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“Brilliant” Excuses For Not Blogging

  • WordPress is drunk on HTML cocktails.
  • It is 3am. Somewhere in the world.
  • The neighbours can hear me typing through their incredibly noisy decorating work.
  • I ruined my healthy eating plan by having chocolate cake and caramel shortbread at work today, so I have to visit the diet-police, and therefore have no time to blog.
  • I am too busy imagining that the ‘diet-police’ is actually a drink for cannibals but without those sugary handcuffs included.
  • I am now imagining someone attempting to fit a full-sized police-person into a blender.
  • I am too busy feeling guilty about imagining the police in a blender.
  • The neighbours can hear me typing as they try to bash my wall down.
  • My Internet isn’t working.
  • Friends is on and I don’t want to miss it because they might never show the episode again.
  • My neighbours can hear me typing through their loud repetitive club music. It is seriously affecting the dance-beat. I don’t want to be inconsiderate.
  • Writing impairs your ability to operate heavy-machinery.
  • I was planning to operate all the heavy machinery this evening.
  • The neighbours are unable to sleep through keyboard tapping.

I hope my neighbours weren’t awoken by this blog entry…

2 thoughts on ““Brilliant” Excuses For Not Blogging

  1. Yup, you are right. They really are brilliant excuses! The last one is the best! I wonder the same thing sometimes when I am chatting with people after 2-3 am!

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