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Lessons From The Past Six Months

A large body of water, some trees and some birds.

As it’s almost the middle of the year I thought it would be nice to write a post listing the things I’ve learned this year. Because, even though we’re only six months in, 2018 has been quite a year. I’ve made friends, lost friends, had an engagement party almost ruined by snow and found out my eyes are not as amazing as I thought they were. I’ve barely blogged about anything that’s happened, so this is a good way for me to catch you all up without writing a long and boring post about every single thing that’s happened.

As always, some of these are serious, important life lessons, while others are absolutely ridiculous. Enjoy!

1. Listening to On a Mission by Katy B on repeat and crying is not a productive way to get over a friendship ending.

2. Good friends send you caring messages when you’re feeling down. Best friends send you weird GIFs on messenger.

3. It’s actually possible to WIN money at a casino. I won £5 and felt like a queen for the entire evening.

4. Blood tests aren’t as bad as you think they are, and debating with the nurse about when to put the needle in is not a productive use of anyone’s time.

5. I shouldn’t be allowed to write numbered lists because I almost always miss a number out. Georgie caught me out on one, and I found another while I was browsing through my old posts. Oops!

6. Don’t meditate for the first time by the side of your fiancé without telling him what the hell you are doing. Closing your eyes for eight minutes and doing nothing looks pretty weird, and he may think you’ve been possessed.

7. Try not to get possessed with the Calm app open, or your fiancé might just think you’re meditating.

8. Dairy-free chocolate is actually pretty nice.

9. You need lots of upper body strength to get anywhere on a high ropes course. If not you just end up swinging on a rope thirty centimetres from the floor and looking like an idiot.

10. It’s impossible to not dance to Survivor, no matter how faint and ill you’re feeling.

11. It’s impossible to give up chocolate when you have a house full of it.

12. If you think your dentist has done your fillings wrong, complain, or you’ll end up stuck with half a filling for months.

13. Glasses cost lots of money, especially if you buy three pairs for no reason.

14. You can get anything done if you’re willing to make time for it.

15. Aubergines are really easy to cook and don’t look anything like male genitalia (emojis are wrong).

16. Snow is evil and doesn’t care whether it’s mid-March and you’re having an engagement party.

17. Sometimes, people you love will let you down. Try not to let it get to you.

18. Friends come and go, but The Witcher is forever.

19. K-Pop is the best thing ever.

20. Darth Vader is quite good at playing the keyboard.

A man dressed as Darth Vader playing a keyboard in Manchester City Centre.
Play the Imperial March!

21. It’s incredibly difficult to think of 21 things you’ve learned. Lower your expectations and blogging will be a little bit easier.

What have you learned this year?

11 thoughts on “Lessons From The Past Six Months

  1. Haha I can relate to the point about meditation! The amount of times Tyrone has walked in on me lying on the bed not moving. I’m not sure who it scares more! I love the Calm app. I’m kind of obsessed with the sleep stories.

    I feel like the one thing I’ve learned this year (so far) is that owning a house is more expensive than I ever expected. Why should I have to pay to have the wasps nest in my roof to be removed? I didn’t choose to have them there!

  2. I have to get blood tests every 6 weeks-3 months for my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) levels, because it’s been so out of wack. It’s seriously no big deal and I don’t even feel it. The nurses have an awful time with my veins though because they’re so tiny and have the tendency to collapse. When I was younger, I had to get it done once a year and I used to throw an absolute fit at the thought of getting a needle, but now I cringe. I guess it’s scary for a child.

    Gifs are awesome. I feel like I use them too much and I annoy people, but they accurately portray how I feel when I can’t explain it in text.

  3. The most important thing that I learnt this year: I CAN function and can reclaim my life from mental illness.

    I am used to dealing with needle pricks ;/ comes with medication and such.

  4. How is time flying by so fast? Oh man, I know I’d feel great too if I win SOMETHING at the casino – at least it wasn’t a complete L! Wait, why aren’t you using the number features on the WordPress editor?

    Oh man, I can relate to you about needing upper body strength. That’s me whenever I do a pull up. Oh man, some dentists can be crap. Hope you’ve gotten the fillings taken care of by now! Have a great month ♥

  5. I laughed SO HARD while reading this haha, especially at #7 but also at most of them, especially when I realised how relatable they were.

  6. Haha. You’re too hilarious. 😂 I am sorry to hear that some things were serious. Losing a friend is never easy, but I guess sometimes these things happen and there can be positives.. I hope so.

    There have been a number of poopo things at the moment and it has taught me that things can change so quickly. What was once normal and taken for granted can be shaken. I guess it made me try to appreciate what is here and now but also open to the fact that things can happen.

  7. Aw, sorry to hear about a friendship ending 🙁 That’s always hard to deal with. I’m glad you had friends to send you caring messages and weird GIFs when you’re feeling down. It is kind of funny how that is with close friends, isn’t it? The closer you are, the weirder your interactions get, haha.

    I’ve been getting a lot of blood tests done, and I still hate them! The first few times, they definitely freaked me out, and I feel like I made a bigger deal of them than I should have.

    haha, I can see how weird it’d be to see someone meditating if you didn’t know what they were doing. Since my husband and I have our computers next to each other, I’ve made a point to give him a heads up when I’m about to meditate, so he doesn’t think I’m a total weirdo (and also so he doesn’t bug me).

    Glasses do cost a lot of money! I always forget that the price of the frame might not include the price of the lens, so it’s more than I expect. I’ve had a lot of luck with online glasses places though, which seem to be a little less expensive. (One time I bought cheap frames for cosplay though, and mannn they definitely felt cheap, so I guess the pricier ones are worth it.)

    I always like reading your lists!

  8. #2 is very true and also applies to close cousins! Sounds like you’ve had an interesting first half of the year!

    I also downloaded the Calm app but don’t have anyone to check in on me in case I’m possessed lol.

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