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How I’m Slowing Things Down

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I’m the sort of person who’s always doing something. I’m always busy, always rushing, always trying to fit as much as I can into my days. Everything needs to be done at 300 miles an hour and if things don’t go at that speed I feel as though I’m wasting valuable time. Obviously, this is not healthy. This is not relaxing. This is not a way to live your life.

But luckily, due to both a change in circumstances and my own attempts to live a happier life, I’ve started to slow things down. I’ve started to be less focused on how long things should take and allowed myself a little time to breathe. So, without further ado, here are a few of the changes I’ve made/accidentally made recently, to take myself out of the fast lane.


Taking a longer lunch

Because my bus now gets me to work super early, I’ve moved my start time forward by half an hour. Which means I get an hour lunch break. A whole hour. Which means I can do more than just eat my lunch on my lunch break. I can actually relax on my lunch break. I don’t have to get stressed about whether there’s enough time to go to the canteen on my lunch break. Omg wow.

Hey, look at me, writing blog posts on my lunch break. Hey, look at me, walking to the vending machine on my lunch break. Here, look at me, doing everything in the world on my lunch break. You get the picture!


Not rushing for the bus

This is more down to my workplace moving than anything else, but I’m finding this to be a really positive change. I’m now lucky enough to have half and hour to walk from work to the bus stop, which is much less stressful than my previously angry ten-minute speed-walk. It’s nice to be able to walk at a snail’s pace, buy myself an incredibly naughty McFlurry and not have to silently curse everyone who walks slowly in front me. Though there are probably people silently cursing me for walking so bloody slowly now.


Waiting for Andy for tea

So, up until recently, I used to make my tea as soon as I got home, because waiting until half 8 for Andy to get home seemed like an impossible and unfair task. This, of course, resulted in two times the cooking and two times the washing, as well as a mad race to get all the pots and pans washed for Andy’s arrival. I’ve since stopped this ridiculousness and instead have a snack when I get home, in order to stop my stomach’s desperate screams for attention. Also, Andy now finishes at 7, which means there’s less time for me to be a hangry monster anyway.


Doing things at own pace

For the past couple of years, I’ve made myself extra-long to-do lists, challenged myself to learn lots of new things and attempted to cram as much as I could into every given day. While it seemed like I was achieving something, this actually just ended up making me miserable, and turned fun things into a chore. Which is why, recently, I’ve scrapped the daily to-do list and just worked through tasks at my own pace. I don’t plan to tackle seventeen tasks in one day, but give myself a more realistic amount. So what if it takes me an extra day or two to get that novel plan done or comments returned? I’m enjoying it so much more and that’s what really matters!


Even though my circumstances may have changed, I didn’t have to slow things down. I could have asked to finish ten minutes earlier at work and ran to the previous bus. I could have attempted to make my tea and wash up in less than two hours, before Andy got home. I could have tasked myself with writing three blog posts a week like I did last Christmas. But I just didn’t want to. Life doesn’t have to be all-go all the time. You’re not going to miss out on anything important by taking an extra fifteen minutes to walk to the bus stop.

It’s been less than a month since I’ve made these changes, and I’m already feeling so much better about everything. I’m calmer, happier and I enjoy everything so much more. I’m so glad I didn’t try to force myself into another hurried routine. Life shouldn’t be like a Grand Theft Auto police chase all the time. Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the scenery.

P.S. I’m planning to do a Q&A soon, so it would be really lovely if you could ask me a few questions in the comments below. Please and thank you!

10 thoughts on “How I’m Slowing Things Down

  1. I think that’s great to take things at a slower pace, especially if you feel calmer and happier! That’s nice to have an hour break in the day to have lunch and also to just relax. Even if I don’t go out for lunch, I try to fill the time with surfing the internet or something, so that I can relax a bit in the work day.

    I imagine it’s stressful to have to rush for the bus. That’s nice that you have much more time now. You don’t need to worry about being late and can take your time 🙂

    I’m the type who likes to-do lists because I find them motivating, but I also don’t beat myself up if I don’t get them done. It’s more to keep myself organized. The more I do it, the more I’ve learned to be reasonable about the amount I put on the list. Lists are helpful if they’re motivating but not if they’re stressful!

    Hm… I’m trying to remember what I asked you last time, so I’m not repetitive, haha. How about… are there any games you’re looking forward to? What’s a dream cosplay you’d like to do one day? Any exciting plans for the summer?

  2. Ooooh wow an hour lunch sounds so nice! So you get to decide your start time? That’s also really nice! I work where the start time is decided for me, and only get a half hour lunch, which sometimes goes by really quickly, haha.

    Also this “Though there are probably people silently cursing me for walking so bloody slowly now.” I’ve definitely had this happen to me, haha.

