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Life Catch-up – Comic Con and Cinema Night

This has been a majorly stressful week. We found out that water was leaking through the ceiling in the new house, and since then we’ve been trying to get it sorted. Unfortunately, we haven’t had any luck yet, so it looks like we’re going to have more stress over the rest of the month as well. I’m tired of having house problems – I can’t wait until we have enough saved for a mortgage.

On that note, this has been a really bad week for saving money. I’ve been up late getting stressed and upset over the house, which led to me sleeping longer each day, which led to me not having enough time to make lunch for work, which led to me buying food at work. I also did a couple of fun things, too, which was a bit of a strain on funds. Hopefully I can get back on track next week!

On Wednesday, I took my mum to see Room at the cinema, as her Mother’s Day present. We went to Everyman in Leeds, which is the best cinema ever. You sit on sofas and you can order food to eat while you watch the film. We both had a beautiful mushroom pizza, and brownies for dessert. The film was almost as good as the book as well – my mum was crying half way through!

Yesterday, I went to Liverpool Comic Con with Andy and my Dad. We used the Team Rocket grunt costumes that we wore for MCM London last year, as we didn’t have the time to make something new and decent. Plus, we wanted to wear something that didn’t involve itchy wigs or painful masks, so we could have a more comfortable time than we usually do. Here’s a picture of us with some other Pokemon cosplayers:


MCM Liverpool was a lot smaller than the other cons I’ve been to, so it only took us a couple of hours to look round all the stalls. I was quite glad, to be honest, as it meant there were less opportunities for me to buy things. However, I was a little bit disappointed that there weren’t many fun activities to do, as usually there’s something cool to do, such as 360 degree video shoots, or Robot Wars. There were a few panels, but none of them really jumped out at me, unfortunately.

At lunch time we went to Pizza Express, to avoid the ridiculous food queues inside con. I had half a Diavolo pizza, which, according to Andy, translates to “devil”. That probably explains why I was downing drinks and breathing heavily throughout the meal. Despite my mouth being on fire, I really enjoyed it, and was glad to escape the crowds of Comic Con for a little while.

Before we bought tickets, I promised myself that I’d only buy one or two things this time, in order to keep my saving plan on track. But that failed when I was swept away by the excitement of Comic Con, and ended up opening my purse far too many times. I got plenty of graphic novels (which were a bargain, by the way), some cool art cards, and lots of Pokemon cards and card sets. I also bought some cool Japanese sweet kits, where you make your own sweets that look like food. I’ll probably post about this when we make them and it inevitably looks nothing like the picture on the box. My food-making skills are not good. I’ll leave this post on a few images from the day. Enjoy!

How was your week?

10 thoughts on “Life Catch-up – Comic Con and Cinema Night

  1. Now I’ve seen what you guys looked like in your cosplay I think I might have you seen you there, but I’m rubbish with faces! It would have been awesome to speak to you. 🙂

    I had a great day, but I only ended up going on the Saturday because I managed to do it all in a few hours. I was also dissapointed there wasn’t more activities and I was surprised there weren’t more stalls just selling comics. I think there were only a couple, and I really wanted to top up my collection. Hopefully next year it will be bigger and better because it definitely brought a lot of people in to the city.

  2. Sorry to hear about house issues, which in turn affected with your routine and schedule to make lunch to save money and all :/ I hope the problems get resolved fast! That sounds frustrating 🙁

    On the flip side that cinema of yours sound grand! I would love to go to a cinema that has sofas! 😀 And woot for the con! I haven’t been to a con yet, and I hope I can one day 😀

  3. I’m sorry to hear that there have been problems with the house. I guess that’s a common thing when you move into a new place? Hopefully you’ll get things sorted out!

    It sounds like you and your mom had a great time at the movies!

    I am loving your Comic Con gang outfit! Pretty funny to see Team Rocket with their Pokemon out ready for battle ;). I am loving all of the goodies from Comic Con!

  4. I was considering seeing Room because I’ve read the book, but I thought it might be too upsetting – after reading your post I think I’ll wait for the DVD or I’ll be a sobbing mess!

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your house Amy, I hope you get it fixed ASAP! Look on the bright side, once it’s all fixed, hang on to that feeling 😉 *big hugs*

    I love your cosplays, I’m sorry to hear it was quite small, but it does look like it was an awesome experience. I still haven’t gone to a comic con event at all! D:

  6. I am pretty sure this is how the magician got the penny into your hand. You can always correct me if I am wrong on this?

    I am sure that the magician said something like this “Alright, you all see the penny correct? Pay attention.” He either A.) Says something or B.) does something to distract you from paying attention. He waves his hand over yours, says some magic words (maybe?), and then tells you to open your hand. Low and behold a penny is inside. It’s all within the flick of his wrist and the way he supposedly distracts you. And if you are definitely paying attention, he may allow you to think that he has the penny in his hand when in reality, he snuck the penny into yours. Does this make any sense? I have had the same trick pulled on me multiple times, and I have seen how they’ve done this trick. You can always look it up on YouTube, I am sure they have this trick on there “Magician reveals penny trick.” Or something like that?

  7. Oh no, that sucks about the leaky ceiling 🙁 That has been the biggest challenge for me when moving into our own house, having to deal with maintenance issues like that! I hope you’ll be able to get that fixed soon.

    I like your Team Rocket costumes! You also got a lot of cool things at the Comic Con. I especially like the artwork. I’ve seen those Japanese sweet kits before but have never tried them myself. I’m curious to see how they come out! And yay for cosplay photos. Those are always my favorite to look at from conventions 😀

  8. Oh no.. I’m sorry to hear about the leaking problem. I hope u guys can get it fixed asap.
    And hopefully everything will be back in track sooner too!

    It’s so nice of u to bring ur mom for movies and all 😀

    I see u had lotsa fun at comic con. the costumes look great too!
    i can totally relate a bit about trying to save, but ended up losing more money instead, cause i am like that most of the time lol…
    the temptation of those items r irresistible kkk

  9. My week has been okay, relaxing, and then busy at some parts. Sorry about your troubles 🙁 I hope you get them sorted out soon, and also those costumes are rad! I love them! I’m glad you had a great time!

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