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In This Moment

I wrote this at work but couldn’t post it properly on my phone. Even though it’s past midnight this is my blog post for the 2nd of March.

Last night I went to see In This Moment live in Leeds. Sadly, I don’t have any photos to post because I’m pretty terrible with a camera at gigs (I once blogged about this) so you’ll have to excuse the amount of text in this entry. *Inserts imaginary images here*

In This Moment are a female-fronted metal band from the US, and when I found out they were performing in my home town I couldn’t resist buying a couple of tickets and begging a friend to join me at the gig.

The support acts, Starset and Fearless Vampire Killers, opened the show. Starset graced the stage in astronaut-style helmets and performed some space-style songs, while Fearless Vampire Killers got everyone bouncing about in preparation for the main act. Usually, I get bored during lengthy support sets, but these two acts managed to keep me happy.

After a 45 minute gap where everyone stared mindlessly at a curtain, The Infection started playing and some dancers entered the stage, followed by Maria Brink, all three holding some cool metal spiderwebs. Then In This Moment transitioned straight into Sick Like Me. After hearing negative comments about Maria’s live performances I was very impressed to hear her belting out this song flawlessly.

The performance embraced the theatrical style that In This Moment are known for, with impressive set changes and brilliantly performed routines from Maria. My only issue was the amount of costume changes. Between every single song she left the stage to change her outfit slightly, with this becoming quite tedious after the first couple of changes. I can only imagine what her washing basket looks like. The changes were covered by atmospheric musical interludes, but this still wasn’t enough to stop this from seeming excessive. Admittedly though, the costumes were amazing, with her Big Bad Wolf number in particular causing me to break into more ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ than an overly excited rendition of ‘the Witch Doctor’.

The band stuck mainly to their latest album, Black Widow, however I was very happy to see In This Moment performing some old favourites, with ‘Whore ‘ and ‘Blood’ being particular highlights for me. Brink did her usual on chair performance for ‘Whore’, involving the audience with a sing-along of the chorus, while ‘Blood’ was performed as a much-awaited encore, sung with the emotion and passion of a true performer.

Overall I had a really lovely night and would love to see them live again!

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