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I somehow haven’t blogged in over two weeks, even after I convinced myself that having regular hours would mean I could develop a regular blogging schedule. Yeah, it hasn’t. What I realised is that working 9-5 isn’t just 9-5 – it takes me almost two hours to get to work and almost two hours back, so by the time I’ve got home and had tea it’s almost time for bed. Plus I’ve been making Andy watch New Girl, so that’s been taking up a lot of time.

My weekends have also been quite busy, probably because it’s the first time in four years that I’ve had weekends free, so I’m really making the most of it. Last weekend I played Batman: Arkham Knight a lot, and also ended up going to the out-of-hours surgery due to illness, unfortunately, and the weekend before we had friends and family round. And this weekend it’s Halloween and my 23rd birthday (wahey, I’m getting old), but hopefully I’ll have time to post about cake and ghosts and stuff.

I absolutely love my new job. It’s very different, working in an almost setting (it’s very creative so it’s not that officey), but I really love it, and it’s great getting to do something I want to do. It’s still a little nerve-wracking though, so hopefully I’ll be used to it all soon.

Blog-wise I’m planning on doing a few “Surviving Customer Service” posts, where I’ll give some serious and some not-so-serious tips on how to deal with customers. I spent four years working in customer service based jobs so hopefully I’ve learned something. If only how not to cry when someone tells you how stupid you are for scanning a loaf of bread twice. I’ve also got a few other things planned, so watch this space.

Well, that’s just about all I can think of. This is probably why I never really do life posts, because nothing much happens. Is there anything you’d like to see on the blog in future?

5 thoughts on “Catch-up

  1. Yeah, having regular working hours drains you more, I think. I know it does for me! By the time I’m home, I just want to crash X_X; Work really sucks all the energy out of me, both mentally and physically.

    I absolutely adore my weekends. They are what gives me the motivation to make it through the work week because it’s something I can look forward to!

    Glad to hear your job is going well! I’m sure in another couple of weeks, you won’t feel so nerve-wrecked! ^^

  2. 9-5 is so tiring! As you said, with travelling and catching up on actual life once you’ve got home, it’s hard to create any sort of schedule! Hope the out-of hours wasn’t anything serious and that you’re feeling better now. Happy birthday for the weekend!

  3. If you’re old, I’m ancient 😛 Busy busy bee you are! I hope you have a good birthday and a good halloween, too!

    Going to school most of the week in the mornings is draining, honestly. I know how you feel!

  4. Have fun with halloween!

    I’d be interested in reading those customer service posts 😀 That type of thing is usually pretty hilarious. I’ve had a bunch of years in customer service but most of mine was over the phone and not face to face, fortunately.

    Oh and, Happy birthday! 😀

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