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Life Catch-Up: August 2017

The fountains at City Park in Bradford
Beautiful Bradford.

It’s that time of the month where I write multiple paragraphs about how I’ve failed all my goals, reference how quickly the year is going and write something hilarious about how little weight I’ve lost. YES, IT’S SEPTEMBER!

August has been an amazing month. It started with a very busy week involving two theatre trips, an evening out at my university’s open mic night and a few catch-ups with friends, and it ended with some relaxing nights in and the best carvery dinner ever. Here’s a breakdown of all the things that happened in August. Enjoy!

Theatre Fun

About five months ago, I booked front row tickets to see The Curious Incident in the Night Time for my mum’s birthday and it was amazing! Both me and my mum loved the show, and thought they way they used lighting, sound, and the set to show how Christopher’s mind worked was brilliant. I’d definitely recommend going to see it if you get the chance!

On the Friday of the same week, I went to see a production of Jane Eyre at Leeds Grand Theatre with a friend. It was a really fantastic show and I loved how all the actors switched between different characters. They also set fire to the stage which was a little bit scary, but also very, very cool. For some reason though, they had Bertha sing Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’ in her death scene, which meant I had to spend three minutes trying not to laugh during the saddest part of the show.

Open Mic Night

Because I’ve been feeling very uninspired lately, I decided to go to the monthly open mic night run by my old university. It was a lovely evening listening to people read poetry, prose and sing hilarious songs they’d written and I came away feeling incredibly positive and motivated to continue with my own writing. Plus, I also got the chance to watch a man gulping uncomfortably to bring up a sewing needle he swallowed, which isn’t something you see very often.

Note: He was a magician, by the way. Not just some random dude with a needle-swallowing fetish.


A couple of weeks ago I went to Ham-Fest, which is a small comic convention in Oldham (it has absolutely nothing to do with ham lol). Because I didn’t feel like wearing my Poison Ivy cosplay, I put together a quick Joker cosplay using a few bits from my wardrobe, way too much eyeliner and some atrocious turquoise hairspray. For some reason, I thought I’d be a total pro at face-painting, and gave myself ten minutes to do my make-up before the event. It did NOT go well.

Even though it was a small convention, there was so much to do. They had multiple film sets, a Harry Potter-themed cafe and loads of amazing stalls. We won a little trophy in the cosplay competition and I got to try a pumpkin pasty (absolutely amazing).

I also got given a free print of the Joker by one of the stall holders:
An art print of the Joker

All in all, it was a fantastic day and I’ll definitely be going to more small conventions in the future!

Giving Myself Time to Relax

Because I spent all of July stressing out about Camp NaNoWriMo, writing as many blog posts as possible and doing all the things, I made the effort to give myself evenings off in August. I’ve started writing blog posts on my lunch at work, which means I only have a few bits to finish off at the weekend, instead of spending every evening blankly staring at my dashboard, trying to think of interesting things to write. I love blogging, but I don’t want it to take over my entire life, if you get what I mean.

Managing my time like this has given me the chance to read, watch lots of Netflix, and not feel guilty about watching tonnes of weekly vlogs on YouTube. Yes, I absolutely love watching people doing their weekly shopping, cleaning their houses and just chatting about their day. It’s so addictive!

Music of August

  • AronChupa – Llama in my Living Room
  • AronChupa – I’m an Albatraoz
  • Timmy Trumpet feat. Savage – Freaks
  • Big Brovaz – Favourite Things
  • Fifth Harmony – Worth It
  • Willow – Marceline


What I Watched in August

I can’t actually remember what I watched, other than Santa Clarita Diet, which is absolutely amazing. It follows Sheila and Joel, a husband and wife living with their daughter in a quite area of California, who’s lives change when Sheila becomes a zombie-like being and starts craving human flesh. I found the dark humour amazing, and loved the contrast between their ordinary, suburban lifestyle and the awful murders they have to commit to keep Sheila “alive”. I’d definitely recommend watching it! It’s on Netflix if you fancy it!

Oh, and I watched re-watched Gavin and Stacey for the 1000th time, but that’s nothing new!

What I Learned in August

  • One can of colour spray is not enough to cover my hair.
  • If you only cover half of your hair with colour spray, you’ll look absolutely ridiculous in photos. Especially those taken from the side.
  • Theatres do incredibly nice ice cream.
  • Some friends will be always be there for you, no matter what.


Reviewing my August Goals

I made myself three goals at the beginning of August which were:
1. Have at least four days where I come home and just relax
2. Sort my diet out
3. Read more

…and I actually completed some! This month, I managed to have waaay more than three days of relaxing, which has made me feel so much happier and calmer, and I’ll definitely be making more time for myself in future. As a result of these relaxing evenings, I also managed to read A LOT, finishing three novels, tonnes of comics and a couple of graphic novels!

As for goal number two, I’ve been working on it, but there’s still some work to do. I just can’t resist chocolate!

I’m not making any goals for September, as I have a lot planned already and I don’t want to be dealing with the extra pressure. I’ll still be trying to sort my diet out though, I’m just not gonna make it a specific goal.

August in Figures

Weight lost: A large amount of chocolate got lost in my mouth…
Books read: 3
Exercise done: I sometimes walk home from work, and also walk to the next bus stop if the first one has vomit all over it.
Blogs posted: 7 WHAT?!
Money saved: I spent Β£104 of my savings on clothes, so the numbers are a bit off right now. But I have some very nice jeans and a jumper with an inspiring slogan on it, so I think I’m winning.

So that’s August! How was your month?

