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Life Catch-Up: May 2017

Sushi-making fun
I attempted to make sushi this month. Andy helped, because I’m terrible at understanding instructions. Surprisingly, it went well!

I’ve opened and closed my dashboard so many times this past couple of weeks. It’s been a mixture of lack of time and just not having enough inspiration to write a post.

I’d planned to write a post on Tuesday evening, but, after hearing about the attack on Manchester, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I couldn’t bring myself to write about my favourite books with something so horrible happening so close, in a place that means so much to me.

And, as well as all that, I just haven’t been into blogging lately. I haven’t been excited about any content ideas, and I haven’t really wanted to be online. Up until this morning, I seriously considered taking a month off so I could get myself back into the swing of things. But then I saw Pauline’s Tweet about how happy she was to be ahead with her blog, and it just made me want to be back on here, writing again. So thanks Pauline, for being inspirational as always.

So here I am, and here’s a rambly, unorganised, unplanned Life Catch-Up.

May feels like it’s gone by in a flash. It started with a huge budget plan, because I had to sort out Andy’s birthday things, while trying to save money for Scotland. I managed to budget the birthday, but, a few days later, we both went into the “fuck it” mentality and dipped into our savings to book another holiday. Oh well, I might be a failure at saving this month, but at least I get to do all the things in London in September. I can’t wait!

Andy’s birthday was great by the way. I took him out for a meal at Gigi’s (our fave Italian restaurant) and we gorged on more starters than any person should ever eat in one sitting. Then, the day after, we went out for cake and a carvery with his parents. I also bought him this fabulous cake, which you might have seen on Instagram:

Andy's Justice League birthday cake
The best cake ever!

You’ve probably already guessed, but the diet has not gone well this month. Let’s not talk about it. The scales are being actively avoided until I can remember what vegetables taste like.

The rest of the month has involved sorting out my parents’ house. When I moved out two years ago, I left the majority of my things there, because we were moving into the tiniest flat in the world and I didn’t want Andy to have to shuffle between masses of bookcases. So, for the sanity of my parents and to assist my bank account, I’ve been sticking a lot of stuff on Ebay and sending some to the charity shop. Thanks to past Amy buying large amounts of utter shit, I’m still nowhere near done, but I’ve made a good start. Hopefully I’ll be fully “moved out” by the end of the year!

Tomorrow, I start work at a new office. I still have the same job, but they’ve moved us to a different building, so it’ll probably feel like starting all over again. I’m already stressing about finding the building and, most importantly, the kitchen. Tea is important, guys. Never forget it!

Things I Learned In May

  • How to hide from the bathroom scales.
  • T-Shirt dresses are the most wonderful thing invented ever.
  • I’m rubbish at bowling. Unless the ball is supposed to go in the gutter every other turn.
  • Why resizing images is important.
  • A screenshot of part of an image of Pikachu, used on my previous blog post. I shouldn't be so lazy when it comes to images!
    Like, WTF is this?!

Music of May

Stormzy – Big For Your Boots
Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee – Despacito Ft. Justin Bieber
Kate Nash – Agenda
Jason Webley – Dance While the Sky Crashes Down

Reviewing my May Goals

I’ll be honest, I forgot about most of these. Oops.

1. Write something every day.

2. Sort out the drawers next to my bed
Somehow YES!

3. Re-plot my novel
Sadly not.

4. Complete Pokemon Moon
I moved my 3DS next to my bed. Does that count?

Goals for June

I’m only making one goal for June, because it’s a big one…

Organise Mamyology
This is something I’ve been putting off for ages, but after seeing how atrocious my images look, I decided it was time. So in June I’ll be having dedicated “blog tidy” days. Bring it on!

May in Figures

Weight lost: I’ve intentionally lost my scales. Ask again later.
Books read: 2
Exercise done: Bowling very badly.
Blogs posted: 3
Money saved: £304 but I’ve “borrowed” some so technically it’s being saved by a hotel in London.

How was your month?

