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Hyper Japan Haul

So, if you read my last post you’ll know that I bought quite a bit of stuff at Hyper Japan. A lot, actually. More than I ever intended to buy.

I actually ended up dipping into my savings so I could buy all this, which, when you see what I bought, will seem ridiculous. There is literally nothing that I needed, just a ton of stuff that I couldn’t bring myself to leave all alone, on a stall full of thousands of other things. Yep, there’s no excuse. But I did get to watch Andy attempt to make a pizza out of powder and show off my cuddly octopus (not a euphemism), so who needs savings?!


A pair of alpaca earrings and a pair of Vaporeon ones!

The alpaca earrings were the first thing I bought at Hyper Japan. Because everybody needs a cute pair of fluffy animals in their ears. I obviously spent a good two minutes imagining all the ways these would useful before I bought them, which include, but are not limited to:

1. Encouraging people to converse with you about alpacas.
2. Showing your appreciation for the alpacas of the world.
3. For making people think you have an impressive gang of alpaca friends, so they’ll feel intimidated by your awesomeness.

…I’m obviously joking. I just liked the earrings. They’re from here if you also wish to impress people with your alpaca powers.

The Vaporeon earrings were from Sushi Studios. They had all the Eeveelutions on the stall (apart from Umbreon), which made it really difficult to decide which pair to buy. I’ll definitely be buying some more – I need Umbreon and Sylveon!


A photo of all the snacks I bought at Hyper Japan

The Pokémon-themed snacks I bought
Yes, I did have to include a Pokémon-specific image too. Because Pikachu.

Because I’d been watching loads of snack unboxing videos before Hyper Japan, I ended up buying so much food. Here’s a list of some of the things I bought:

(List goes from left to right, starting at the top)

Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Candy Kit – Ice Cream – These kits contain little moulds, and sachets of flavoured powder, which you mix with water to create your own sweets. Although I’ve not done this one yet, I have done different DIY kits before and they’re so much fun. Mine never turn out like the picture though, because I’m rubbish! You can buy one here.

White Peach Mochi – Mochi are Japanese rice cakes, which usually have a flavoured centre. Being a lover of mochi, I really wanted to try this premium selection that I found on one of the food stalls. And it didn’t disappoint! Although chewier than the mochi I’ve had previously, the peach flavour was just amazing, and I had to stop myself from eating the whole box in one go!

Oreo Wafers – I got these because I love Oreo biscuits, but they weren’t as great as I thought they’d be. Unfortunately, the chocolate on them tasted a bit cheap, and they didn’t quite have the flavour of an actual Oreo. I’m still glad I tried them though!

Sweet Potato KitKat – The best KitKat I’ve ever tasted! Although sweet potato sounds like a really weird flavour, the sweetness actually really complimented the KitKatiness. Yes, KitKatiness is now a word. Plus, the occasional taste of potato that came through made me feel like I was a sophisticated and cultured young woman. Sophisticated and cultured young women eat sweet potato KitKats, right?

Pikachu Ocean Bomb Cucumber Drink – I’ve not tried this yet, but it looks so cute!

Wasabi KitKat – This actually tastes like Wasabi. It was actually spicy. It actually burnt my mouth… it was quite nice though!

Mochi Jelly – I’ve not tried this one yet and, to be honest, I don’t really know what it is. I thought it was like mochi, but Andy said it was jelly. So watch this space, guys!

Pikachu Evolving Taste Candy – These are hard sweets which are supposed to change to a different flavour as you suck them, except all I could taste was watermelon. I have since come to the conclusion that I’m unable to suck sweets properly and therefore should not be allowed to try magic sweets.

Red Bean Wafer – Two wafer biscuits and a packet of red bean paste which is supposed to go in between the two wafers, unless you break the wafers into a thousand pieces before you eat them. Definitely would not recommend slurping red bean paste out of the packet like I did!

Surprise Bags and Boxes

Inspire Me Korea
The outside of an 'Inspire Me Korea' box
I’m not sure why, but Inspire Me Korea had a stall at Hyper Japan. After seeing a few reviews of these online, I’ve really wanted to try one, but didn’t want to get locked into a subscription. Luckily, you could buy one-off boxes at the stall, so that’s exactly what I did. I bought the cooking box and the superhero box, because they both looked amazing!

The Inspire Me Korea Cooking Box
The inside of the Inspire Me Korea cooking box

The contents of the Inspire Me Korea cooking box
In the Inspire Me Korea cooking box I got some seaweed, a beauty sheet mask, some soybean paste, a spoon and chopsticks set and some jjajangmyeon noodles. I haven’t actually tried anything in this box yet, so hopefully it’ll all be nice!

The Inspire Me Korea Superhero Box
The inside of the Inspire Me Korea superhero box

The contents of the Inspire Me Korea superhero box
In the superhero box I got a rose beauty mask, an adorable pair of trainer socks, two strawberry Fresh Toks, some hot chicken noodles and a packet of sweet cracker biscuits. The Fresh Toks tasted like strawberry Nutri-Grain bars, which are fruit-filled wholegrain breakfast bars that we have in the UK. The crackers were kind of like sweet digestive biscuits, but with poppy seeds and a sugar topping. And I’ve not tried the noodles yet, but according to the woman on the stall they’re the ones that people use for the fire noodle challenge, so I’m pretty terrified of eating them!

Tofu Cute
My Tofu Cute lucky bag!
I also got a Tofu Cute sweet lucky bag, because I really wanted some sweets. Here’s what I got inside:
All the sweets!

Mango Pocky, Orange Peel Pocky, Chocolate Pocky and Rilakkuma biscuits

Mango Pocky – Very sweet, very fruity Pocky. Andy loved how flavourful these were, but I found them to be a bit too strong, so he ended up with most of the box!

