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Hyper Japan 2017

The Sanrio Artbox room at Hyper Japan
The Sanrio Artbox room at Hyper Japan… so cute!

Just over a week ago I braved a 3.45 alarm to go to Hyper Japan Festival with my friend Becky and her friend Andy (who is not the same Andy as my Andy. My Andy was at Silverstone, looking at cars. Yes, this was confusing every time I mentioned something my Andy did.) Hyper Japan is an event which celebrates Japanese culture, with stalls selling Japanese (or Japanese inspired) merchandise, food and drink, along with a range of Japanese entertainment. It also involves cute things, eating things and sometimes eating cute things – what’s not to love?

Seriously, guys, it was amazing. There were so many stalls, so many events and so many cosplayers. You could paint masks, learn to felt, and ride in a rickshaw. People were selling fantastic handmade items, including jewellery, cushions and badges, and everyone was just so lovely. It’s probably the best event I’ve ever been to!

The event took place at Tobacco Dock in London, which is such a brilliant venue. It’s split into multiple rooms, which are spread over two floors, with a maze of corridors between them. I loved the cosiness of the smaller, themed rooms, and the magic of finding something new around every corner. Even if I did get lost a thousand times trying to find the toilets!

Here’s a little breakdown of what we did on the day!


You know how I was doing well with my saving goals? Yeah, that failed this month.

There were so many stalls at Hyper Japan, that it was literally impossible for me to stop myself buying things. There were stalls selling gaming merchandise, anime merchandise, DVDs, really cute fried egg shaped pillows, Japanese snacks, drinks and so much more. They even had a full room dedicated to Tofu Cute, which is one of my favourite companies ever. It was so difficult to decide what to buy because everything was so amazing!

Because I bought so much, I’ll be doing a separate haul post sometime next week, so please come back for that!

Image of a stall selling anime-based shoes.
Those trainers though…


The gaming area at Hyper Japan was amazing. You could try out new Nintendo Switch games, view original illustrations from the One Piece manga and play a really cool-looking Death Note VR game. Unfortunately, we didn’t find the gaming room until later in the day so couldn’t get tickets for anything, but it looked fantastic. I’d definitely recommend visiting if you like gaming!

Ryuk attached to a wall
Ryuk is watching you…

The Food

Treated myself to a shaved ice with matcha flavouring, red bean, and condensed milk.
I treated myself to a shaved ice with matcha flavouring, red bean, and condensed milk.

I’ll be honest, the selection of food available wasn’t the best, and the queues were ridiculous. We spent ages looking for somewhere that did ramen, but couldn’t find any anywhere, which was a bit of a disappointment. I ended up settling on aubergine fries, which were pretty tasty, and a salad, which I ate with chopsticks in the most unladylike way possible. I think most of the salad ended up on my thighs.

It was also incredibly difficult to find drinks at Hyper Japan. Some of the food places didn’t sell them, and the queues for the ones that did were horrendous. I practically begged Becky to get me one when she got her burger because I was so thirsty. Next time, I’m definitely buying a few while it’s quiet!

The Entertainment

A karate demonstration
A really cool karate demonstration!

The entertainment schedule for Hyper Japan was one of the best entertainment schedules I’ve seen for any event ever. There was a wide variety of different performances including live music, martial arts, food-making contests and fashion shows.

We originally planned to see around ten events, but unfortunately didn’t have time to do them all. I did get to see a fantastic talk from Hirokatsu Kihara about his work on Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbour Totoro and watched REOL (the best J-Pop band I’ve ever seen) perform live to a very energetic crowd, which was so good. I also watched a shirtless man getting stood on by his karate students, saw Tokyo Rickshaw sing and watched Shinobi-Try showcasing their acrobatic martial arts skills, a performance which culminated in the weirdest ninja-pose ever from me. For some reason, when posing with Shinobi-Try, I crossed my arm over myself really awkwardly and did some weird superhero-style punching thing. Because that’s what I think ninjas do. It was not pretty.

The Sake Experience

The sign for the Sake Experience
You know what’s not a good idea? Booking a fast-paced sake tasting when you’re not a big drinker. You know what’s also not a good idea? Getting sake in your eye.

Yes. The Sake Experience was not the most dignified event for me. I somehow didn’t realise it would involve so much drinking and how fast-paced it would be. We literally went to a stand, downed some sake, got asked questions like ‘can you taste the peach’ and got moved along to the next stand to repeat the process. I managed to try six sakes before admitting defeat, rubbing my tired eyes, and crouching in a corner to try and get the sake out of my eye. And, to top it off, a photographer decided to take some photos of me sweating as hot tears streamed down my face.

