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Life Catch-Up: July 2017

Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester
A really terrible and miserable photo I took of Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester #HireMe

So much happened in July. I did so many things and so saw many people that I barely had time to sit down and drink a cup of 1A tea (see link for details). I worked myself ridiculously hard, spent way too much money and ate way too much as usual. I didn’t achieve everything I wanted to, left the ironing to pile up in the spare room, and did a really bad job of keeping the house tidy. But, all in all, it was an amazing month and I feel very lucky to have had such lovely experiences.

Here’s a little break down of what July was like for me. Enjoy!


Things that Happened in July

  • Went for a meal in town for my friend’s birthday, which involved eating way too much mac ‘n’ cheese and watching my friend attempt to climb a tree for a beer. Unfortunately, she was unsuccessful and had to be rescued by Andy!
  • Went to Handmade Burger Company with Andy for another falafel burger. They’re so good!
  • Had my first cervical screening and didn’t freak out or cry or anything. Definitely wasn’t worth worrying about!
  • Andy left me for three days to see the Grand Prix at Silverstone, so I got to enjoy some time to myself. Unfortunately, I ended up using the majority of this time to catch-up on things I needed to do, but it was still nice.
  • Had a brilliant day at Hyper Japan festival with my friend Becky and her friend Andy. I spent so much money, but it was so worth it!
  • Got my PC replaced with a Mac at work, which means I now press all the wrong buttons on my own laptop. Function + backspace does nothing on a Lenovo.
  • Had an amazing day with Holly and Pauline in Manchester. Read all about it here!


Music of July

July’s musical choices mainly stem from seeing REOL live at Hyper Japan. They were absolutely amazing and I’m definitely a bit obsessed with their music at the moment!

  • REOL – Give Me a Break Stop Now
  • REOL – OedoRanvu
  • REOL – Hibikase
  • REOL – Yoiyoi Kokon
  • REOL – Chiruchiru
  • Eminem – Bagpipes from Baghdad
  • Sia feat. Miguel and Queen Latifah – Satisfied
  • Korpiklaani – Ievan Polkka

    What I Watched in July

    Some are re-watches again, because I like to watch things over and over and over!

    • Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps
    • 50 Shades of Shit Grey
    • Porco Rosso
    • Game of Thrones (just the last four episodes of season six, because we hadn’t seen them yet!)


    What I Learned in July

    • You should never be afraid to pick up the phone to a friend.
    • Spending all your money on Japanese snacks is stupid, but worth it.
    • Healthy eating is only hard if you keep buying tonnes of chocolate.
    • That attempting a sake tasting experience when you’re not a big drinker is a terrible idea. And that rubbing sake in your eye is an even worse one.
    • Giving yourself time to relax is very important.


    Reviewing My July Goals

    A reminder of last month’s goals:
    1. Organise Mamyology
    2. Write 50,000 words for Camp NaNoWriMo
    3. Blog twice a week

    July was meant to be a month of writing. I’d planned out ten blog posts, signed up for Camp NaNoWrimo and set myself lots of daily challenges. The plan was to write on my lunches and for a few hours a night and make serious progress.

    But, after three weeks of using all of my free time to stare at a laptop screen, I realised something. I needed a break. I was becoming less creative day-by-day and I dreaded coming home to do more work every evening. I was rushing to write things instead of enjoying them. I felt like I was on a production line, churning out more and more product without actually thinking or caring about any of it. That’s why, at the end of week three, I gave up.

    I love writing, but this month made me realise that it’s far more enjoyable to do it at my own pace, without a word count in mind. So maybe NaNoWriMo and blog challenges just aren’t for me.

    So that’s why, two out of three goals are a huge fail. Oh well.

    My final goal was to sort out Mamyology, but, after spending every minute of the day writing things, I didn’t have any time left for this. I really need to set a weekend or two aside to do this, or it’ll never get done!

    Even though I’m a failure, I’m still happy with what I did do. I spent a lot of time on the four blog posts I wrote, and almost made myself cry with a totes emotional scene I wrote in my novel (I’d been writing for six hours straight by this point lol) so I’ve made some progress. Plus, I’ve learned a lot about myself and how I work best, so that’ll definitely help with future projects!


