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Burning my fingers in way too many pies

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I thought I’d make a post on the “projects” I’m currently working on, because calling them “projects” makes me feel like I’m actually achieving something in my Summer break, instead of just sitting playing Candy Crush on Facebook, and learning how to make porridge so it doesn’t just taste like milky glue. And I get to feel a bit professional if I say I have “projects” I’m working on. But to be honest I’m spending most of my time playing with the milky glue I made to eat, and staring at blank Word documents. For the purpose of this blog entry we’ll go with ‘projects’ though. It sounds better than ‘stuff I’m sort of doing’.

I’m Writing a Novel

Which means I write a terrible paragraph per day and call it progress. I have 10 pages, so I’m doing okay. It’s about a woman who comes home to find her husband on the sofa with another woman. And they’re not watching television.

I’m Writing a Series of Monologues

(And I’m unwilling to admit that these are from the point of view of fruits, and unwilling to put them on my writing blog just yet in case any vegetables get jealous. And in case anyone begins to question my mental state).

I’m Learning Italian

I’m listening to a CD voiced by a very angry Italian woman. She’s very aggressive and threatening, so I’ve been turning the CD off after a short time so I don’t end up weeping uncontrollably.

I’m Learning to Decorate Cakes

I bought a magazine and looked at the pictures and everything. Now it’s just time to turn my oven on and buy some icing.
I also have 35 books to read before I start university this year. I’ve read a total of two. What are you currently working on?

5 thoughts on “Burning my fingers in way too many pies

  1. It never is easy moving out from your parents house. I thought for sure that I would be living with my dad for a long time. I did right up until he met his girlfriend and her and my personality clashed. But life is not like they seem on television and movies. It’s always hard. I was constantly struggling month after month to find ways of getting food and surviving on what little I had to work with. And to top that off with – I had to wait to buy things for my apartment. My apartment looked trashy, but I had a few knick knacks here and there. But still looked trashy. I guess needless to say I have naive thinking. Didn’t realize that my moving out was going to be hard. I lived with a family for a year, and things went awry, but still I didn’t think I would be forced to move out like the way I was. Long story. But moving out on my own made me realize how hard life is and it isn’t easy. But you can try. Can’t guarantee it will be easy – it will make you struggle to survive. Having luxuries, is just that luxuries like internet/t.v. etc.etc. those are all luxuries.

    Anyway, good job on writing your novel and what not.

  2. Calling things projects always seemed to help me at least work on them.

    I learned Italian a few years ago and the only thing I really remember is how to say I’m hungry. Which I guess would kind of help.

    Good luck on learning to decorate cakes, I bake all the time and I just never take the time to decorate. The only cake I did was the birthday cake for my niece.

  3. Good luck with all of these projects you’re putting yourself through! I am so addicted to Candy Crush +___+. There are so many benefits in completing projects~

    Your novel sounds interesting. I’m curious about the aftermath of what happens to the husband after being caught. Even though you have a paragraph down per day, it’s still something more than the day before.

    Although you’re not going to admit writing about life from a fruit’s pov, that is a cute idea. If a fruit was observing me, it would wonder why it’s still alive. XD

    Power to you for stepping it up and learning Italian on your own! It sounds like you’re having quite an experience with learning the language.

    I don’t really have any projects to work on during the summer… Besides wanting to learn how to code in Python by the end of the year except I’m procrastinating :(.

    Good luck once again with everything!!

  4. Ah good luck with your writing! I’d love to have it in me to be able to imagine up characters and plots, but I guess I have more of a maths brain. Sigh.

    If you’re trying to learn a new language, try ! I’m using it at the moment to learn German and it’s really quite fun. Also, the owl is adorable :3

    Eee, please share photos of the cakes when you make some, it sounds ca-ute!

  5. Good luck on your projects! That’s awesome that you’re doing so much writing. I hope to read some of it some time!

    haha, that’s funny about your Italian CD. I’m trying to learn Japanese right now through Rosetta Stone. I was really into it at first, and now I’m slacking off. I really need to keep up with it.

    I decorate a lot of cakes, and I suggest making your own frosting if you can! I find that homemade frosting is easier to spread for a smooth look, and it also tastes amazing. Buttercream frosting is pretty easy to make 🙂

    I’m currently trying to keep up with some sewing projects, but like studying Japanese, I’ve been slacking on that too 🙁

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