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Life Catch-Up: September

I’ve spent September trying to get used to Andy working until 8, and having to get used to cooking meals by myself. Which has involved a lot of me getting distracted by the TV and burning things. A lot of things. So far, I’ve over-cooked steak, ruined pasta by leaving it on too high a temperature, and almost set off all the smoke alarms from burning mushrooms. Mushrooms. Which I actually thought were impossible to fuck up.

So yeah, it’s been an experience. An experience where I’ve had to grit my teeth and eat a steak which is so charcoal-y it could make a disposable barbecue jealous. But, at least I’ve learned a lot of things. For instance, I’ve learned that almost cutting your fingers off is very good sign that you’re cutting the potatoes wrong. I’ve learned that it’s really difficult to remember that the oven is on without another human-being to remind you. And, most importantly, I’ve learned that, by cooking, I’m endangering myself and all the poor utensils around me. I should probably just order takeaways. Forever. Or at least until someone has invented me a robot boyfriend to remind me that the oven’s on.

The good news, however, is that Andy is now home every weekend and doesn’t ever have to work until 3am again. Which means co-dependent Amy doesn’t have to shake down the stairs holding a hairbrush, in the hope that it will scare the intruder. Usually, the intruder is the water pipes or people closing their car doors, or, one time, people singing at the pub. So not actually an intruder at all. But, at least Amy (the annoying woman writing this paragraph in the third person) doesn’t have to fight imaginary intruders with a hair brush anymore.

So far, we’ve spent the majority of our weekends in the house. With the curtains closed. Because it means we can watch Gilmore Girls without glare, and also means that we can be the mysterious neighbours who never open the curtains. Like a Boo Radley situation, except we occasionally venture outside for a Domino’s and toilet paper.

We’ve had Andy’s parents round for lunch this month, and my friends came round to mess about with Snapchat filters and “pee in my cupboard”, but, other than that, not much has been happening. I work, I burn things, I watch Gilmore Girls, attempt to diet, eat a donut and go to bed.

This is my "cupboard". It's actually a downstairs toilet and, no, we're not harboring Harry Potter.
This is my “cupboard”. It’s actually a downstairs toilet and, no, we’re not harboring Harry Potter.

I am very boring for someone in her early twenties. The only notable thing I’ve done, was writing this birthday invitation to my friends:

Some bits are blanked out. Because it's a secret.

Because everyone wants to think about childbirth when being invited to a party.

Fun-wise, I finally finished reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (which was awesome), read Holly Bourne’s latest Spinster Club novel (also awesome) and watched a lot of Gilmore Girls (because Andy needs to see it, so I can reveal important spoilers to him about characters he actually recognises). I’ve also spent an embarrassing amount of money on Pokemon cards, especially considering I’m well over the age of 10. But, when I can’t afford a mortgage, at least I’ll have a shiny Yveltal.

Pokemon cards!
Pokemon cards!

So that’s it. I’ve also been half-planning the giveaway that I promised to do on here, I just need to look up who I can legally post what to without causing an international catastrophe. So look out for that.

How has your month been?

8 thoughts on “Life Catch-Up: September

  1. It’s been better, by far, though I’ve had some hiccups with my insurance company and whatnot, but I’m getting better slowly but surely. It’s been a process that I’m willing to make and my husband got Stepmania to work for me and I’m happy. I pass the time playing that a lot, and school has been going great <3

  2. Yike! I mean, it’s good you’ve been cooking, but it seems like quite an adventure! I’ve had some bad cooking moments, so you’re not alone XD;; At least you’re learning 🙂

    Your birthday invite cracked me up. Yeah, don’t think your mum can change the day of your birth that easily. XD

    You’re not boring at all. There’s nothing wrong with hiding away from people over the weekend. It’s just our time to relax ^^

  3. I totally feel you Amy – I’m a terrible cook! I remember attempting to be all independent and cook my own meals earlier last year and it always led to the smoke alarm going off and pasta somehow getting stuck to the cooking pot so I’d scrap it off and only have destroyed pasta for dinner, rather than the round Italian restaurant looking ones! xD

    I’m exactly like you, I prefer to just stay home on weekends, I’m not very exciting either 😉 Woo go us!

    “I work, I burn things, I watch Gilmore Girls, attempt to diet, eat a donut and go to bed.” AHAHA, cracked me up!

  4. Even though you bumped into some cooking woes, they’re good lessons to learn so you can be a master chef next time! When I first started cooking meals, I ran into similar events where I overcooked a seemingly simple dish or let the oil burn (whoops). I’m the type who likes to hang around at home during the weekends (unless I am feeling adventurous XD).

    Your birthday invitation title sounds unique XD. Hope the party will have a good turnout!

    I’ve always wondered how Pokemon cards are supposed to be used and played. I just love collecting them as a kid because they looked cute XD.

    September was a great month! Hope your October is great~

  5. I’m so paranoid about accidentally leaving the oven and stove on! I check them, even if I haven’t used them that day. It’s a weird but helpful habit I guess!

    That’s great that Andy is home every weekend now, and you guys can spend time together 🙂 My favorite are lazy weekends with my husband. Plus, he usually does the cooking, so that’s a plus too 😉

    haha, I like your birthday invitation. I used to play Pokemon cards when I was younger! I liked it a lot, especially after I got tired of Magic. I haven’t played it in yearssss though, and I kind of miss it.

    My September has been really busy! I’m glad it’s October now!

  6. I can see myself in the kitchen wheb I’m reading your blog. Here’s a tip: set an alarm. I usually set an alarm every 10 minutes because I totally forget about the food. Also it’s really embarrasing because I live alone for 3 years and I only know how to cook 3 kinds of meals. They are very good, but I should be able to do more. I usually cook when I have no other choice(because I can’t afford to order every single day). That reminds me…I have to cook these days :(. I hate it.

    My life isn’t interesting also, so don’t worry. I prefer to stay inside and watch movies and juat relax. Life can be overwhelming sometimes.

    I was hoping you have a Harry Potter under your stairs. You could be beat friends 😀

  7. I am not going to lie; my heart physically hurt when you said you over-cooked steak. But it’s okay – it’s fine – practice makes perfect!

    Love the birthday invitation! Would love for you to write mine, haha. I love melodramatic you are re: coffee being your only sustenance. I’m going to start saying that at work, now. I need to finish Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!

    My month was pretty good, albeit when way too quickly. Can’t believe it is October already! Wtf.

  8. This post made me laugh, but I can totally relate. Andrew just started working nights, so it’s been odd cooking dinner for just myself now because I usually can’t get it all done before he leaves in the evening. It’s also been a bit odd sleeping on my own! But I’m adjusting.

    We’re pretty lazy on the weekends too, since we don’t get to see each other a ton during the week because of the opposite hours. I love love love Gilmore Girls, so I love that you’re watching it! Is the first time you’re watching it through? I’m super excited about the new bit that’s going to be coming out on Netflix next month. I’m considering having a watch party! XD

    September kind of flew by for me with starting the new job, but it’s been good! It’s been good working again and getting in the groove of things once more!

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