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April Goals

A random dinosaur
Goal #1: Start taking photos that actually relate to my blog content…

I feel like I failed March. I didn’t blog at all, I hardly wrote anything and I spent so much money that my bank thought my card had been stolen. I ate a ridiculous amount of chocolate, didn’t do enough cleaning and was consistently unorganised. It definitely wasn’t great.

Because of this, I’ve decided to make some goals for April, so I can feel like I’m at least working towards getting myself back on track. Hopefully they’ll work and I’ll turn into a superhuman unicorn, but if they don’t, at least I managed to write a second blog post this month. That’s something, after all.

1. Get my eyebrows done by a trained professional
I inherited wiry caterpillar eyebrows from my dad, and my lazy attempts at tidying them up are not working for me. However, I’m very nervous about getting someone else to do them in case I cry/scream/have a sneezing fit in front of them. Hopefully I can get over the nerves and sneeze in a beautician’s face this month.

Note: no beauticians were harmed in the making of this post.

2. Don’t buy any books
Since unearthing my Kindle I’ve developed an addiction to scrolling through book recommendations and downloading everything that sounds good. While Kindle books tend to be cheaper than physical books, I can’t really afford to buy more books than I actually have time to read in a month, so I’m going to try and not buy any more in April.

3. Learn how to walk in my new glasses
Apparently the eye test I had when I was 5 is no longer an accurate representation of my eyesight, and I’m actually terrible at reading letters in the distance. So, on Saturday, after failing my eye test, I got my first two pairs of glasses.

It turns out glasses don’t instantly make everything perfect and your eyes have to get used them. I’m currently at the stage where I can wear them sitting down, but any stairs or walking feels really weird. Everything feels really close-up, and I have to walk like bloody Bambi so I don’t get too disoriented. Hopefully I get used to them!

4. Make significant progress on my novel/s
If you don’t already know, I’ve been working on two different novels for the past few years. Because I’m ultimately rubbish at dedicating myself to working on these regularly, I rarely make any progress and usually just write the first chapter over and over again. This month I want to make significant progress on at least one of these, whether that’s plotting, writing or developing characters. This WILL be the year I finish a novel!

5. Read all of my unread comics
I’m subscribed to a number of different comics, which means every month I collect the latest issues. For some reason, I’ve forgot to read them over the past few months, so I currently have a backlog of about 75 issues. I’m hoping to get through these by the end of the month so I can finally be up to date on the latest superhero shenanigans.

Yes, I’m a nerd #sorrynotsorry

6. Have a book clear-out
If I don’t I’ll probably drown in a pile of books.

Do you have any goals for April?

14 thoughts on “April Goals

  1. It’s perfectly fine not to blog for a month! Don’t blame yourself for it. It’s also ok to spend more as long as you are spending less than what you earn.

  2. Good luck with all of your goals!

    I’ve only ever had my eye brows done by a professional once. I had them threaded because they had an offer on. It made my eyes water! I wasn’t crying, even though it was painful, my eyes just wouldn’t stop watering. My eyebrows looked amazing afterwards, but I’ve never been brave enough to have them threaded again.

    I had an eye test for the first time since I was 5 last year, and I was convinced they were going to tell me I was blind. When they asked me how many hours I spent in front of a screen each day I just laughed nervously! But somehow, my eyesight is perfect in one eye, and just a little off in the other, so it’s not worth me having glasses. I hope you get to grips with walking while wearing glasses!

  3. I’ve never done anything with my eyebrows because i’m happy with what I have, haha. I’ve done lip waxing before, but that’s about it. Hope your experience will be a good one!

    The Kindle does make it tempting to buy books because they are cheaper than physical books! I am with you on trying to buy only what I will read in that amount of time XD;;;

    It took me about a day to adjust to my new glasses last time, and it also gave me a headache, something I’d never had to deal with before! Good luck with all your writing and reading goals! Nothing wrong with being nerdy :3

  4. I want to have my eyebrows fixed by a professional but I’m terrified they might make a mistake and it’ll look even worse than what I started with! Good luck with your April goals! Excited to hear about the progress you’ll have with your novels. I hope inspiration goes your way to help you along!

  5. Not every month has to be productive! I do like making monthly goals though. There’s something motivating about short-term goals 🙂

    I’ve had my eyebrows waxed by a professional, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be! It was kind of the push I needed to do it myself at home. And I understand the e-book addiction. I read on my iPad, but when I first discovered the Kindle app, it was wayyy too easy to buy a bunch of books.