Orange Peel Pocky – A premium box of biscuit sticks covered in orange peel and dipped in some amazing chocolate. If you’re going to have Pocky, then this is the way to do it!

Chocolate Pocky – The classic biscuit sticks covered in chocolate. I’m giving these to my sister because I’ve already had them so many times before!

Rilakkuma – Because these look like Pocky with the topping taken off, I thought they’d be really boring, but they actually ended up being my favourite out of all the snacks. I couldn’t get enough of the vanilla flavour!

Weird jelly baby things, a strawberry Caplico stick, Poifull jelly beans and Matcha Green Tea Hello Panda biscuits

Weird Jelly Baby Things – Really weird sweets that were kind of like jelly babies but without the shape.

Strawberry Caplico Stick – A cone-shaped wafer with a strawberry filling. The filling was textured like an Aero bar and was absolutely amazing!

Poifull Jelly Beans – Sour, flavourful jelly beans, which Andy stole because he loved them so much.

Matcha Green Tea Hello Panda Biscuits – I love anything matcha-flavoured, so these were a real winner!

DIY Donut Kit

Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Candy Kit – Donuts – Another DIY candy kit, except this one makes donuts! I actually had a go at this one last year and wrote a post about it. It didn’t go well…

Also, the photos in the post I linked are horrific. I’ve definitely improved since then!

Sake Photo

Hana-Fuga Yuzu Sparkling Sake – Because I completely failed at the sake tasting experience I went to, I bought myself this small bottle to drink at my own pace. I haven’t had it yet, but hopefully I can avoid rubbing it in any of my face holes when I do.

The Guardian of the Crisps

Green Pea Snacks and a Koro Sensei plush
I also bought myself some Green Pea Snacks and a cuddly octopus-teacher. Because I’m cool. The octopus is Koro Sensei, a character from Assassination Classroom, which is one of my favourite animes. I’ve never seen a plush of him anywhere before, so I was incredibly excited to find one. I think I actually squealed!

As for the Green Pea Snack, I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m definitely looking forward to giving them a go!

Andy’s Presents

The stuff I bought Andy... mainly food!
Because Andy missed out on Hyper Japan, I played the thoughtful girlfriend and got him a few bits. Some of them are the same as what I got myself, but I also got him Dragon Ball crisps, some seaweed rolls, some seaweed and the weirdest DIY kit I’ve ever seen. You see the box with the pizzas on? Well, that makes actual pizza-flavoured pizza, with potato smiley faces and sausages… out of powder and water! It was one of the oddest things I’ve ever seen!

And that’s everything I bought! As you can probably tell, I got a little bit too excited about what you could buy and just had to buy everything. But, it was the first time I’ve ever been to Hyper Japan, so I think I can forgive myself! Hopefully I’ll have more self-control at November’s festival!

6 thoughts on “Hyper Japan Haul

  1. Wow! You bought some many cute, amazing things. I especially love the Pokemon bits – those Vaporeon earrings 😍 and the Pikachu drink!

    The superhero box sounds cool, im guessing it was random what you got inside and each one could have been different, like a mystery box? I’ve seen mystery boxes at comic cons before but never bought any.

    Glad you had a great time. 🙂

  2. I’ve never had Japanese snacks before. Some of those things sound quite interesting. Especially the sweet potato Kit Kat.

    By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog.

  3. There are so many cute Japanese things and I know I want to buy them all!!! Your alpaca earrings are adorable. Hey, kidding or not, it’s still a nice conversation starter. The food looks super cute! Knowing me, I would never want to open them because I’d feel like it would be wasteful XD.

    I’ve never heard about Wasabi KitKat til now…. My soul is burning when I read this XD. The snacks look delicious. Hope you’ll enjoy all of your goodies because I’m already starving by now XD.

    OMG I am a big fan of those seaweed snacks!!!!!

  4. The earrings are so cute! I especially like the Vaporeon ones because that’s my favorite Eevee-lution. I also like how you got a variety of snacks. The Pikachu packaging is adorable!

    The White Peach Mochi sounds really good. I’m a big fan of mochi too, and I don’t think I’ve tried peach ones yet. I have the Wasabi Kit Kats! I bought them the last time I was in Japan. I had the opposite reaction as you though, haha. I wanted more wasabi flavor in there! I haven’t had the Sweet Potato ones, but I’d love to try them if I ever find them. Every Japanese Kit Kat flavor I’ve tried has been good so far.

    Aahh, I love mango flavor things and would totally buy mango Pocky if I saw it. A friend recently gave me a Pocky squeeze pack except it was grape. That one was super gross, lol. I also didn’t know there was matcha Hello Panda! I’ve only seen the strawberry, milk, and chocolate ones.

    I think you got a good haul of goodies! I’d probably buy a bunch of those too!

  5. I love when I buy stuff I don’t need (not). I am often filled with regret later, but if the thing at least gets SOME use, then I don’t get too mad at myself. I don’t like dipping into my savings though 😱 But I use a credit card and sometimes have to dip into my savings to pay those bills, so WTF am I talking about haha. 😜 IGNORE ME.

    I love the earrings! I would definitely have bought those as well myself because I love cute earrings. I like really small studs though, so I think the Vaporeon ones are too big for my liking. I think about tiny details sometimes when I buy from stalls 🙈

    I’m not even going to care that you spent money and got all this Japanese food and even the Inspire Me Korea box which had some skincare and noodles in it. All so worth it 🤤 I’d pay for those snacks!

    I have only ever had cookies and cream Pocky, the regular one (of course) and matcha Pocky. I would try them, but, I don’t think I would actually like fruity flavours!

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