14 thoughts on “Life Catch-Up: August 2017

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your August! Hope you’ll have a great September πŸ™‚

    You’re a sweet daughter for booking tickets for your mom to go watch the show! You’re racking it up with those shows! Okay, I get pretty uncomfortable when magicians try to swallow some weird foreign object….

    You and your friend are totally killing it with the bad guy look! Oh man, that free print looks legit!

    Haha, I’ve spent my plane rides typing up blog posts. Hey, nothing wrong with dedicating some time to writing your posts ;). I find it as a stress relief!

  2. Hahah, your introduction is soo good. Glad to hear that you had a good month.

    Open Mic night would be an interesting event to see. You would never know what is going to be performed, especially the needle…eeeek.

    Ham-Fest sounds like it was a lot of fun! πŸ˜€

  3. Love the mother daughter date! Now that I’m older, I appreciate these so much more with my momma. Vegas is our favorite girls weekend splurge though, so much delicious food and fun!

    Also, LOVE that you’re making it a priority to give yourself time to chill out and relax! So many people forget how important that is. Get it girl!

  4. Theatres do great ice cream! I very much agree, our local theatre serves Marshfield ice cream and I remember it being delicious!

    Ham-Fest sounds fun, I love local smaller conventions. There usually lot less hectic and more personal, you can usually have more time with guests at signing sessions too. πŸ™‚ Love the Joker print you were gifted.

  5. Those sound like great shows to see! I would probably laugh, too, if I was watching Jane Eyre, and they suddenly used ‘Crazy’ in a death scene. It doesn’t seem to fit! I’ve never been to an open mic night, but that’s awesome that it made you feel so motivated afterwards. I found myself touching my throat when I read about the guy swallowing a sewing needle though, haha. Even if it was a magic trick, I can’t help but imagine what it’d be like to actually do it and just… eep.

    You and your friend look great in your costumes! Congrats on the trophy! Small conventions can be nice because they feel less overwhelming and crowded. I’m also glad you gave yourself time to relax!

  6. Hamfest sounds awesome and I love the name, too! I never seen Jane Eyre but open mic night? Wow, I don’t think I could go up but I am glad that it turned out to be a fulfilling night and your costume looks epic!

  7. Looks like you had a great August. Cheers to an awesome September. Hard to believe we are already more than halfway through the year. It flew by,

    I take a lot of time to myself as well. There’s nothing wrong with it. After being social, it’s a great way to recharge your batteries.

  8. August sounds like it was a great month for you! I’m so envious of you seeing Curious Incident, I’ve never had the chance and I’m desperate to! The Open Mic nights sound fun – did the man actually manage to bring up the sewing needle? There’s no way I could have watched that!
    Ham-Fest had a Harry Potter cafe?! Was it nice? I think your cosplay looks great – and the free print you got is amazing.
    I’m glad you got more time to yourself in August, it makes all the difference!

  9. Oh my god! I really wanted to watch The Curious Incident in the Night Time when it was still in theaters in NYC, but they left broadway before I could snag a visit. πŸ™ It looked so good… I think a lot of recent broadway shows are incorporating A LOT of technology to make things look so surreal and “movie like,” it’s great! I really enjoyed Anastasia because they did a lot of that, and made it almost look like an actual movie playing out right in front of you.
    I’m glad you got to relax in August. I think some times, a goal of “Relax and Find Calm” should totally be a goal. πŸ˜‰ I know I definitely need to figure that one out, especially now that I have an illness that gets triggered with stress!
    (Also, how is the year almost 3/4th over already?!?!)

  10. I have a list of plays I want to see and the Curious Incident in the Night Time is one of them! This has made me more pumped to go to the theatre – I absolutely love it πŸ˜€

    I would love to go to an open mic night, they sound like so much fun!

    I saw pics of your Joker cosplay on Insta and it looks really good! I remember when I went to con and we went as DC villains so one of my friends went as the Joker! I need to visit more cons cause I needs to get my cosplay on.

    I started watching Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix, but I haven’t got round to finishing it yet! The first couple of episodes were hilarious. I’m currently watching Archer on Netflix which has me stitches all the effing time, omg.

    Also, omg – throwback to Favourite Things – Big Brovaz!!!

  11. I’m so glad to hear that you had a greatmonth Amy! 😊 It is so lovely that you got to see that theatre performance with your mom and another one later on in the week! Did you go to the theatre place in Bradford? I went there to visit during my placement year and really enjoyed it!

    That’s awesome that your university has events like that, I’m to hear that you left inspired 😊 I always like listening to others when I’m lacking that inspiration.

    Always. Focus. On. Yourself. ✨
    I’m glad that you got the chance to do that πŸ’– It definitely helps with productivity!

    Have an awesome September!

  12. For a last minute cosplay, your Joker looks really good! Your friend’s cosplay looks really good as well!

    I think it’s a great idea to space your writing for blog posts out. I’ve had the habit of writing posts last minute or on the spot and I realized they sound/look better when I give myself more time to write them, haha. Plus, relaxing is super important! I love watching vlogs as well, haha.

    Congrats on your goals!

  13. My friend in Singapore saw The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time – I remember reading the book! I don’t even recall it hitting Sydney or Australia yet… I will keep it in mind though πŸ™‚

    I really liked the 1996 movie version of Jane Eyre but I haven’t seen any other versions or any plays/productions. The character of Bertha unsettles me and makes me upset sometimes, oh I don’t even understand why Crazy by Gnarls Barkley was a good choice πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ It would have made me laugh too, and that would have been so inappropriate. 😦

    Oh the free print of the Joker is really lovely!

    Also HELLLLLL I love your cosplay. It looks fucking BOMB.

    I don’t blame you for spending money on clothes. They sound like they were good purchases and that is totally allowed! You gotta spoil yourself every once in a while. ☺️

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