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Blogging is Hard and the iPhone 7 is Evil

Stuff to do

I’m sitting here with so many planned posts/drafts/things in my head but no words will come out. I just can’t finish anything (insert rude joke), and every time I try to blog recently I end up staring at Facebook and Twitter for three hours, then getting sad, because I’ve spent all my free time doing nothing.

I write all day. I wake up on a morning, go to work and I write. It’s my full-time job now and I love it, but I wonder if that’s why I don’t always want to come home and stare at my laptop for the entire evening. I used to spend all my evenings on the Internet. I’d get home from school and sit in my Dad’s garage on the computer, even when it was freezing in winter, I’d still spent my entire evening down there, working on content for my website. But then school got harder. I had revision. Coursework. I got a boyfriend. And, last year, a full-time job. Somehow, the blog stopped being my one true love, and moved into the background. This makes me sad. Very sad.

I plan a lot of content on my lunch breaks at work, but I avoid writing it. I’m anxious that if I write something on my lunch it’ll be rushed and I don’t want to make content I’m not proud of. I look back at some of the posts from a few years back, when I challenged myself to blog every day for a month, and I cringe. I mean, come on Amy? You can do better than that. Can’t you?

I think that’s what I’m doing now. Worrying about posts being rushed. Andy comes home in just over an hour and I still have to wash-up and throw my seventeen million empty cans of Pepsi Max in the bin. I have a to-do list on my fridge that never ever leaves and, sadly, doing the washing has to come before blogging. I really miss being a teenager in these moments. It was so easy to find time to do things back then. Teenage Amy didn’t even know the meaning of stress, I tell you.

No, this post isn’t just to complain that being an adult is hard. Because it is, sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be. Because instead of getting annoyed that I “won’t have time to write groundbreaking and amazing content that will win me the blogging equivalent of an Emmy”, I should be trying to do something about it. So that’s why I’ve come up with a genius plan. No, its not a version of the iPhone 7 that includes a headphone jack. (But we do all wish they’d put the damn hole back).

Every night I have an average of four hours free time, two of which, I am alone for (don’t come murder me). I spend 3-4 hours a day on the bus, have half an hour lunch, then have the entire weekend off work. So, on weekdays alone, I have almost 8 hours where I could be writing a post.

I’m going to start small. I’m going to put three hours a week aside for blogging. I’m going to write the times in my super-awesome parrot planner, which doesn’t get the use it should do. And I’m going to have enough time to blog again. Properly. There might even be pictures.

I love blogging, so it’s really important to me that I have enough time to do it like I used to. Although, without the staying up writing all night, because I have to be a responsible adult as well now. And trying to stay awake at a computer screen after less than four hours sleep is a nightmare. Kind of like the iPhone 7.

I’d be really interested to know how you find time to blog, and, also, whether you have a set time when you do? I’ve never been one to pencil-in blogging, but life’s getting so much more hectic now, and I don’t want to stop. Any tips would be much appreciated!

7 thoughts on “Blogging is Hard and the iPhone 7 is Evil

  1. Wow. It sounds like you’re taking the he words entirely out of my head. Now I am not a blogger who writes anything close to deserving an Emmy but I do enjoy it. I do it for myself. I like to get my experiences written down somewhere. It’s like my journal. And sadly blogging has fallen by the wayside, for many of the same reasons as you. I want to get back into it as well. I have so many ideas but actually sitting down to write is another thing. Good luck to you. I like that you’ve scheduled time specifically for it!

  2. I actually blog on my train and bus rides these days. Sometimes I am with Nick (well, we catch the bus together almost every day to work, despite not living together), and we chat, but other times I pull out my phone and type up notes for blog posts. I feel like it’s a great time to either focus on nothing at all, or just write something. It tends to be pretty boring on a train, and I have to commute so much that I might as well make the most of my time. 😎

    I always include my blog in my calendar by adding blog posts that I want to publish as events. I can drag them around as I see fit, but the coloured blocks also give me an idea of how often I post. Every time I get ideas, I write them down. I’ve written this stuff in a blog post before, I am not sure how well it works for everyone else.

