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Life Catch-Up: House Hunting Problems

My favourite part of the flat
My favourite part of the flat

Last week, we handed our notice in for the flat. The original plan was to stay here until we’d saved up for a mortgage, as it’s really cheap to live here, but we’ve decided it’d be better to slow down our saving so we can live somewhere better. We’ve had a number of problems here, and it’s also ridiculously small. It’d be nice to finally be able to move ALL my things from my parents, rather than just taking a few books home each month.

We leave on the 4th of March, which gives us just over a month to find somewhere else. If we don’t, we’ll both be staying with family, which unfortunately means we’ll have to move all our furniture twice. Which will be an absolute pain. I’m dreading moving everything once, let alone twice. Part of me thinks we should have waited to hand the notice in until we found somewhere, but the stronger part just wants to get out of here. Plus, it’s really hard to find a place that doesn’t want you to move in straight away, and we can’t afford to be paying two lots of rent at once.

So, finding a place in a month should be easy, right? Wrong. There may be quite a few properties out there, but it’s hard to find something in our price range, that we actually like, that is unfurnished, that doesn’t have a fridge-freezer and a washer, that doesn’t involve ridiculous fees, and that’s in the right area for us both to get to work and not have to deal with idiots.

Oh, and also one that doesn’t have horses directly outside.

Yesterday, we saw a property with a field of horses straight in front of the living room window. It was a nice enough property, but all I could imagine was a gang of horses neighing at my window on a Saturday night. At least the area would have been quiet!

We’ve seen a few other properties as well, but none that we’re fully in love with yet. It’s a long and annoying process, and a lot of the time houses go straight away so we’re pressured to make decisions quickly, which doesn’t make things any better. The good ones all go directly after the first lot of viewings, so we’ll literally have a couple of hours to make a decision. A couple of hours to decide on somewhere we hope to live for years. This is so stressful!

I’m going to miss this place – it was our first home together, and it was all brand new and exciting. I’m also going to have to get used to walking upstairs to the bathroom again. *breathes* I can do this!

I can’t wait until we’re moved into a new place. Hopefully all the stress will be worth it when we’re living in our own home, away from other people. No more communal entrances and letterboxes!

8 thoughts on “Life Catch-Up: House Hunting Problems

  1. Looking for a new place is definitely hard and a pain 🙁 We felt the same pressure when house hunting and closed way earlier than we were planning to, just to make sure we could get it. We ended up paying for two places for a few months because of it.

    That’d be kind of weird to have a house with horses so close! It’d be interesting, but I can see that causing problems too, haha.

    I hope you’ll find a new place before March! Good luck!

  2. YIKE. Moving is always a pain. Just moving across from one neighbourhood to another was a painful experience. I know of people who are constantly moving to different countries like every year or two, and I can’t imagine how stressful that would be. I’m sorry you’re having a hard time finding a place X_X Still, though, I hope you will find something good by March. Good luck on the hunt!

  3. I’m sorry to hear about the notice happing sonner than expected :(. Hopefully you’ll be able to find a place to live by then and avoid the double moving! Paying for 2 rents at once can be a major pain. Horses neighing at night can be a bit frustrating, so definitely avoid it if you can.

    Good luck with finding a new home!

  4. I’m sorry that time right now is stressful for you guys! I know what that is like, honestly I do! Tristan and I live with three other people and at times, it can get pretty darn annoying. Especially when one of those three people does NOT contribute a penny to the household and just makes life stressful. I’m sorry that things are hectic right now for you guys and you have to make a decision on where to live for the rest of your lives! Honestly, the neighboring horses neighing at the window does not sound bad. I’d way rather hear the neighing horses than the barking dogs (which we have a LOT of over here, if one dog goes off barking the other dogs have to as well — chain reaction). I hope that you guys will find a place in time so that you guys won’t have to move twice. That’s a pain in the royal arse!

  5. Ugh, looking for a place to live is the worst. I feel your pain – I have moved four times in the last four years, and I’m about to move again in May. D: It’s always hard to find a place you like in your budget, so I wish you guys the best with finding the perfect place. I hope you can find something before you have to move out so you don’t have to move everything twice. I think moving is the worst part! Best of luck!

  6. I hope you find a great place to stay Amy! I know all this moving is stressful but if you stick to it, you’ll be alright 😀 It won’t be long till you find something you really like! And even if Plan A doesn’t go to plan, it’s great that you have Plan B because from there you can work towards plan a, right? 😉

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