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Let’s Look at 2017

Some shops and restaurants in Edinburgh

Did you know that sometimes you can blink too hard and end up in August without realising? Do you remember me saying I was going to review my 2017 goals every quarter to make sure I stayed on track with them? Do you realise that 12 divided by 4 is not 8?

Yeah, me too.

Somehow, 2017 has completely gotten away from me, and I’ve barely had time to stop and think about how I’m doing and what’s been going on. It all started really well, with January involving me making tonnes of progress, focussing on my goals, and planning out what I was going to do with my year, but I’ve since got lost in the busyness of life and completely forgotten half the stuff I planned.

Because of this, and because we’re over half way through 2017, I thought I’d take stock of what’s happened so far and review the resolutions I made in January. So let’s take a look at 2017… *roll credits*


Things That Have Happened So Far

  • Got asked to be a bridesmaid at my friend’s wedding.
  • Danced on stage with Kate Nash.
  • Went to MCM Liverpool Comic Con and ended up in the Liverpool Echo.
  • Made sushi for the first time.
  • Celebrated Andy’s 26th Birthday with a meal at our favourite Italian.
  • Went to Hyper Japan festival for the first time.
  • Met up with Holly and Pauline in Manchester.
  • Took my mum to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford.
  • Saw an amazing production of Jane Eyre at The Grand in Leeds.
  • Lost over a stone by changing my diet.
  • Completed Batman: Arkham Knight after almost two years of owning the game.


Things I’ve Learned in 2017

  • No matter what I try, exercise is never more appealing than watching three hours of Netflix.
  • Dieting is hard. Especially when you feel like you deserve a pizza for being good all week.
  • I’m rubbish at eating salads with chopsticks.
  • You should always be thankful for friends.
  • Meeting new people can be scary, but it can also be amazing.
  • It costs a ridiculous amount of money to park in Edinburgh.
  • I’m incapable of posing like a ninja.
  • Log cabins are actually made of logs.
  • Sewing leaves for eight hours straight is incredibly tiring.
  • Ben Nevis is really hard to find because he just looks like all the other mountains.


Four Photos From 2017

Kate Nash preparing to crowd-surf at her February gig in Leeds
A photo of Kate Nash getting ready to crowd-surf at her February gig in Leeds. This was actually taken while we were on stage!!!
Aubergine with a happy face made of stickers
The aubergine I gave my friend for Valentine’s Day. The gift tag says, ‘Friends may come and go, relationships may end, but aubergines are forever.’ I’m so romantic!
Two chocolate eggs, each split into two halves and filled with fancy chocolates
Some amazing Hotel Chocolat eggs my sister bought me!

A beautiful fire.
The fire we built in Scotland.


Reviewing My Resolutions

In January, I made a very long list of goals for 2017, which I said I’d review a few times within the year to check my progress and make sure I didn’t completely forget about all of them.

The ones that are crossed-out are complete and the ones in bold are in progress.

1. Blog 70 times. (27/70)

2. Code and design a new layout.

3. Improve my photography skills.. As you might have seen on the blog and my Instagram page, I’ve been making an effort to take more photos whenever I do/see anything photo-worthy. I can see my skills slowly improving, but I still have a long way to go.

4. Sort out my post categories (these are such a mess right now). – I’ve planned a few titles for these by looking through my past posts, but they still need some work. Plus, implementing these is bound to be a pain!

5. Look through and clean-up previous posts, by adding photos and proof checking. – I’ve done a few of these, but I’ve still got hundreds left to do!

6. Sort out all of my pages.

7. Make monthly content plans and stick to them. – I’m testing this throughout this month, so only time will tell!

8. Write a full, decent draft of a novel. – Gradual progress is being made!

9. Succeed at NaNoWriMo or Camp NaNoWrimo (one month, 50,000 words).

10. Improve my Photoshop skills.

11. Create a new cosplay. – I made a new Poison Ivy costume for Liverpool Comic Con in March!

12. Write a script.

13. Do something art-related at least once every two weeks (e.g. draw, paint, make jewellery).

14. Clear out my wardrobe. I wear less than half of the clothes in there and we really need the space. – I’ve had one clear out, but I plan to have another before the end of the year, because I’m sure I can get rid of more!

15. Sort out all the stuff at my mum and dad’s house. – I’ve spent a lot of time at my mum and dad’s house recently, but I’m still nowhere near done! I have so much stored there!

16. Sort through my jewellery box, because there’s way too much in there. – I completed this in April and got rid of so much!

17. Sort out DVDs, books and comics. – Like the wardrobe, I’ve done this once, but I’m going to do it again later in the year.

18. Do one hour of exercise per week.

19. Fit into my old clothes. I’ve put on two stone over the past couple of years, so I’d really like to get back in shape. And fit back into the best dress I’ve ever owned. I can currently only get one boob in there. – Since January, I’ve lost a bit of weight (and re-gained a bit, but oh well) and can fit back into some of my old clothes. Still working on that fave dress though!

