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Life Catch-Up | The First Half of 2019

Me dressed as a Hufflepuff, holding a wand, in front of the YALC sign
Half dab, half spell-casting pose. Posing queen!

I’m not very good at blogging. Last month, I remembered I had a blog, started writing a (really weird) life catch-up post, then completely forgot I had a blog again. The main reason I actually remembered was because I recently had to update my SSL certificate, which, if you don’t know, involves hellish levels of cPanel usage and a process so confusing that I drink four cups of coffee just to get through it. My website is now secure though, so you can be safe in the knowledge that evil Internet robots won’t try to steal your soul while you’re here.


I thought it would be good to make my comeback post a life catch-up, to give you some idea where I’ve been. Kind of like when they used to do that ‘last time on’ bit on TV shows, but way less exciting. Grab a cup of tea, it’s gonna be a long one…

I met up with Holly and Pauline again
Two years after our first meet up, we got together in Leeds for food, wandered around the Corn Exchange (and Pauline’s favourite plant shop) and had a lovely time catching up. Here’s a picture of us under a fancy tree:

Me, Pauline and Holly under a fancy tree

I still can’t swallow properly
In my last life catch-up I mentioned the fact that my throat decided to be a dick (not literally) and stop the food going down properly. After six months of therapy, I can now swallow small bits of food very slowly, but don’t know if it’ll ever go back to “normal”. So if you see me nibbling at a pizza for seven hours, you know why.

I got my writing talked about in an article
A lecturer from my old university wrote an article about creative responses to the Middle Ages, and used my writing as one of his examples. After having a rubbish week, it really cheered me up to see my work being talked about, even if I did write it over five years ago! And my mum had to pretend to be proud of me, even though I swore in it. Sorry, Mum!

We bought a house!
If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that me and Andy bought a house earlier this year. We moved in back in March and are absolutely loving it so far. I’ll probably blog about the house-buying process at some point, because it was very confusing and weird, and I now know too much about landfill sites to not share it.

I went to Durham
And enjoyed a week of riverside walks, pretending to be Harry Potter at the Cathedral, and watching Andy get stung by bees in a hedge maze.

I went to YALC and LFCC
The Young Adult Literature Convention and London Film & Comic Con. I had an absolutely amazing time buying books, entering raffles and watching Andy queue to meet William Shatner. I also bought a lot of mystery boxes, which were actually quite good, and a large number of Pokemon badges from the 2000 series they did.

I fed a giraffe at Longleat
We were lucky enough to arrive at Longleat at giraffe feeding time, which meant I got to stand on a platform while a giraffe tried to tug a branch out of my hands. Giraffes are very strong. But very, very cute.

I watched a lot of TV
Sex Education, Umbrella Academy, Taskmaster, Sex Education again because it’s the best ever. Oh, and obviously the Game of Thrones finale. Even the last three episodes which we should all try and forget about.

FYI: Melisandre is my queen. Don’t @ me.

I watched Endgame
And it was just as epic as everyone said it was. I could say so many things about it, but I don’t want to spoil anything. If you haven’t seen it yet, go and watch it!

I saw Avenue Q again. Twice!
Avenue Q is a musical involving puppets, songs about porn, and me almost falling off my seat laughing. I went once with my best friends and again with my mum. Both times were brilliant!

I met Jon Richardson
This is a weird one. *clears throat*

Every year, there’s a cooking competition in the small town of Mytholmroyd, where contestants compete to see who can make the best dock pudding. Lost already? Same.

I actually had to research this before I went, because I’d never heard of a dock pudding. According to Wikipedia, dock pudding is a dish made from dock leaves, nettles, oatmeal and onions. Tasty, tasty nettles.

And, because I love Jon Richardson and my friends live in Mytholmroyd, I decided it would be fun to watch people frying nettles live on stage. For three whole hours. During which, Jon Richardson was in a completely different room tasting said nettles.

Luckily, after three hours of waiting, Jon Richardson announced the winner then stayed in the community centre to talk to people, and my friends dared me to come with them to talk to him. I don’t remember what we said to him, but I do remember that I went away with a photo in the worst outfit I’ve ever owned and should now probably burn.

Oh well. At least I now know what dock pudding is.

I saw Detective Pikachu
And it was the most wonderful film in the world. If you’ve been a fan of Pokemon since the early days, I’d definitely recommend it. There’s so much fan service, and you get to watch Loudred being the king of dubstep. What more could you want?

So that’s it! How has everyone been? I’m trying to get back into blogging more regularly again, so hopefully there won’t be a six month gap between this post and the next one. I feel like I’m actually finding a bit of balance between lazing around on the sofa and getting shit done now, which means I should be able to blog without getting myself too stressed over it. So, with that in mind, see you next week for my August goals!

Note: The previous sentence may be a lie… let’s see how it goes.

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