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August Goals

The inside of the Corn Exchange in Leeds
This is the inside of the Corn Exchange in Leeds. It is #goals and therefore fits with this post. I didn’t just lazily select an image from my camera roll, honestly.

Back to blogging, back to making goals I’ll probably never achieve!

Because of a mixture of heat, holidays and me being a bit lazy, I’ve kind of gone a bit off track with my goals. Recently, it’s just been about getting through my to-do list before I fall asleep on the sofa, so I haven’t really been achieving what I’d like to achieve. So, this month, I’m making a few goals to get myself back on track and start feeling like it’s January all over again. Let’s do this…

1. Finish the first draft of my novel
Starting off with a task that will probably take up the majority of evenings this month – but it’s good to be ambitious, right?

If you’ve followed me for a while, you might know that I’ve been attempting to write a novel since I was around 17. I’ve never actually managed to finish a full first draft, so I’m hoping that having a month focussed on getting it done will really help me to at least get a bit closer to the goal.

2. Make a new bank account
Because I’m now an actual master of saving (lol, I wish), I’d like to open a second savings account. I want to have one account for money for big things like the wedding, and another to encourage me to save extra money for holidays and iPads. Can’t wait to own all the iPads…

3. Stop buying stuff at work
This year, I’ve got into the habit of buying drinks, food and snacks from the staff canteen. As much as I enjoy downing a fancy flat white on a morning, the money really adds up and I’d really like to reduce the amount of money I spend at work. Even if that does mean making my own sandwiches at 6am.

4. Start decluttering the spare room
Since moving to a bigger house, we now have a spare room that we can dump things in. This is fantastic when you’re tidying up and can’t be bothered sorting things out properly, but it isn’t great for organisation or living that minimal lifestyle that everyone keeps going on about. This month, I’d love to get it somewhat organised and get rid of all the things we don’t need… so we can make room for even more things we don’t need.

Just kidding… kind of.

5. Buy some new blinds
When we moved into our house, we realised that the living room blinds didn’t work properly, and only roll down and not up. We tried to order some new ones ages ago, but ended up sending the order back twice because they were damaged. Four months on, we still haven’t remembered to order some more, so I definitely want to do it this month. I can’t sit in the dark much longer!

6. Eat better food
I’m not talking caviar or those little appetisers they give you at weddings, but the five portions of fruit and vegetables that you’re supposed to eat as an adult human being. I’m really bad for doing what’s easiest and making my plate a sea of beige, but it’s not good for my body or my ability to see in the dark. How am I meant to be Batman if I don’t eat all the power-giving carrots?

On a serious note though, my stomach is not a fan of eating party food every evening, so I really want to be a bit healthier this month.

7. Spend less time on social media
When I’m 83 and my grandchildren ask about what I used to do when I was younger, I’ll have to tell them that I spent most evenings scrolling through a website where people argue over whether you can call a chip a chip, because it’s possibly offensive to that cup from Beauty and the Beast. Of course, they’ll make a polite comment via their brainwave devices, before going back to playing space Tetris on their PS3007, but the regret over wasting my evenings on social media will still be there.

In large doses, I actually find social media quite negative for my mental health, and really want to step away and try to regain the passion for some of my other hobbies. Being online is great, but I don’t want it to take over all my free time.

I’m hoping that I’ll achieve at least some of these goals, instead of forgetting about them in favour of binge-watching Good Girls on Netflix with a takeaway and a sharing bar of chocolate. If not, look forward to next month, where a despondent Amy will be back with the exact same post.

What are your goals for August?

4 thoughts on “August Goals

  1. Ah, I get the same feels! I’ve fallen off track with my goals for the past few weeks too, but we gotta move forward, haha!

    Good luck on your novel! Writing a novel sounds daunting because there’s lots of work involved, but I’m sure it would be fulfilling when you see the finished product (or the first draft, at the very least). Wishing you all the best with that!

    “In large doses, I actually find social media quite negative for my mental health, and really want to step away and try to regain the passion for some of my other hobbies. Being online is great, but I don’t want it to take over all my free time.” – Oh man, yes. This is why I got rid of my Facebook, and now I rarely spend time on Twitter and Instagram too. We all need to have a life outside social media. It’s all a matter of balance 🙂

    Good luck and I hope you achieve all of your goals! 😀

  2. I hope you have accomplished your goals for that month! I felt you on a lot of points in that post ;o; especially on the “buy less stuff at work” and “eat better food”, I guess they’re also somehow linked sometimes!

    I don’t think I would call it peer pressure but I do feel like that I wouldn’t coffee every morning or snack at the cafeteria if I didn’t go with my colleagues too.

    Good luck on the novel 😀

  3. I am horrible at making goals and even worse at actually accomplishing them. It’s not that I don’t have ambition. I just get easily distracted. So I can understand like the novel for instance. I am always off track.

    I hope you were able to achieve some or all of your august goals!

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