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Doki Doki Boxie August 2017

Photo of the unopened Doki Doki Boxie
Sorry about my unphotogenic hand…

To follow last week’s post about my healthy-eating journey, I thought I’d write a post about the large amount of unhealthy snacks me and Andy ate recently. Because variety is the spice of life and all that. Anyway…

Last month, Andy and I purchased a Japanese candy and snack box from Doki Doki Boxie. Doki Doki Boxie sell monthly mystery snack boxes, similar to brands like Tokyo Treat and Japan Crate. Except with Doki Doki Boxie you don’t have to subscribe, which means you can buy them as and when you feel like it! No being tied down to regular payments! We chose the Deka Box, because it’s the biggest and we’re amazingly greedy. The Deka Box includes 20-21 items, along with a choice of either an extra premium snack or anime item/toy. I persuaded Andy to let me go for the premium item, because it looked amazing. You also get to choose whether you want a DIY sweet kit instead of one of the snacks, and we obviously chose the DIY kit, because they’re so much fun to do!

Warning: The photo-quality in this post is not great, because I used my camera instead of my phone. Yes, phone camera quality has improved so much that it’s actually taken over the camera I spent £150 on in 2012. Someone buy me a DSLR so I can stop making excuses and just own my terrible camera skills.

The open Boxie
Here’s a photo of the box, which I opened, took everything out of, then tried to stuff everything back in, in a natural-looking way. #InstagramPro

Photo of the items listed below
Peko-chan Strawberry Choco Parasol – This was a mixture of strawberry chocolate and milk chocolate, shaped like a parasol. Because everyone wants to eat a parasol!

Fuusen no Mi (Peach Gum) – We’ve not actually tried this yet, but I’m not a fan of gum, so I think it’ll end up going to Andy. Even though I do love peach-flavoured things!

Mango Yogurt Picola – These are, hands-down, the best wafers I’ve ever had in my life. The mango-flavouring is just perfect, and I had to stop myself from scoffing the whole packet in one go. They’re like those hollow, ice cream wafer sticks, except packed with flavour. In hindsight, they’d be perfect drinking straws, and I can imagine they’d be incredible with a nice black tea. *stops writing to go find more mango wafer sticks online…*

Disney Pakkuncho – These are biscuits with chocolate inside, kind of like Hello Pandas, except they have Disney characters on them! I ate Olaf, guys. I ate Olaf!

Uncle Pierre’s Butter Cream Roll Cake – This looked really exciting and butter cream is like the best thing you can stuff in your face, but, unfortunately, it fell a bit flat. It was just a Swiss roll in fancy packaging, guys. Do not let it deceive you. Damn sneaky Japanese Swiss roll.

Photo of the items listed below

Pokémon Snack – THE BEST THING IN THE BOX. These are Pikachu-shaped cocoa rice snacks (a bit like Coco Pops) with a beautiful white chocolate filling. They were so melty and wonderful and lovely and I could honestly have eaten about 300 boxes of them. If I ever go to Japan I’ll be stockpiling these, because, wow, they were amazing. You even got a free Pokémon sticker inside the box – we got Lapras!

Ottotto Consomme – Hollow crackers shaped like cute vegetables and vegetable-related things with the flavour of consomme. These were way too strong for me, but they were so adorable. They even had aubergine-shaped ones, which I had to photograph and send to my friend because aubergines.

Harvest Double Chocolate Melizy – Thin chocolate biscuits coated in milk AND dark chocolate. These were wrapped in twos and the packaging was so cute!

Texas Corn Takoyaki – When we opened these, I thought they were fish-flavoured, and almost cried because I HATE anything fishy. However, after reading the leaflet, I found out that they were takoyaki sauce flavoured, which I was so happy about! And they were SO GOOD. I’d definitely recommend trying some!

Photo of Pokémon Snack
Better than diamonds.

Photo of the items listed below
Potato chips – Hokkaido Rich Butter – Like the title suggests, these crisps were so buttery. I felt like I was eating huge spoonfuls of butter straight from the tub, but with a tiny hint of garlic. As a person who rarely butters bread for sandwiches, I found this way too overwhelming, but Andy said they were the best crisps he’d ever had. He does use half a tub of butter on every sandwich he has though!

Garlic Potato Chips – These were amazingly garlicky and I’m now incredibly sad that we don’t do anything like this in the UK. I’d like all the garlic crisps now, please.

Photo of the items listed below
Purin Dakedo Cola Gummy – I think these were supposed to be pudding and cola flavoured gummies, but I could only taste cola. They were still nice though!

Pizza Potato Chips – These are amazing crinkle-cut crisps, which tasted like pizza and had some sort of magic cheese on them that didn’t need to be refrigerated. Yes, I realise the cheese was probably powdered/dehydrated. Yes, I’m still going to call it “magic” cheese.

Baby Star Ramen Mini (Chicken) – I don’t really know what this is. Andy thinks it’s probably like the noodly bits in Bombay mix, but I guess we won’t know for sure until we try them. And, yes, “noodly bits” is a technical term.

Photo of Look Parfait A La Mode chocolates
Look Parfait A La Mode – This was the premium item we got in the box. These are individually-wrapped chocolates with chocolate, banana, strawberry and matcha green tea parfait fillings. Although I loved how these were presented, and thought the chocolates were really cute, I found the fillings far too strong. Especially the matcha one, which I thought tasted more like Irish liquor than matcha green tea.

Photo of the items listed below
Premium Umaibo (Mozzarella and Camembert Cheese) – A giant Wotsit (corn snack) with the most amazing cheese flavour ever. So amazing, in fact, that I had an incredibly hard time giving the second half to Andy to try. Why he take away my lovely corn snack?