20. Eat less chocolate. I’d like to cut down to less than 3 single bars a week (or the equivalent in non-bar shaped things).

21. Take better care of my skin by removing my make-up before bed and developing a skincare routine.

22. Learn to play a song on the keyboard.

23. Save £4000 towards a mortgage. – Currently on £1900!

24. Get a passport.

25. Go shopping somewhere other than Leeds/Bradford. – I’ve been to York, Manchester and Edinburgh so far!

So far that’s 3 completed and 11 in progress, which means I still have a long way to go. Over the next few months, I’m going to try and get my diet back on track, save more money per month so I can get back on target, and blog more often because I’m a long way off 70 posts! I’m also going to set some time aside for some of my other goals, particularly the website and coding ones, as I really want to get those sorted!

2017 has been a fantastic year so far. I’ve had some amazing times, met some amazing people and seen some amazing things. I might not have crossed off many of my goals, but there’s still a few months left to crack on and make some real progress. Hopefully, I’ll be back in December with a completed list of goals and a brilliant list of things I’ve been doing!

How has your year been so far? How are you doing with your goals?

8 thoughts on “Let’s Look at 2017

  1. Hello, HELLO I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THIS YEAR HAS GONE? It’s crazy how fast time is flying – there’s not enough of it T_T

    “No matter what I try, exercise is never more appealing than watching three hours of Netflix.” < THIS THIS THIS.

    Looks like you've had a fantastic year so far, Amy! Hope the rest goes well for you and good luck with all your goals <3

  2. This year is going so fast!! I can’t quite believe it’s August already and, as my mother pointed out, around 18 weeks until Christmas! Too soon to be mentioning that.

    Sounds like you’ve had a great year so far, I hope the rest of 2017 is great and good luck with your goals. 🙂

  3. I started reading the post, and I read “blink too hard” as “bikini too hard”. lmao!

    Anyways, I definitely agree that watching shows or movies is definitely more appealing than exercise. I find it hard to get motivated sometimes, but I recently started cycling and I love it. I think the trick is to get outside and away from things like netflix, and then you are able to get into another mindset. Once I start pedaling, I can go for hours, even when my legs start feeling like jello. 🙂

    I used to do photography as a hobby, and then smart phones came along… *sigh* I really should pick my camera back up again. I have a Canon DSLR I bought about 8 years ago, but now I just use my camera phone to take pictures because of convenience, even if they’re not as good. Plus my DSLR is so bulky and heavy. My phone is so small and light. They really need to make a DSLR camera that’s smaller and lighter with all the same capabilities. 🙂

  4. I feel like this year has been super quick too! I haven’t had the time to really reflect on what I have been doing and I actually feel super unproductive right now. Your post made me want to step up my game and actually do something XD

    But hey, looks like you’re having a great year so far and that you’re following through on your resolutions! Keep up the good work and I hope you cross everything off your list 😀

    PS: I cracked up at how you completed Batman: Arkham Knight after two years, because I can relate. That’s exactly how I am with my video games XD

  5. Haha, I thought I was the only one thinking the year has flown by really fast. Sounds like you had an eventful year so far. The thing I like about following people’s blogs is the fact that I remember a lot of the events people posted about XD. Hey, how about exercising while watching Netflix?? You’re getting somewhere with your goals for the year! Remember, chocolate loves to brainwash people ;).

  6. Sounds like you’ve done a lot of fun things so far this year! As for exercising versus watching Netflix, I used that to motivate myself, haha. There’s certain series that I only allow myself to watch while on the treadmill. That has helped push me to do it more often!

    I think you’ve made a lot of good progress on your goals! Even if there’s still a lot to do, there’s still several months left 🙂 Good luck!

  7. When I read this I actually blanked before realising what the answer actually was:

    Do you realise that 12 divided by 4 is not 8?

    In my mind I was actually like WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT ISN’T 8? HUH?

    This log cabin thing is making me laugh because you mentioned it not only in your post on Scotland but also in a monthly catch-up post and NOW THIS POST 😂 Also, that’s seriously what I get for catching up on a years’ worth of blog posts from a friend in the space of a weekend.

    After reading through your goals and seeing how much you’ve done or even just worked on so far, I think you did a great job. I have a similar list at the moment of 27 things that I’m supposed to do by my 27th birthday (in just over a week, eek), and I haven’t even really done half of them? But when I look at the progress I’ve written it looks like I have done a lot. So when I read through it and saw that you had 11 to go I was like WTF. 😆 I know I’m commenting on this hella late, too, but I think you have been working really hard on your goals even though you think you might be failing some. It helps to look back 🙂 Sometimes you don’t see how far you’ve come. In commenting on this I’ve probably reminded you about your goals haha… but really, I think you made a lot of progress in 2017 🙂

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