    I can understand how having a job that involves a lot of writing can make blogging seem like a chore. I think the same goes for me in terms of web development. I enjoy it so much at work, but at home I really don’t feel like it. But if it’s something you love, it’s something you have to do in moderation 🙂 So it’s right that you are making the time to blog, even if it’s hard.

  3. Blog ideas usually start forming in my head everywhere I go and I just brainstorm and write them down as soon as I get. Blogging can be difficult, and I know because sometimes even with those steps being taken, I still find myself lost. Oh well. I hope my ideas can help. Being an adult is difficult and don’t I know it. I’m trying to function like one and it isn’t easy.

  4. When I started working full-time I found it so hard to find time to blog. For a long time I was pushing out three posts a week but because I was rushing them they weren’t as good as they could have been. So now I’ve learned that less is more. I post less frequently but the quality of my posts is better, and I also feel like I have more time to myself as blogging isn’t taking up so much of my life.

    I always seem to get my best inspiration for posts when I’m at work so, to avoid suspicion from my managers, I write my blog posts in Gmail so it looks like I’m writing an email! This is a TERRIBLE thing to admit but it doesn’t matter because I still get the work done and I even got promoted last week. XD

    Sunday tends to be my blogging day, although I write throughout the week when even I have inspiration. I also use my lunch breaks to reply and return to comment.

    I imagine how you feel about writing is similar to how I feel about coding. Like I’ve been trying to build a new theme for my blog but it’s taken me months to even get started because I code all day long and sometimes I need a break!

    Best of luck with the new plan!

  5. I’ve been really lacking inspiration lately. Since I’ve started working full time, I feel like my life has been pretty cut and dry lately. We’ve had a few trips planned that I will post about, but I’ve also been trying to balance full time work and home life and other social obligations and still squeezing in blogging. Add in the lacking inspiration, and It’s no wonder I’ve only blogged once in September. D:

    I usually blog on the weekend. I have more time (usually) to set aside for it. I also write it down on my to-do list. On the weekends when I have a lot of stuff to do, I like to make to do lists and slowly move down the list and check everything off. I’m so much more productive if I know I have things to check off my list.

    I also will sometimes write posts at work if I have some free time. I pull up a new email and then will send it to myself so it looks like I’m being productive, haha. When I’m bored at work I can usually come up with some new ideas and at least get started on a post. I don’t have to finish it, but sometimes starting is the hardest part and I can finish/edit/whatever it when I go home.

  6. I’m in the situation too @___@. I like to plan my blog posts ahead of time but don’t get to it until the last second. At the same time, blogging is a hobby and I don’t punish myself for not going according to plan XD. I think you’re fine the way you are. You write interesting posts and I like the personality you have :). Hope you’ll stick to the scheduling.

    I’m a bit upset that I can’t plug headphones in and charge my iPhone 7 at the same time. I need that darn Y-cable to get that done… At the same time, I’m slowly adjusting to it. Having a new car would be great because of Apple Car Play XD.

    I put all of my blogging ideas and scheduling in Google Keep. My main goal every weekend is to find time to push a blog post out (one way or another). I also keep a huge list of topics to blog post. Blogging is hard, but it builds character ;).

  7. I fell you a hundred percent on this. Ever since I started working a job that has me on a computer for so many hours in a day it is hard for me to come home and write anything on a computer, or work on website or anything at all…. heck, I hardly touch my home computer anymore and it is a sad thing. ):

    For me, I just really wait for a good moment to be able to keep blogging or if I had something really interesting to say. Otherwise, I’m not as strong of a blogger as I use to be and I just had to except it even though it sucks.

    I’m sure you will find your right flow and get back into it if that is what you really enjoy doing. Good Luck!

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