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Cracking Christmas Advice

Star Wars Christmas

Is Christmas stressing you out? Are you convinced that something’s going to go horribly wrong? Do you ever get an overwhelming urge to bin the turkey, throw the Christmas tree outside and fly off to a distant country away from your family?

Yep, me too.

Christmas may be “the most wonderful time of the year” in some ways, but even the most Christmassy among us can find certain aspects of the holidays stressful, annoying and downright awful. I mean, come on, it’s a time of year which involves a combination of present-wrapping, hectic shopping and more family members than you can count – there are bound to be some negative side-effects.

Here’s some advice to help you to have the best Christmas ever… or at least a bearable one!

Buy more wrapping paper than you think you need
Because running to shop at 9pm on Christmas Eve is never going to end successfully.

Remember that you love your family
Even when they’re asking why you’re single, when you’re getting engaged, and how you’ve managed to put on so much weight in just one year.

If in doubt drink more wine
It is Christmas, after all.

Remind yourself that money isn’t everything
Because you’re not going to have any for the next few months.

On Christmas Day, wear something that gives you a bit of extra-room
You’ll feel better about how much you’ve eaten if you can’t feel your belly pressing against your waistband. Plus you’ll have more space to hide the unwanted sprouts.

Ignore the negativity
Especially when your friends come over and say that you haven’t “fluffed up” the Christmas tree properly. So what, Karen! Maybe I want my tree to look like it’s dying a slow and painful death, okay?!

Practise your present face
Yes, Aunty Sara, I did want a unicorn-shaped toilet brush, how did you know?

Always take an extra couple of presents
Because there’s always that one person who buys you something, even though you’ve said less than three words to them in your entire life.

Convince yourself that you’re going to stick to your diet for the whole of January
This will make you feel considerably less guilty when you’re on you’re 8th mince pie, and you’ll also be able to pretend you actually have some kind of life plan for next year when your family ask.

Remember that a new year is only around the corner
So it really doesn’t matter if you’ve drank too much, face-planted the floor and sworn at your Aunty Janice.

Have a very merry Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Cracking Christmas Advice

  1. Hahaha, this post had me cracking up! I love love Christmastime, but it can be pretty stressful at times (mainly when all members of the family get together in one room – some things never change). I almost died at the Christmas tree one because my mom’s name is Karen so I can totally see this happening. Whenever she comes over she will always point something out that I’ve done oddly – not necessarily in a mean way, but a very motherly way. 😛

    A definite yes on practicing the present face! I don’t mind when people give bad gifts because Christmas isn’t about the gifts, so it’s funny when you get the truly awful ones. One year when I was still in high school, my grandpa had bought me a self-help book for women. I guess he thought I was having a hard time or something. I just donated it, haha XD

    I do hope you have a great Christmas Amy!

  2. I am starting my diet now so I don’t feel like shit on New Years. 🙂 It means that I can work hard now but also comfortably cheat a bit on the Christmas Days but still be OK shape! Haha.

    I think it is a good idea to bring extra presents, though I don’t want people to realise that I thought of them as extras! 😛

  3. Loving the tinsel around the Stormtrooper and Chewbacca! So festive~

    Christmas isn’t stressing me out /too/ much this year, but the present buying is. Ugh. I hate how expensive Christmas is and really, I’d rather spend the money on myself.

    Haha, my mum loves to stock up on wrapping paper so we have an abundance of it laying around the house. So handy.

    I always wear something snazzy on Christmas snazzy, but as soon as it gets to dinner I change into my comfy pants and eat my body weight in all the food, haha.

    “Fluffed up the Christmas tree” – sounds like a porno term. Ahem

    Hope you have a great Christmas!

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