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February Goals

A canal and lots of trees

In order to keep up the January motivation levels, I thought I’d set myself a few goals for February. February is usually when I give up on all my main goals for the year and realise that I just can’t be doing with all that healthy eating and would rather spend my life watching Friends with a large pizza. However, this year I chose not to set such restrictive goals to start the year and just take small steps to improve myself and get shit done. So February will be spent building on what I started. Who said goals were just for January?

Eat more vegetables

I’m trying to slowly change my diet this year, instead of making myself cry because I don’t have enough syns for an evening meal and I burned all the syn-free things we had.

This month I’d like to stop being lazy and add some vegetables to my meals because it would literally only require me chopping them up and sticking them in a pan. *Faints dramatically over the difficulty of life*

Eat less chocolate

If you’d seen my cupboard at the moment, you’d understand just how difficult this goal is. Unfortunately, when it comes to chocolate, I’m still in full “Christmas mode” which means every night is spent nursing a full pack of Cadbury’s finest. This needs to stop or I’ll never fit into my bridesmaid dress and I’ll have to make one out of a bin bag and that’s just not a good look for me, you know?!*

*Except that year my mum dressed me as a “bin bag witch” for Halloween. That was chic as fuck.

Save £500

I’m trying to get much better at saving this year, and I think this goal should be manageable. Unless I decide that I need a bag full of mystery alpacas or something equally ridiculous. I’ll keep you posted if my money falls into a pit of pointlessness.

Be more active on a weekend

This goal is based entirely around the fact my body glues itself to the sofa on weekends, which results in shoulder pain, back pain, and me turning into a chocolate-scoffing machine. I’m not saying I want to run six marathons, while doing an intense Zumba workout or anything, I’d just like to be less of a weekend zombie.

Get out more

I barely left the house in January for anything other than work, so this month I’d like to get out more. I miss my friends and the trees and the skies and my local Sainsbury’s. But mainly my friends.

Finish watching The Punisher

Yeah, this goal is pretty stupid, but we’ve been watching it since November and we’re still only on episode five. I’m really struggling to get into it, but it’s a Marvel Netflix series so I’m bound by the “oath of nerd” to watch it all. Let’s hope it gets better.

Do you have any goals for February?

9 thoughts on “February Goals

  1. All those goals are great! I’ve been trying to get more veggies into my diet as well… I have a microwave steamer, so it’s literally chopping them up and sticking them in the microwave to make them edible.. No excuses… And yet I don’t do it… LOL. So I’ve started to just make them and stick them in the fridge so there’s nothing in my way…
    I have set up auto-transfer into my IRA/savings account automatically on my first paycheck so that I never have the opportunity to spend it. XD Automate alllll the things!

    I’ve started attending a weekly coding meet up on Saturday mornings. Otherwise, I’d sleep in until 1PM every weekend day and I end up feeling so veggitated and yucky… It’s kind of strange to have been up and at it for hours by the time I usually get out of bed, but it’s super cool to have the rest of the day to do things!

    Hope you’re chugging along with your February goals! 🙂

  2. These are good goals to have. I love veggies, so I could probably eat them all the time. I’m like you on weekends though, I get so lazy and just lay around and do nothing. I need to find more motivation on the weekends.

  3. Pizza is life, Amy! Just kidding! A pizza does sound good right now (10pm).

    Good luck with your goals for the month! Though, you picked the month of chocolate (v-day) to give up chocolate!!! Props to you for that! Future Amy will thank you for saving £500.

    Girl, The Punisher was a really good show. I thought I wouldn’t like it but I gained a newfound respect for him!

  4. Good luck with your February goals! This is why I love my monthly write-ups of the month because I feel like I can be more accountable with my goals rather than forgetting they even happened when I first set them in January, they worked really well in January.

    Eating veggies are difficult at first and reducing chocolate seems impossible, but once you start and really get into the routine, it eventually gets better. You just need to get your body and taste buds used to it. Nowadays, I have an INSANE craving for chocolate but then realise after eating half of a bar, that it was a bad idea because they tend to give me headaches after a while! Try snacking on something like carrots instead, it sounds dull BUT it works!

    I think everyone is guilty of not doing much over the weekends. And that’s fine! Especially when you’ve worked your arse off all week! But I’m glad that you’re making the decision to try and move more. Moving is amazingggg!!

  5. This is pretty funny because at some point in my life, I had all of these goals. Let’s just say, I did not accomplish any of them.

    I gave up trying to get out more when I was in my late 20s. I had difficulty with trying to get my friends at the time to set up something with me, and I just wasn’t happy being in public by myself without a specific reason. Its like I can’t force a square peg into a circle. If it happens, great. If it doesn’t, I will eat my popcorn watching Breaking Bad, thank you.

  6. Haha more veggies is a GREAT goal! Ben always says don’t take stuff out of your diet, put more good stuff in! The rest works itself out pretty well ;). Smash those smoothies girl!
    And saving money is another good one. That’s definitely hard for me. But SO worth it! And then you feel all good and adult-ish and stuff. Win win!
    Loving the idea of February goals! It’s never ‘too late’ to crush it!

    Susie |

  7. I think small steps is the way to go! That’s worked better for me, too, because everything feels more reasonable. That’s great that you’re trying to eat better and also to be a bit more active. Once my husband and I got into the habit of including vegetables with our meals, it started feeling weird to have a meal without them. It’s a good habit to get into!

    I enjoyed The Punisher, but I don’t think I got into it as much as the other Marvel series, so we went through it slower as well. Not sure what it was about that one. Good luck with all of your goals though!

  8. I don’t get out a lot, so “get out more” is like a big joke to me… I am such a homebody and I don’t like being around people, so it’s really an effort to get out. I do get out and go to the gym on weekends, and sometimes I go rock climbing, but I don’t do a lot of social stuff. Maybe twice a month? It’s still better than nothing, I think. 🙂 Your mileage may vary – by that I mean, everyone’s idea of getting out more is different and we cope with different levels of “being out”.

    I think it can be easy to be active! On the weekends, I find that the morning, first thing even, is a good time to go for a walk and be active. Since I moved out of my parents’, Nick and I do a Body Pump class every Saturday morning and it feels like a great start to the weekend. It’s out of the way, done and dusted. 👌

    Vegetables and fruit can be really easy to eat! I put berries on my cereal or oats, or sometimes I have them as a snack when I’m hungry, like instead of chocolate or candy 🙂 Berries kick the sugar cravings for sure. And they actually don’t have a lot of carbs, they have a lot less than probably the same amount of chocolate. And they surprisingly fill you up quite a bit as well 🙂

    1. I don’t go out that much either. I think when I wrote this I’d only been to work and nowhere else for the past few weeks. I’m so bad at organising things!

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