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Life Catch-Up: My Birthday and October

I haven’t done a life catch-up in a while. Because usually nothing happens. Unless you’re interested in stories of me doing three loads of washing in one day and therefore feeling like a superhero?

Didn’t think so.

But the past couple of weeks have actually been pretty busy. I turned 24, went out a couple of times and celebrated Halloween. I’ve had lots of chocolate and cake, failed my diet (hahaha) and realised that my boobs now make every single thing I try on look too slutty to wear in front of my family members. But I’ve been having a lot of fun lately, despite my outfit-ruining boobs. Anyway…

Two weeks ago, I took my friend to see The Ladyboys of Bangkok, because I’m an excellent friend. We went to the late (9pm) showing, which is exactly the same as the 7pm showing except the audience are really, really, really drunk. One girl tried to climb on the podium with one of the performers, then refused to get down when the bouncer came for her. It was funny to start with, then it got incredibly awkward. Despite a few idiots, it was a good laugh, and I thankfully didn’t get dragged onto the stage to dance.

Last weekend was spent doing lots of Halloween stuff. I made buns with my family on Friday (mine were definitely not Instagram-worthy), then we went to a Halloween party on Saturday night. I went as a sugar skull (see the photo above) and we spent the night dancing and eating and dancing. Andy taught my auntie how to do “cool” dance moves, so she now knows how to “get her guns out” and do the running man. The only downside was getting my dry-clean only jacket covered in beer, which means I’m going to have to pay to get it professionally cleaned. Or I can smell like beer forever, which might not be such a bad thing.

Last Sunday, I went to my parents for a birthday takeaway. My sister gave me all my presents early, including the loveliest Tofu Cute lucky bag. I got these beauties inside:


So cute!

She also bought me insulting amounts of hand-wash. Do I really smell that bad?

My Mum and Dad gave me my birthday money early so I could spend it on my pre-birthday shopping trip! BUY ALL THE THINGS!

Yeah, Monday involved a lot of shopping. Andy took me to Pandora and let me choose a few things, and I ended up with a beautiful silver bracelet, a black leather bracelet, two charms and a ring. I also spent my birthday money from my parents on books, a bear mug and a weekly planner (I know, I’m boring). Then I made Andy wait for an hour in New Look while I decided what to buy. I ended up with a pair of dark grey, skinny jeggings, a top, some amazing boots and some earrings. Andy ended up confused about why it took me so long to choose such a small selection of plain clothes. Oops.

On Monday evening, my sister came round and we carved this pumpkin:


Nearly cut my hand multiple times, but it was worth it. And, I don’t care what anyone says, there’s nothing classier than a Koffing sitting on a Domino’s pizza box.

Tuesday was my actual birthday, which involved my family bringing round lots of chocolate and cake. In the evening I went to the pub with a few friends, where I was given a plastic tiara and some helium-filled balloons to wear. Because there is absolutely no shame in sitting in your local with a load of balloons attached to your head…

Obviously, the helium ended up being used childishly, with a few of my friends breathing it in so they could sing Stayin’ Alive effectively. And I ended up violently smashing the chocolate shell on my cake with a spoon, and making a huge mess on the table:

Smash cake

Stay classy, guys. Someone has to be!

On Wednesday evening I went to see Doctor Strange, which I really loved. I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as good as it was, despite Benedict Cumberbatch’s weird American accent. Definitely one of the best films that Marvel have done!

In other news, my iPhone 6S decided to break recently, so while it’s being repaired I’ve been given a replacement. A replacement with no Internet, a screen smaller than a postage stamp and a ringtone that would make your uncool Grandma cry. Which explains why I’ve not been doing my usual “blog-hopping on the bus” thing. I should hopefully have it back on Tuesday, but Carphone Warehouse can’t seem to find what’s wrong with it, so who knows. Maybe I’ll be playing Snake on my old-fashioned phone for a while…

How has your month been?

10 thoughts on “Life Catch-Up: My Birthday and October

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a busy last few weeks! It seems much more exciting than the run up to my birthday which involves eating food with a friend who has to catch a train home in 40 mins haha – having a birthday in June isn’t the best especially in terms of celebrations with friends haha! But Happy belated birthday – sounds like you’ve been spoilt with chocolates, food and drinks 😉 Woo! Hahaha, I love the cake, bet it was lovely despite smashing the chocolate shell 😉

    I’m sorry to hear about your iPhone :/ I don’t think I’d last as long as you without a phone because it’s my card, bus pass and music player to ignore everyone on the way to work so T_T I do love snake though – I got way too competitive at it when I was younger xD I. MUST. HAVE. THE. LONGEST. SNAKE. GAHHH.

