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Life Catch-Up: March 2017

It’s somehow April. What?! How did this happen?! I’m sure we can’t have had three whole months of 2017 yet, can we?!

Anyway, here’s a review of March, since today’s date isn’t an April fool…

Things that happened in March

I went to Liverpool Comic Con, dyed my hair red and had some lovely relaxing weekends with my family. I went to the dentist on my own, spent 10 days sewing leaves onto my Poison Ivy costume and ate out way too much. I had a minor ‘omg I’m rubbish at writing and my job and everything’ blip a couple of weeks ago, but I pushed past it and began working harder to be more creative. I started re-learning HTML, started drawing again and finally managed to organise my jewellery box and get rid of the stuff I never wear.

Things I learned in March

  • Taking lots of photos really drains your phone battery.
  • Semi-permanent red hair dye will make every shower look like a horror film.
  • If you pull a weird face in a photo, your friend will zoom in and send you a huge and terrifying photo of your weird face.
  • After sewing thousands of leaves onto a costume, you’ll never want to see a leaf again.
  • How to use HTML to make text reverse. Because those are skills you need in life.

Music of March

  • Die Antwoord – Enter the Ninja
  • Die Antwoord – Baby’s on Fire
  • Steve Aoki – Boneless
  • Fall Out Boy – Centuries

Working on my goals

Saving Money
I started the month by buying a monthly bus pass, which works out so much cheaper than the weekly tickets I’ve been buying. I also sold my car (which I hadn’t used in almost three years), sold my old laptops and worked on decreasing our monthly food bill.

Dieting took a backseat this month because of Comic Con costume stress, going out and people buying us Easter chocolate. I didn’t keep a food diary, didn’t plan any meals and ate as much cake and chocolate as I liked. Hopefully next month will be a lot better!

What is exercise, again?!

Goals for April

1. Do significant work on the novel I started last year through NaNoWriMo.
Last April I took part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) where you are challenged to write 50,000 words in one month. I was going to attempt it again this month, however, I haven’t had time to fully plan anything, because I kept getting distracted by what I wrote last year. Weirdly, despite feeling like I was struggling through chapters last year, it’s actually quite good, and re-reading it made me so excited about the plot and characters that I felt I had to go back to it. So that’s what this month’s going to be about. Editing, writing, re-writing and refining the plot. And I’ll be doing NaNoWriMo in July instead, hopefully. When I’ve got a new plot that I’m as excited about.

2. Write something every day.
Whether this is a blog post, short story, poem or part of my novel.

3. Blog 8 times
I’ve got so many post ideas, which I’m determined to write up this month!

4. Read 4 books
While I hate reading goals, my to-read pile is huge, so I’m challenging myself to read one book a week this month. Under the condition that I don’t rush any of the books. Hopefully making this goal will force me to make more time for reading and spend less time mindlessly scrolling through Facebook.

March in Figures

Weight lost: 5lbs.
Books read: 1 (but I did read about 70 comics)
Exercise done: Hahahahahahahaha.
Blogs posted: 4
Money saved: £520

How was your month?

23 thoughts on “Life Catch-Up: March 2017

  1. Congrats on your weight loss goal! Yeah, it seems like April is here and March just zipped on by. Funny as we get older, days get faster. I agree with you on the photo taking. It really does drain on the battery. Good luck in April~ May you reach all your goals and aspirations!

  2. Sounds like a great month to me.
    My TBR pile is getting huge too! I need to tackle this and stop adding to it. I can’t help myself sometimes. >.<

    Here's to a new month!

  3. Semi-permanent red hair dye will make every shower look like a horror film. – LMAO so true. orz I use to dye my hair red a lot before I went black and it was crazy how red everything got.
    Exercise, what is that? *whistles* I’ve been very bad. orz
    Good luck with all your goals!

  4. Haha, as someone who always dyes her hair red I’ve encountered bloodbaths (pun intended). It’s worse with semi-perm unusual colors, they will stain everything you own.

    My friends LOVE zooming in on funny faces and sending just that to people. HA!

    Good luck on NaNoWriMo! Make that your daily assignment and you should have that goal down. ;P Blogging 8 times sounds a lot harder than it looks! Hope to see it here though! I like blogging often, even though I don’t do it … hehe.

  5. The older we get, the faster time flies. Glad to hear that March was a good month, overall. I feel like it’s normal to have some doubt in ourselves. As long as we get up and remember that we’re better than we think, it’s all good. Taking lots of pictures definitely drains the battery life. Videos – even more! It’s good that you sold some things you don’t use anymore. Less junk and more cash in pocket :).

    Good luck with your goals for April! 8 is definitely a good goal (double than mine XD).

    1. I’m so glad I didn’t take any videos in York! The photos killed my phone!

      As you can probably see, the blogging goal is not going well!