    Goals For August

    1. Have at least four days where I come home and just relax
    After a month of trying to do EVERYTHING, I really want to take a few evenings to just chill.

    2. Sort my diet out
    My diet hasn’t been brilliant lately, and I’ve been feeling a bit rubbish because of it, so I’m wanting to make some changes this month. So August will (hopefully) involve eating lots of fruit and vegetables, making food diaries to track what makes my body happy, and attempting to cut out any foods that turn it into an evil stomach-stabbing demon.

    3. Read more
    Since moving to a different office for work, I spend a lot less time on the bus, which means I no longer have time to read on my commute anymore. Because of this, I haven’t read a book in ages, which is very, very sad. So in August, I’m going to try and give myself a few hours a week to get lost in a book or two (or ten).


    July In Figures

    Weight lost: *cries hysterically*
    Books read: 0
    Exercise done: I walk home occasionally, but it usually involves a cheeky trip to the shop for snacks…
    Blogs posted: 4
    Money saved: ??? Not gonna lie, I’ve lost track completely this month.

    So, July might not have been a perfect month, but it was definitely a great one. I tried new things, met new people and made some amazing memories. I’m definitely going into August on a high!

    How was your month? Do you have anything planned for August?

    7 thoughts on “Life Catch-Up: July 2017

    1. I had my birthday on the 8th and that’s the highlight of my year, mostly for myself.Glad you did so much in the month of July and may your August be as fulfilling!

    2. Hey, as long as you’re having fun, that’s all that matters! Ok, as long as you’re not running yourself to debt XD. It sounds like you had an eventful July! I started using my macbook again after a year and I am pressing control instead of command like a boss. Japanese makes the best goodies, I don’t feel bad about spending money for their stuff!!!

      I don’t necessarily think you failed your goals.. More like you have other priorities. Hope you’ll have a great August! I am rooting for you :).

    3. From the sounds of it, looks like you had a great July to me! I think my July highlight was getting to meet you and Holly, it was really awesome – I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since now!

      Don’t worry about slipping on your goals a bit, life gets in the way and that’s completely fine. You always have a tomorrow to get back on it!

      I laughed at ” I walk home occasionally, but it usually involves a cheeky trip to the shop for snacks…” THIS IS ME THOUGH AND I DONT MIND

      “Healthy eating is only hard if you keep buying tonnes of chocolate.” Never related to anything so much xD

    4. Looks like you did a lot of fun things in July! I also use a Mac at work, but I have a PC at home. Sometimes I catch myself getting confused between the two!

      Even if you didn’t meet two of your goals, I still think that’s a good thing that you learned what works for you from it. I think it makes sense to take things at your own pace, so you can enjoy them and not feel like you’re doing a chore. Good luck with your August goals!

    5. I grew up on a PC but at my first web developer job, my boss decided he would convert me to a Mac user. I ended up loving it and erm… yeah, needless to say, I am converted and have been for a while. Nick might not even have married me if I used Windows. LOL. I think you’ll get used to it! I don’t like being “that person” but I do think you will like it as well.

      I think it’s understandable that the blog and NaNo challenges were not for you and that you came to realise this after giving some goals a go. I don’t always like goals, but when I make them, I try to be realistic after some time and re-evaluate them. Sometimes you look back and some goals seemed like a terrific idea at the time, you may even have tried them, and tried really hard, but it stopped becoming a priority or it even stopped becoming realistic. And that’s OK. ❤️ Especially when you notice it might be making you stop enjoying what you love doing.

      I think I’ve spent a couple hours reading and catching up on your blog but it’s time for me to ~wind down~ (as I said in a previous comment, I ain’t gonna use my laptop in bed, heh 😉) as it’s getting late. But I’m marvelling and am very excited at the fact that I have like 20 more tabs of your posts open in my browser and I’m gonna get right back onto this tomorrow and I MISSED READING YOUR BLOG 😆 You’re the best Amy 💕 Keep being awesome. I feel like I’m having a conversation with you in these comments. 💙

      1. I can’t believe we both left it so long! I guess it’s what being an adult does to you. It’s been great to catch-up though!

        I had so many tabs open when I was reading your posts, I can’t believe my laptop still functioned.

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