people focused on your relationship and I’m absolutely stunned by all of the people congratulating us, buying us things and helping us celebrate. I’ve been asked lots of intimidatingly adult wedding questions already and it’s left me all over the place emotionally. I am ridiculously happy though – I just need time to process all the changes!


The Presents

I mainly got money and chocolates for my birthday this year, which I have either been eaten or spent on clothes. I hope everyone is now imagining me chewing five pound notes like a boss.

I also got The Witcher 3 for PS4, a Goku (Dragon Ball) POP! figure, a gorgeous swarovski crystal pen, a treasure chest with a heart padlock on and Kate Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant graphic novel.

Oh, and these bits…

A charm bracelet with handmade Pokeball charms
The Pokeball charm bracelet my sister made me for my birthday.
A very yellow Pokemon box
A hand-painted Pokemon box that my sister also made me. She’s so talented!
A very chocolatey birthday cake
The birthday cake my mum made me, with every different Lindor truffle you can buy!

Well, that’s it for now! Hopefully I’ll get the rest of the London posts up soon! Happy November, everybody!

16 thoughts on “Life Catch-Up: Turning 25 and Getting Engaged

  1. Congratulations again on getting engaged Amy! It’s so lovely to read about how it all happened. I can’t imagine Tyrone ever being that organised haha!!!

    It sounds like you had a fantastic birthday week, on top of getting engaged. It’s a shame about your meal at Chiquito’s. It’s usually one of my favourite places to eat.

    If you’re sister doesn’t already have an Etsy shop she needs one! That bracelet is so cute! And your birthday cake looks insane.

  2. I find blog posts that are not scheduled more worthwhile to write because you don’t feel all of that pressure and all. Girl, you can do fancy pants flat lay pics too! It’s good that you had a great birthday celebration this year! That ice cream looks super lit.

    Your pumpkin turned out perfect!!! You got the skills ;). Congratulations on getting engaged! YAassss you got everything on video! I can imagine the rush of emotions you had when Andy proposed. Still, congrats to you two :).

    The Pokeball charm is super adorable! Hey, you can totally catch ’em all now!

  3. Happy belated birthday and congrats on getting engaged!~ Plus any gifts with Pokemon is the best birthday ever! One birthday, I did a whole Pokemon themed party and I even dressed up like Pikachu with the tail and ears. It was great!

  4. The blog is about you and your life and you have to want to do it. It is hard if you are lacking the motivation and interest and I guess that means that you do need to have some time and a break. When you’re in the mood for it, then it’s cool to have more posts. 😀 Just go with it and see what happens.

    The lamp is so cool. 😀 It would be fantastic if you shared your work as well. It wouldn’t be an easy task to stand up and read, but I am sure it would get easier with time. 😀

    Aww, I am really glad to hear that you had a good birthday and that things have changed over the years! I can remember that I felt awful when I tured 20, yet heading into 30 wasn’t that big a deal. xD

    Congratulations on the engagement! 😀 It’s wonderful that you have it on video.

    Happy belated birthday. <3

  5. I’m with you on the blogging for fun thing. I know for some people, scheduling works out really well for them, but for me, it adds a layer of unnecessary stress. I’d rather just post them as I want!

    Aahh, I love that No Face lamp! I’m a big fan of Spirited Away. I recently got a No Face coin bank, and I’m so obsessed with it. I also love that you chose Totoro for your pumpkin. So cute!

    Sounds like you had a great birthday week! Celebrating with food and shopping is a good way to do it. Your sister is so talented. The things she made you are adorable. I really like the Pokeball charm bracelet!

    Congratulations again on the engagement! I’m so happy and excited for you! That was thoughtful of Andy to pick your birthday and to get your parents involved. I know people like to ask about the wedding immediately after, but I think you should go at your own pace and enjoy your engagement! Happy (belated) birthday too!

  6. It’s hard keeping up with a blogging schedule at times, especially when life likes to hit you out of nowhere! That’s what has happened to me, and I’m just tired lately for other reasons! Just blog the way that’s comfortable for you 🙂

    Happy belated birthday to you! Having a positive outlook definitely helps for you mentally and physically. I am glad you had a better mindset for this birthday.

    All those food are looking good. The presents look amazing, too! And you did a great job on the pumpkin carving :3 It’s adorable! Much better than the typical pumpkin carving design!