  6. I’m sorry to hear about that little blip, I think we all get it – I know it happens to me at least once a month, haha but I always focus on my talents and think back at the times e.g. interviews I had and what I learnt from them and successfully securing a job I didn’t think I would get! Always take some time to focus on how freaking awesome you are <3

    Hahahaha, "If you pull a weird face in a photo, your friend will zoom in and send you a huge and terrifying photo of your weird face." I learnt this the hard way too, totally feel ya. xD

    I love the working on my goals section of your round=ups, I love reading about how youre getting on. Congrats on your weight loss – don't worry if you forget how to exercise, you can remember how to again TOMORROW!! <3

    1. Thank you! I think I need to start doing that whenever things don’t go my way. I definitely need to be more positive!

  7. Sounds like you had some fun events in March! That’s too bad about the blip you had, but I’m glad you got over it. I can relate though. I’ve definitely had my moments where I felt I wasn’t good at anything, and I have to remind myself that it’s not about comparing myself to others.

    Every time I get my hair dyed red, I’m kind of horrified at the red water that comes out when I wash my hair. It’s not a very pretty sight!

    Nice job on your saving money goal! It looks like you made good progress on that one. Even though dieting took a backseat, I think that’s great that you still lost weight. Good luck on your April goals too!

  8. I’m still here scratching my head as to how it became April so fast!

    I’m definitely going to Comic Con in May. I’ll be a steward, so I don’t think I’ll be dressing up this year but I will be sure to take loads of photos! Am so excited 😀

    I went to the gym for the first time in months and I thought I was going to die. I always have an exsitential crisis when I go to the gym and it’s been ages! Haha.

    Good luck with your goals for April! Geddit, girl <3

    1. I’d love to go to London Comic Con again. Hope you have an amazing time being a steward – I bet it’s so much fun!

  9. LOL “Semi-permanent red hair dye will make every shower look like a horror film.” Oh Amy, haha. I love reading your posts because I’m always grinning at one point or another by your sense of humor.

    Good luck on your April goals! I like reading your life catch-up posts because you can see how much you’ve done in the past month and how much (even those small steps) that you’ve accomplished. Also wow 70 comics! That’s a lot. What kind of comics do you read? I’ve been reading the Teen Titan comics (because Damian) but do you have any particular favorites that you would recommend?

    1. Thank you, Rezina!

      I read so many comics, usually Marvel, but a couple of DC and indies too. My favourites at the moment are Ms Marvel, Vision, Jessica Jones, The Orphan Black and everything Deadpool related. There’s also loads of cool X-Men titles coming up. So I’d recommend any of those!

  10. 5lbs is a great loss! Considering you haven’t been tracking much and all the chocolate. I’ve had a bad month weight loss wise and can’t remember the last time I tracked :-/ … probably at the beginning of March!
    Exercise has been good though, I started running a few weeks ago and have been keeping it up. I’m running 4 times a week at moment between 1km – 3km each run. I’ve also upped my water intake.

  11. Cleaning out jewellery sounds like something I used to do all too often 😆 I do it less often now since I buy less. I’ve tried to purchase pieces that will last me a long time and more “classic” pieces, too, so I’m not wasting my money on stuff that will tarnish. Either way, cleaning out stuff you don’t wear or use is always a load off your shoulders!

    When I used to dye my hair red I used a permanent dye for dark hair and I actually didn’t have the issue with it coming off in the shower. HOWEVER, when I coloured my hair purple, first two washes the whole lot pretty much went down the drain 😢 I think it either depends on the dye or the colour of your natural hair. I had a friend who coloured her hair pink and said it was always all over her pillow at night… 😅 But yeah, I definitely remember what it was like after I coloured my hair a few times myself and washed my hair immediately afterwards. I forgot that the dye can run so I’d be like OH!! WHY IS THE WATER BLACK/RED/PINK/etc. LOL.

    We actually don’t pay a lot of attention to our monthly food bill but we do eat out a lot at restaurants… something we could do less of. It’s always surprising how much it adds up. Groceries though, we haven’t at all tried budgeting yet, but I am guilty of putting expensive blueberries and raspberries into our shopping basket… groceries are such a necessity though!

    I actually tried to keep a food diary once but I got bored and bothered by it. At the time I did not know much about nutrition and healthy snacks. About two months ago I added more healthy snacks into my diet (celery and hummus, avocado on rice cakes) and I started by having that as a snack at the same time every day. Same thing, every day. I feel like I kept up with it better compared to a food log. (Also because if I logged that, it would just be writing the same thing over and over lol.) Just a suggestion that adding something small and healthy to your diet as a regular thing and with the intention of making it a habit might be helpful for you if you aren’t finding that the food log is being updated.

    I have a little reading list but I don’t have any goals for it… it’s just books I plan to read at some time. I should get around to that. 😛

    1. The healthy snack thing is a great idea! I found writing a foodlog so difficult and time-consuming, and I also found that it didn’t really improve anything. Definitely going to try it!

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