17 thoughts on “Life Catch-Up: May 2017

  1. My month is fine. Just a lot of ups and downs and managed to be in my aunt’s wedding and am glad the month is nearly over since my birthday is coming up in August which is 2 months off now 😀

    Glad Andy had a great birthday! <3

  2. Pauline is a great inspiration. I am glad that she got you going with this blog post :). That “f it” mentality is pretty dangerous! I’ve done it so many times that I ended up spending too. much. money. @___@. Ok, I will be better at saving $$$ someday XD.

    Happy belated birthday to Andy! I think I like the idea of cupcakes being a “cake”. It’s cleaner and can always look nice! Hope you’ll enjoy your new office building! This reminds me, there was a client’s office I’ve been to that has a bunch of mini kitchens. It takes about 45 secs to go between each one XD.

    I’ve been reorganizing my blog. I have so much stuff on it that I’m doing it in increments. You got this!

    Have a great June!

  3. Happy belated birthday to Andy!

    Sometimes I lose motivation to blog and even want to get a new domain name for a change to blog more. It’s amazing how I used my current domain name for 9 years and still don’t feel the need to change.

  4. That cake looks like the (especially now that I have Wonder Woman feels!).

    I totally hear you when it comes to life passing by you in a blur. In a way, it feels like the whole mentality that “the days are long, but the years are short”. At least you’ve got some fun plans in store for September!

  5. Yeah, I’ve been feeling the same way with blogging — not having enough time and not having the right drive. I sort of took a break from it and I feel a lot better. Sorry to hear about the shitty night you had with the screening :/ Not sure what happened, but it sounds like a pretty bad experience!

    Yay for the birthday meal at Gigi’s. Appetisers are one of my favourite things with Italian food, so I don’t blame you guys for eating all that 🙂 The cake you bought for Andy is amazing!

    I hope your new office building is good 🙂 We moved in April, and I can’t say I like our current space much, but it is much closer to everything else!

    I hope you’ll have a good June!

  6. I too have had a rough month of May all around, so I understand. It seems like life is passing me by too, but I made a point to stop and smell the flowers(or mesquite and dust here anyways)

    I’ve just felt down these last few weeks, but determined to get myself out of it. I also let my diet go off the seep end for a couple of weeks, and really need to get back to watching what I put in my mouth >.>
    Hubby is suggesting an organic, no fast food at all week, and I’m like I’ll try I suppose but might epically fail, lol.

    One thing you should be proud of is that badass birthday cake! It looks amazing! And I’m sure a LOT of fun was had.

  7. I think a lot of people are losing blogging inspiration recently, I’ve seen so many people on Twitter discussing it. I’m glad you got your inspiration back thanks to Pauline!

    What an amazing birthday cake! I keep ruining my diet with cake and biscuits…can’t resist dunking a chocolate digestive into a cuppa. I’m glad Andy had a great birthday!

    I’ve started putting things on eBay from my flat so I can take stuff out of my mum’s. She got a loft full of Harry Potter stuff I can’t throw away so I’m trying to take it off her bit by bit. Fingers crossed! Happy to hear you’ve made a good start, it can be a daunting process, I know.

    Good luck with your blog clean up days! =]

  8. HAHA “I moved my 3DS next to my bed. Does that count?”

    That is an awesome cake – is that one big cupcake with little cupcakes? And wowww unwrapped sushi, that looks so good!

    I moved out of my parent’s house a while ago, but because I was only half an hour away in the city I was able to take maybe 1/4 of my stuff there and leave the rest in my childhood bedroom for later. However now that I moved 6 hours away (by plane!) everything I own is pretty much gonna take on dust! It’s a good idea to give away your things. 🙂

    Happy June now! My May was great, with my trip back home to graduate from university. 😛

  9. Oh Amy, haha. I love your blog and your writing! I’m so sorry your Rocky Horror night ended badly :/ I also feel you when it comes to losing inspiration when it comes to blogging. I feel that way lately too! Maybe it’s something in the air?