    I think it’s a great idea to slow things down. I definitely have a problem with this and know of other people (close to me) who have a problem with this and sometimes it can make me stressed out too because they expect me to match their pace.

    I’m glad that you’re experiencing positive changes as well! It’s interesting how once you slowed things down, you got some more down time for yourself.

    I don’t have any questions right this minute but I’ll tweet them to you once I think of a few!

  3. I wish I got an hour lunch at my job. We get 40 minutes, but I admit to usually taking 45 because I’m usually not done everything I want to do.

    One of the things with my schedule that I need to work on is my shower and getting ready time before work. I tend to hit snooze multiple times when my alarm goes off. Then when I’m in the shower, I always end up taking twice as long as I planned. (I swear time moves at an exceptionally fast pace when you’re showering). Then when I’m out, I’m rushing trying to get dressed and do my hair and makeup.

  4. Congratulations on taking things slowly. I learned this in therapy, it’s ok the take things slow, it’s okay to have your own pace of going through life and it’s ok to take time for yourself and relax. So yay for you that you’re not running anymore and you’re enjoying the slow walk through life <3. Take care <3

  5. It’s always good to do things at your own pace actually. It makes life a bit more enjoyable! I guess I could ask: would you face off against zombies or vampires? What world would you love to live in if given the choice. Can be games, movies, books and etc;

  6. It’s fine that you’re slowing down because with some extra time, things can turn out better than ever! You can totally be chill during lunch because you actually have time to digest your food over an hour rather than 30 mins.

    Sometimes, I wonder if people are cursing me for being in their way XD. I’m trying to make a to-do list because a lot of things go over my head @___@. Doing things at your own pace is the best! Hope this will turn out well for you in the long run :).

    Good luck with your Q&A post! I already sent you my Q’s over twitter ;).

  7. We get an hour for lunch in work, but a lot of people spend it catching up on work. I used to, but then I realised that I don’t need to catch up because I’m working slowly – it’s because there is FAR too much to do! So now I use my hour to chill, sometimes I can even squeeze a nap in =p
    ‘You’re not going to miss out on anything important by taking an extra fifteen minutes to walk to the bus stop.’ – this is so true! I’m glad you’ve been able to take a more relaxing approach to things, and that it is benifical too. Here’s hoping it continues to do good =]

    Oooh, a Q&A! Yay! My question is, if you had no limitations (money/time/etc) who would you most want to create a cosplay for?

  8. It’s good you’re taking things at a slower pace. I need to make a better effort at this, too, and not get so riled up over things that doesn’t matter. I’ve become better at both. However, in my mind, I like to work fast and efficiently, so I always try to do things quickly. Also, Korean culture has a “hurry hurry” mentality that’s been ingrained into me a bit. I even had one of my managers tell me to slow down and not expect things to get done right away because I’ll give myself a stroke or something. Him saying that to me opened my eyes back in October or something, so I’ve been trying to do things at a more leisurely pace.

    Good on you for slowing down. Life is short, and we all tell ourselves to live to the fullest, but there is also a balance to maintain with our pace 🙂

  9. It’s great that your slowly down, this is definitely so.ething I struggle with. I’m always on the go, both at work and the weekends… I take on too much sometimes.

    I get an hour for lunch too, but think it’s too long lol. I’d prefer half an hour and to leave an hour early.

  10. I like the decisions you made and I’m glad they have been positive changes for you ☺️ I find it interesting that you actively chose to take a longer lunch break rather than go home early. I would very much prefer to go home earlier haha. Although, since you also pointed out that Andy finishes work at a later time than you, I thought I’d also point out that I finish work at 5 while Nick finishes work at 6, and I used to dislike waiting around and I would be annoyed because I would get hungry. Now I just wait it out (also with me eating five meals a day, I don’t get that hungry until he gets home).

    I tend to (naughtily) work during my lunch break, but I personally made the change of not eating at my desk. Even if I am in the office I sit on the lounge and just look out the window or let my thoughts process. We have our office cafeteria upstairs but I don’t always want to talk to people, but I think that keeping my lunch away from my desk ensures I get a real, proper break from working.

    I love not rushing for the bus/transport 🙏 It is honestly such a refreshing feeling. I’m glad that’s been going well for you too. Since I moved out of my parents’ I was hoping to be more on time with getting the bus but I actually kind of arrive at work at the same time or even a little bit later… but at least I’m not spending 90 minutes commuting. I still should leave home at an earlier time so I am not running for a bus though. LOL

    It sounds like all these changes will continue to keep your mind more peaceful and reduce stress, I know because similar changes in my lifestyle did the same for me ☺️

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