    And congrats on your engagement! I am so happy for you two! ^_^

  7. Ahhhhhh CONGRATS! So exciting!!! What an amazing and memorable birthday. How sweet that he planned that all out too. Kudos to him!
    That veggie burger sounds incredible, I need some of that in my life ASAP. And your moms cake… EPIC.
    So glad that this birthday topped the other one that wasn’t so great. You sound so genuinely happy!

    Susie |

  8. Amy, Amy, AMY. I mean I’m pretty sure you know how I feel about this haha! I remember seeing it on Facebook when I was walking home in the dark and just screaming LOL. I got home was like OMG OMG and my parents were like “What’s wrong Pauline?” I was SO EXCITED HAHA. Congratulations to both of you! I’m sure that it must’ve been overwhelming and still a lot to process but big congrats, you two are a wonderful couple ^_^

    Don’t worry about not blogging – it’s completely fine to! This is your own space, you can do whatever you want! Don’t let a schedule stress you out or anything. Wow people reading out their work? That sounds so cool and definitely something I’d love to see from you one day! You’re a great writer!

    I love the Spirited away lamp! ITS SO CUTE T_T

  9. Congratulationssss!!! 😀 So exciting. I love how the guys half sabotage the proposal themselves by being so dodgey though! I’ve heard a lot of funny stories from friends about how they knew “something” was gonna happen because of the way their men were acting beforehand. Haha.
    Super exciting!
    But your birthday seemed like super awesome in general as well. Your sister is indeed super talented. Those poke-balls are so cute!

    And congrats on reading your work! I’m sure open mic presenter is right around the corner for you!! 🙂

  10. I’ve also considered doing schedules because I tend to “revamp” my blog every few months because there’s no coherent theme. I recently decided to write when I feel like writing, and it’s been such a relief. I’m not in it professionally, either. Your page, your rules 😉

    Happy belated birthday (that ice cream and cake looks amazing)! And also congratulations on your engagement! Such an exciting time of your life right now!

  11. First of all, happy birthday and congratulations on your engagement!!! That is very exciting news 🙂

    Also, that birthday cake looks delicious. We’re you all able to eat it all in one seating?

    I have tried having a blogging schedule before as well but ended up being more work than what I initially thought. So now, I just keep note of any blog ideas that’ll pop in my head so I won’t forget about them. And then, make a blog post about them later on.

  12. Ok, first of all, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT. Omg. 😮 I’m so happy for you and Andy.

    The pumpkin is adorable. You got skillz.

    It sounds like you had a lovely birthday. Me, I just stay at home for my birthday.

    Tell your mom I want her to bake me a cake. :p

  13. Oh my goodness, congratulations on your engagement! So cool. It seems like you had a lovely birthday. Btw, I LOVE your Totoro pumpkin 😀

  14. Congratulations!
    That’s such a fun story and I love how you knew something was going on. The video will be something to look back on years to come <3

    And belated many happy returns – it sounds like you had a lovely birthday. I hope the good ones keep coming for you

  15. I have been considering stopping my monthly posts because I also feel like I’m writing the same thing with “woah that month went by quickly”. :/ I think I started mine to be able to go through my achievements in a single month, but I often forgot what happened in the month… and I still forget, which is why I am trying to use bullet journalling as a better method of writing events that happen, including achievements.

    So glad to hear that you made more progress with cleaning your wardrobe! Over the past few years I have gotten rid of many large garbage bags’ worth of clothes, stuff I haven’t worn or even seen in years (just buried at the back of my wardrobe in my parents’ place, y’know). It feels really liberating! And it means space for some new clothes, too.

    The pumpkin carving looks amazing! You did an incredible job 😄

    I don’t think I ever properly congratulated you on your engagement, so congratulations Amy! I am really happy for you and Andy 😍 And yeah, nothing can really prepare you for a proposal haha. I kinda knew when Nick would propose to me and I kept kinda guessing or being prepared in my mind. When it actually happened I kinda knew as well, but I still burst into tears and was so overwhelmed. Like you picking up on the fact that your parents were in Leeds, I was also like, eh, Nick brought his tripod for the first time on this trip 👀👀

    I have our proposal on video as well, oh it’s very strange and funny to look back on LOL.

    I won’t ask any wedding questions though, you must seriously get enough of those or have had enough of those now. I do want to wish you all the best in that regard though, and if you do want any advice or suggestions then I don’t mind you asking 🙂 But yeah, people seem to want to know the next thing and I agree that it’s kind of crazy having other people “invested” in your relationship somewhat. 😆

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