    The cake looks awesome! Batman is awesome (comic-wise) and Wonder Woman is awesome all around.

  10. I feel you with being uninspired to blog a lot lately. Mine is not getting updated as much as I would like it to be. orz Mostly just because not much is going on in my life to blog about, haha.
    Those look like Yummy cupcakes hehe
    I hope things start to look up for you. Sorry that your outing ended up bad, that is always a bummer. ♥

  11. You mean the balls not supposed to end up in the gutter!? 🙁 I’m a terrible bowler too.

    That birthday cake and the cupcakes are amazing? Where did you get it / who made it? My partner is a huge fan of The Flash. I’ve never tried sushi but love making stuff at home, good for you for trying to make something new. 🙂

    I moved out of my parents house in 2012 and a lot of my stuff is boxed up in their loft! I really need to go through it, keep, sell or donate. … I’ve been saying this for years! How did you get motivated to tackle it?

    Good luck with your blog tidy this month.

  12. Sometimes seeing other people excited about blogging makes me more excited for blogging. Today I sat down and wrote three blog posts, and I actually feel organised for the first time in months. I think I’m getting my mojo back.

    Every time I go back to Shropshire my mum reminds me that I had a bedroom full of stuff that needs to go before they downsize (they’ve been threatening to downsize for the last 5 years!). But I just don’t have the space at the moment. I’ll sort it out when I buy a house!

    “it’s being saved by a hotel in London” haha love it! I hope you have a lovely time in London.

  13. Sometimes it can be hard to find something to blog about, or even just the motivation to do it. Maybe the fact you are spending some time this month to make some updates to it might make you feel more connected? 🙂

    That cake is brilliant! 😀

    I’m sure that you will find the scales again and won’t feel daunted to face them! 😀

  14. I feel you on not being into blogging. I felt that way before taking a break for cosplay, and now I feel refreshed. Pauline is definitely inspiring though, and I’m glad she made you want to write again!

    Oohh, that’s exciting that you’re taking a trip to London in September! I’d also like to visit Scotland some time because it looks beautiful there.

    I’m glad Andy had a great birthday! I love the super hero theme for his cake, haha. I also have a lot of things still at my parents’ house, and I’m still trying to sort through all the crap I have in my own house. We’ve been making so many donation and trash/recycle piles lately. I’m annoyed at my past self for keeping so many things!

  15. Each day is a new day to start towards your goals. Good job with getting rid of useless junk! I hate having all this “stuff” but it feels like trying to sell it would be too difficult. Some days I just want to get rid of everything I have to reduce the clutter. It doesn’t help that I have a boyfriend who doesn’t believe in getting rid of things that are no longer used because maybe one day he’ll want them.

  16. I’m glad Andy had a lovely birthday and was spoiled 😄

    I moved out about 7-8 months ago. My parents still kept a lot of stuff in my room, and even so, I don’t think they’ve so much as touched my room. :/ I told my mum that anything I left, she could donate or give away. We also moved into a tiny apartment and I had so much stuff I didn’t want to take and that I knew would not fit. Our wardrobe in particular is very tiny, so I had to pare down my clothing as I went. I was taking it in bags, little by little, often bringing it with me to work, and then staying at my apartment, then going back to my parents’ a couple days later. I didn’t want to pay for a rental van or drive (cos it was probably not gonna fit in my car HAHA). I think having a smaller place and less storage helped me downsize my stuff (and you know how keen I am on minimalism). I think it’s good that you started getting rid of some of your old stuff! 👌

    Tea is DEFINITELY IMPORTANT! I always need to know where the hot water tap is when I start at a new office. I am sure you didn’t have a problem with the move, usually you get used to new office spaces fairly quickly hehe.

    I like the idea of “blog tidy” days. I’ve never had any dedicated days, usually I let the shit pile up until I decide to do something about it. I had 400+ broken links and images on my blog for almost two years, and one weekend this year, I decided to finally do something about it. Haha. Sometimes it’ll just hit you and you will suddenly feel like doing something as boring as editing your categories. 😆

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