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April: It Doesn’t Matter That I’m a Failure

I start every post like this but:


I am not trying to shout, or showing how exciting I am, I’m just emphasising the fact that I overuse this opening sentence like hell. I’m probably gonna keep using it forever, because working full-time and doing my own housework means I’ll always be busy. Even if I say I’ve had a nice, relaxing weekend, I’ve probably actually been stressing over the ironing or putting together a 50,000 word essay on how busy I am or something. Anyway, this is going to be a post summarising April. I’ll try not to say ‘busy’ again…

What Happened in April

I spent the majority of my free time working on my Camp NaNoWriMo novel, and complaining to my letting agent about their terrible service. We still didn’t get anything fixed, but the ceiling hasn’t fallen in yet either, though it looks to be heading that way. April was a very expensive month, because of Andy’s birthday and my addiction to buying Pokemon cards, so in May I’ll have to be a lot more money-conscious if I want to make my savings target by the end of the year. Here’s a list of some other things that happened in April:

  • I went to Scarborough Sci-Fi Con with a few friends and had an amazing time!
  • Re-watched the early seasons of Cougar Town. PENNY CAN!
  • Bought loads more Pokemon cards. Made the best deck ever and won a game against Andy.
  • Avoided buying new bins and bedding and important stuff because I’m super responsible like that.
  • Started eating healthier meals. We actually own a vegetable steamer now, which I absolutely love.
  • We made progress on the roof situation. We had someone out and confirm that there are holes in the roof, which means our landlord is obligated to do something about it. Just hoping it’s sooner rather than later.
  • It was really warm, then really cold, then it snowed a bit.


April in Pictures

Goals in Review

At the start of April, I made some goals, which were:
1. Writing 50,000 words for Camp NaNoWriMo
2. Going a month without chocolate
3. Selling my unwanted devices
4. Opening a help to buy ISA account
5. Learning to play a new song on the keyboard

I didn’t complete any of these. I lasted only 8 days without chocolate, before deciding that a Milk Tray was more appealing than completing my goal. The other goals were more down to time than anything. I didn’t realise how much of my time NaNoWriMo would take up, and I ended up spending the majority of my evenings trying to catch-up on the days I missed. I still didn’t managed to meet my NaNoWriMo word goal either – I did make 44,000 words though, which I’m incredibly proud of.


May Goals

I realise it’s half-way through May already, but I do still have a few things I’d like to achieve over the next couple of weeks. I’ve carried over a few of last month’s goals, because I really want/need to complete them.

1. Sell my unwanted devices
I’ve made a lot of progress getting these sorted, so I’m hoping I can find all the accessories they cam with in order to make as much money as possible. I’m hoping I can afford to buy season 1-5 of Game of Thrones and season 4 of Cougar Town with the money I get for them.
2. Open a help to buy ISA account
The main issue I had with this last month was the fact that my driving license had my old address on it, so I had no proof of my new address to show the bank. Even though they changed my address for my other accounts to the new one without any proof. However, I got my new license yesterday, so I should be able to open the account, and start saving properly for a mortgage!
3. Rewrite my ‘about’ page and edit my footer.
So, my about page is very inaccurate at the moment. I am not 22 anymore, I am not studying for an MA anymore, I’m not living with my parents anymore and my Grandad is not alive anymore. A lot of this stuff hasn’t been accurate for almost a year now, but, to be honest, I forgot the page even existed. I rarely have enough time to read through a blog post I’ve written, let alone check all my pages. As for the footer: it’s not 2014 anymore, mate, get it sorted!
4. Fix my post archive.
So, the theme I currently have has a full-blown hatred for my post archive, so about a year ago I ended up getting angry and removing the page. I couldn’t work out why the code wouldn’t work anymore, and, after hours of ploughing through coding guides I admitted defeat and deleted the damn thing. Recently , however, it’s become apparent that I need an archive, if only for my own sanity when trying to reference a previous post, so I WILL fix this in the next few weeks. Well, hopefully.

So that’s April! How was your month?

5 thoughts on “April: It Doesn’t Matter That I’m a Failure

  1. Jeez, it was a busy month! x_x

    You did pretty well with your writing even if you didn’t reach your goal though!

    Never got into Pokemon cards though I have a collection of other kinds. XD That I never even played!

    Hopefully you’ll be able to make some money off your old stuff. And hope your roof gets fixed soon!

  2. Holy guacamole. It sounds like you have had a crazy month indeed! I feel like my months fly by and I can never accomplish anything which is why I did goals over 2 years, haha. I figure 2 years is enough time to accomplish all my goals. Or at least hopefully. 😛

    I cannot believe you seriously put not eating chocolate on your list of things you were going to accomplish. I do not know how you would possibly even do that consider chocolate is like one of the greatest things ever…at least in my opinion anyways! I wish you the best of luck with your goals for this upcoming month! Set yourself up for success!

  3. April did sound busy! Too bad you didn’t reach the 50,000 word count, but 44,000 isn’t nothing! You should be super proud of that accomplishment, especially since you were behind. Having written anything at all is a huge success. 🙂

    My about page is often neglected, but one of my favorite things at the beginning of each year is to change the date of my footer! Kind of weird, but I love doing it at the start of the new year. Best of luck with your goals for this month!

  4. Literally read through your April goals, saw the one about how you wanted to go the month without chocolate and got so sad. But I literally died when I saw you lasted only 8 days because I’m pretty sure that’s at least double the length it would’ve been for me lol. I have such a big sweet tooth it’s basically impossible to keep me away from the sugar! I hope you’re able to complete some of your goals this upcoming month and who knows maybe you’ve already done some!

  5. I think we all have busy months, and if every month is busy, so be it!

    I am the complete opposite of you regarding About pages. I make sure mine is 100% up to date hahahaha. I am obsessed with my About page because well, I am obsessed with myself. 😉

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