    Thank you for sharing your photos – looks like you had great fun! I love your presents and Halloween costume! 😛

  2. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had an enjoyable time. I always found chocolate and cake forgivable when it’s for a birthday as the occasion ;). Drunk people can be hilarious sometimes. You got some cute gifts! Andy is too sweet for getting you the Pandora bracelets. It’s awesome when you get a new charm to add on :).

    The pumpkin looks too cute. This is my first time seeing a Koffing pumpkin XD. Doctor Strange was a pretty good movie- I was expecting less. Hope you’ll get the replacement soon!

    My month has been busy so far, aha 🙂

  3. Happy belated birthday! I love all your cool presents that you’ve gotten.

    This reminds me, when you stated your sister bought you a bunch of lotion…reading that line/sentence triggered a memory from quite some time ago Christmas when I celebrated it with my step family. Some of the stocking stuffers were things like hand sanitizer, lip balm, small lotions, and other things. I made a crack/joke and said “Are you guys trying to tell me something? Do I really smell that bad?” Of course, I don’t. Haha, it was just pretty weird seeing all those things, but I understood why they got them (there were teenagers in the house).

    I have yet to see any of the new movies, yes I know I’m lame. I don’t know if I am going to see Doctor Strange or not because I rather dislike Benedict Cumberbatch’s American accent. He’s hot, don’t get me wrong, but I dislike his other accents that aren’t of his own.

    I, too, have to replace my phone that I just purchased. My boyfriend Tristan purchased the Galaxy S7 Note for me and then the recall happened. I’m still waiting for the iphone 7 plus phones to be back in stock so I can replace it. Thanks Android for producing a killer phone and battery…

  4. Happy belated birthday Amy! Sounds like you had an amazing time. Those stuffed animals are adorable, as is the pumpkin. That cake looks chocolate-ly-delightful 🙂
    It’s too bad that your phone is broken. Did you get it back since it’s Wednesday now?

  5. Happy (belated) birthday! Sounds like you did a lot of fun stuff! The plushies you got in the Tofu Cute bag are sooo cute. I actually would be happy if I got a lot of hand wash, haha. We always go through them faster than we expect, so I guess it’s a practical gift 🙂 Also yay for birthday money so you could have a shopping day, and your cake looks delicious!

    I love your Halloween costume and face paint! I also like that you chose Koffing for your pumpkin. I feel like he’s very fitting for it 🙂

    I saw Dr. Strange just yesterday and liked it too! It was better than I expected, and I can’t wait to see him included into the other Marvel movies. That sucks about your phone though 🙁 I’m constantly running out of space on my iPhone 5S, so I think it’s about time I upgraded. I hope you get your phone back soon!

  6. Happy belated birthday, Amy! Sounds like you had a wonderful (and busy) time the past couple of weeks. I am loving all the gifts you received 😀 I especially love the Pandora bracelet you received! And all those snacks and sweets — yum! Speaking of yum, your cake looks amazing. I love how you were able to attack the chocolate shell 😀 There’s no better way to eat it!

    Sucks your iPhone 6s broke, though! I hope it will be fixed and returned to you. The replacement they gave you in the meantime sounds super old-school! I would not want to return to that!

  7. despite my outfit-ruining boobs – LMAO the feels on this. I SSSOO understand. I wear a lot of higher up tank tops to try not to look so slutty.

    OMG Those are so cute! AAWWW the handwash part though, lol.

    I haven’t made a Halloween pumpkin in probably 6 years. 0_0 It is too much work.

    Sounds like you had a lovely time. 🙂

  8. Happy belated birthday! I’ve never been inside a Pandora because I know I’d want everything, I’m glad you got so many amazing things!
    New Look boots are always nice – what are yours like?
    Pumkoffing is amazing! He looks so proud sitting on the Domino’s box – you did a great job!
    Using helium to sing The Bee-gees is a great use of time! I’d have probably done the same to be honest. I hope you get your phone back soon, fingers crossed!

  9. Happy belated birthday! 🙂 Sounds like you were spoiled really good. 😄 Boys will never understand why girls take so long to shop. But I get embarrassed when I spend a lot of time in one shop and then only come out with a few things. I sorta feel like I wasted my time, haha.

    I recently bought a new Pandora bracelet as well. I had a bangle but it got annoying when the charms moved around on it. Now I have a bracelet that will keep things still!

    I am sorry to hear about your jacket, hope that beer smell goes away! I had a leather bag that I liked a lot then one day I left it on the floor at a bar and got vodka all over it. Gave up on it after that. 😆

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