If I find them on the Internet I’ll let you know.

Despite all this, I did have a lot of fun learning about the different types of sake. Each company gave a fantastic explanation of their products and we were also provided with a lovely booklet about the history and production of sake. And, because I loved the samples I did drink, I ended up buying myself a small bottle to drink (and rub in my eyes) at a more relaxed pace. Yes!


Overall, it was an amazing day, and I came home with tonnes of bags, a cuddly octopus (see next post) and a massive smile on my face. I’ll definitely be going again!

14 thoughts on “Hyper Japan 2017

  1. Sounds like there was a lot to do. I can see how hard it would be to not spend on anything, haha. I’m excited to see all the goodies you got!

    The gaming area sounds really interesting. A Death Note VR sounds like it would be really fun! It’s too bad about the food but the shaved ice you got looks really good!

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Can’t wait to read your next post!

  2. Hyper Japan looks super fun! I love the Japanese culture; lots of good food, merchs, and cool lifestyle! Glad to hear that you enjoyed the event.

    UGH Japan has all of the CUTE THINGS!!!! They also have nice cars too XD. Anywaaays, even though there were lots of people at least you still got to experience the vibes a bit. Ouch, sake in your eye sounds harsh! I feel awkward whenever I have an awkward reaction going on and see a photographer snapping pics of me. Some people want to watch the world burn XD.

  3. I didn’t know things like this happened in the UK! Thanks for sharing Amy, I know that my sister (who is really into Japanese culture)would love things like this!!

    For a Japanese event – I can’t believe you couldn’t find ramen, that’s such a disappointment! But at least you got some great a salad and fries. 🙂 OMG I’m so jealous of the VR death note game thing, that sounds incredible. I’m really into VR / AR nowadays so I’m always hyped when I see anything VR/AR!

    HAHA I don’t blame you for spending that much money, Japanese things ARE SO CUTE!

  4. Seems like you have a lot of fun. I wish things like this would be organized in Bucharest too. Don’t worry about your spendings, it’s ok to buy some things for yourself once in a while, especially if they are cute <3

    Don't worry about the pictures, probably they are funny but cute at the same time <3

  5. Eeek, 3:45AM is early! Although to be fair, I would definitely get up early if it were for something that I love 🙂 I WISH I KNEW THIS WAS HAPPENING! ah well, there is always next year. Hyper Japan Festival looks like so much fun and I used to be obsessed with Hello Kitty when I was younger. Maybe still slightly am… Haha.

    Yooo, also that statue of Ryuk is siiiiick. I have yet to finish Death Note, I think I’m on like episode 23.

    The Sake Experience actually sounds like something I would get into 😂 Sucks about the sake in your eye but I definitely need to see those photos now!

  6. Hyper Japan sounds like an amazing event! I’d love to go to something like that. I would have such a hard time controlling my spending though, haha. I already buy a lot when I go to Anime conventions and also when I’m in Japan. I’m looking forward to seeing your haul!

    Ooh, interesting that there’s a Death Note VR game. That’s too bad about the food there though. I feel like that’s a missed opportunity to have food stalls like Japanese festivals. I’m glad the entertainment was good! Sounds like they had a nice variety!

    haha, I wouldn’t be able to do the sake experience. I’m definitely not a big drinker. That sounds like it’d be cool, but I feel like it shouldn’t be fast paced to appreciate each one! I’d be interested in learning about the different types of sake though.

    I’m glad you had a good time there!

  7. So i though it was “sake”like the english word but it’s actually sa-ke a drink! hahahahha. The event looks so fun, massive and kawaiii! I love Japan stuffs too because they seem to be super out of this world, originally-weird?

  8. This event sounds AMAZING. WHY have I not heard of something similar in Sydney? 😱 I would have also spent so much money on cute things I don’t really need… 😭 I am glad you had a good time despite the sake getting in your eye though, ouch! I hope you washed it with water real quick. I’m not happy at that photographer taking a photo of you but it might be funny if it’s ever posted on the internet somewhere. (Though, being an occasional photographer myself, if I take a bad photo of someone, I respect them and don’t publish it anywhere.)

    One of my best friends has a boyfriend named Nick as well 😆 So I understand exactly how you feel haha!

    I would scream if I got lost trying to find the toilets in a venue. But I guess that is an adequate way to describe how good this venue was. ✌️

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