Cheese Arare – I think these were actually made of cardboard. But, for some reason, when I complained to Andy that they tasted of cardboard, he nodded enthusiastically, then said they were the best thing he’s ever tasted. Why does my boyfriend like eating cardboard?

Fugashi – The leaflet describes this as a ‘like a beautiful combination of sugar toast and a croissant’, which is a really great way of describing it. I thought this was absolutely amazing, and was so surprised when the crunchy batter melted into a pastry-type consistency in my mouth. The sugary flavour was amazing too. Can I eat these all day, please?

Premium Ham Katsu – I’ve not tried this yet and I’m scared to, because I imagine it’s one of those things that you either love or hate, and if you hate it the taste will stay with you for the next three days, no matter how many mints you eat.

Photo of Fun Festival DIY Kit
Fun Festival! DIY Kit – We’ve not made this yet, but it looks amazing on the box, so let’s spend a bit longer imagining that it will turn out like that, because I’m sure when I’ve effed it up I’ll be sorely disappointed about how bad it looks.

And that’s everything! All in all, it was a fantastic box and I’d definitely recommend getting one if you’re interested in trying some different snacks. Plus, when compared with similar boxes, Doki Doki Boxie worked out cheaper per item, which is always good.

This post ISN’T sponsored, by the way, I just really like food. But if anyone would like to sponsor me to eat lots of snacks then you’re more than welcome to.

Have you ever bought a surprise box?

10 thoughts on “Doki Doki Boxie August 2017

  1. I got the Japan Crate and it’s also so full of yummy goodies but I like Japanese candy now because of that box. Anything with yummy food is good on my end and it helped broaden my horizons to what I can like if I be open minded. Love that Doki Doki box~

  2. Yummy! I used to do a lot of subscriptions boxes, even had one place send me one for free to do an online review for it on my blog. That was a shocker. I got sick of it after a year though, haha. That is awesome about this one not needing a subscription though. I will have to keep it in mind when my sister wants to try a box of japanese snacks. XD

  3. I love this, especially the Pokemon snacks. 😍 I’ve only bought one surprise box which was my Geeky Clean Game of Thrones one, but I’ll definitely look at trying a snacks box.

  4. I am always jealous (in a good way) about the cute and cool snacks you to get to enjoy! The Deka Box looks pretty generous with the amount of stuff you get! Why are Japanese ~everything~ so cute???? The Disney Pakkuncho caught my attention, ha! What you need next is a Pokemon subscription box XD. Just kidding~

    Shoot, garlic chips are so good even though I have to brush my teeth after eating them XD. And wot, pizza chips!!! I’m game with the magic cheese.

    Funny thing is that eating cardboard is actually a thing in China. Definitely not my kinda food! I’ve seen the DIT kits before and they look super fun! Shoot, you need to get sponsored, ASAP!

  5. “Because variety is the spice of life and all that.” You crack me up Amy 😂

    Don’t worry about the camera quality! I think a lot of people’s smartphones replace cameras as a go to now anyway, but some (like me) like being extra with their other camera LOL (as you saw in Manchester 😂)

    I like services/products that allow you to be flexible like that – dipping in and out like that is the best! Especially when it comes to food! I remember I wanted to try Graze I think it was but I didn’t like the monthly payments. Meh, they’re overpriced anyway ahha!

    AHHH BUT ALL THE CUTE SNACKS THOUGH OMGGOMG They remind me of the time I went to Fuerteventura’s local supermarket and I bought a shit ton of Pikachu biscuit chocolate bar thing IT WAS MUCH MORE SATISFYING EATING PIKACHU LIKE THAT.

    … that sounded wrong BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN RIGHT?

    SO GOOD!

    I’m glad you enjoyed your cute snacks!!

  6. Oooh! I like how they give you the option to just buy one box when you feel like it rather than making you be on a subscription plan. That’s definitely more useful 😀 I am a big fan of Korean and Japanese snacks. I generally find them to be better than American snacks for the most part. They are also less saltier!

    That’s a really great snack stash. It’s really neat to see what they come up with XD The one I recognise is the Baby Star Ramen one! I agree that they are noodly bits, haha! I like them, but it’s not something I get often.

    It’s good that this box turned out to be a good deal. Thanks for sharing these snacks!

  7. Ugh. I’m jealous. All those snacks. I’m glad you found some you really liked. When I get boxes like this, I’m like, “Oh, that’s nice,” but I end up being disappointed in the end. Apparently I like to just buy the items I like and be done with it. xD

    As a side note, I share your woes about cameras. I have to actually EDIT my photos because they come out so horribly. Yes, I edit my photos. :x.

  8. The amount of videos I’ve watched of DIY sweet kits is a bit ridiculous, but they look like so much fun!

    I’ve also watched loads of videos of Americans eating Japanese snacks (I honestly don’t know what I do with my life lol) – it always makes me hungry!

    Japanese snacks look so cute – I really want to try this box because I love trying out things like this. I got a box from Inspire Korea which was a mixture of snacks and beauty products and it was SO good.

    You’ll definitely have to do a follow up post on the DIY kit! I can’t wait to hear how it turned out – ALSO, you get SO many snacks in the box and that is amazing!

  9. The Cheese Arare looks like erm… those styrofoam pellets they put in boxes to cushion your stuff during shipment. I wouldn’t be surprised if they taste like cardboard. 👀

    I don’t like being tied into subscriptions, especially when I want to give these kind of fun boxes “a try” and just buy one. It’s good that you were able to just do a one-off! I’m really surprised at just how many snacks and treats you got… that’s super generous!

    I LOVE HELLO PANDA. Anything that tastes like that is 🤤

    I’m not big on gum either and I think a lot of that “fun” nice flavoured gum is pretty yucky in taste. I like mint gum to refresh my breath sometimes, but that’s about it.

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