    I hope you get used to your glasses soon! I’ve been wearing glasses or contacts most of my life, but when I get a new pair of glasses, I go through the same thing, even if it’s the same prescription. Kind of odd, isn’t it?

    The last 3 goals sound fun at least! I hope you’ll be able to make good progress on your novel and catch up on your comic backlog. I did a book clear out recently (mainly to cut down on the number of manga I own), and though it was kind of sad to get rid of things, it did feel a lot better afterwards. Good luck on all of your goals!

  6. I feel bad about not blogging too, but sometimes I just don’t feel like writing anything tbh. Haha!

    Ooh, I hope you get used to your new glasses soon! I get the same weird feeling whenever I get a new pair of glasses too.

    Good luck with the rest of your goals, especially the last one! I don’t know about you, but I have a really hard time getting rid of books and old stuff XD

  7. I’ve been lazy with blogging too. It’s fine because hardly anyone reads it anyway. :p

    I feel like I should buy more books because every time I look at my bookshelves, I’m always like, “Ugh, I wish I had more options.”

    And, um, I’ve been trying to write a novel for like 7 years now, and I have nothing to show for it other than a broad concept. Oh well, maybe in another seven years, I can put together the first draft of the outline.

  8. Please don’t feel likeyou failed March! You’re allowed time away from blogging, and there’s nowt wrong with tucking into chocolate; it’s tasty!

    I had my eyebrows done once, and my friend made such a scene about how painful it was, and it really wasn’t painful at all! That was nearly a year and a half ago though, I got a full fringe so I didn’t have to think about them – but it is nice to get them done!

    Good luck with your novels! I’m sure whatever you’re writing is amazing! How long have you been working on your current WIPs? I hope you’re adjusted to your new glasses now, too!

  9. I tend to use Libby (Overdrive) and my library subscription to get books. I hate paying for something when I can get it for free. Although some books you just need to own. I hate waiting lists though that’s the only downside.

    I remember when I first got glasses about a year and a half ago. I had them before that but I never wore them. After getting my current pair(s) my eye doctor was adamant I wear them all the time. I had such a hard time adjusting to both the feel of them and feeling like everything was too close/to clear.

    I was so used to squinting and not seeing the detail that I found my brain couldn’t keep up. Now though looking back I am amazed at all the details I missed. The faces of people I never really saw well. I just got used to them eventually and now if I don’t have them on I can’t see much at all.

  10. I legit went missing from March. I don’t know what happened but I was like, “Whew need a break from blogging for a bit!” and well here we are. Haha! Good to be back and attempting to catch up on everyone’s posts tho.

    I personally get my eyebrows threaded. It hurts BUT I don’t have to get them done often, which is great. The beautician ALWAYS has to give me soothing gel because my eyebrows get so red XD

    “S – We were sent out an email in regards to sending out documents to customers.
    T – The focus was on getting emails out to our customers rather than post, as it would save the company money.
    A – We were given what we should say to the customer in order to offer emails o them, but I found that only a few customers would taken this option. I decided to reword what to say, putting emphasis on the fact that email is more efficient and lot faster for the customer.
    R – The result being that customers chose email over post ensuring that my team’s stats are good.” < GIRL IF THIS AIN'T ME T_T I feel you. I definitely need to block out some time for my novel.

    I know it's May now but I hope you smashed your goals! My only one is trying to catch up on the blogosphere, haha.

  11. Okay, wow. So what I thought i had copied did not paste XD Ignore that S T A R part, I was attempting to copy the part about you working on your novel. “I’m ultimately rubbish at dedicating myself to working on these regularly, I rarely make any progress and usually just write the first chapter over and over again.” XD

  12. I used to get my eyebrows threaded because I “heard” it was better than waxing. It was quite a nice experience actually but it made my eyes water a lot. I started getting my eyebrows “done” because I had never paid attention to them and all of a sudden I made up my mind that they looked rowdy and then got all self-conscious about it. I don’t wear makeup (except lipstick) so I didn’t do anything with them regularly.

    I didn’t like threading after a while because I felt it didn’t give me the neat look that I was after. I went to waxing again and do it about every 3-4 weeks. I do get annoyed when my hair gets in the way though, and they end up pulling some of my hair out… otherwise, they do a fairly good job and my eyebrows look neat. 🙂

    I’ve gotten into the habit of buying an e-book every time I want to read a book but it’s crazy how much that adds up even though it’s not a physical book, ha.

    Good luck catching up on those comics! 🙂 And of course with all the rest of your goals 🙂

  13. Hey hey! You didn’t fail March as stuff happens and you don’t always have time to blog. I haven’t read the previous entry and so I don’t know why you haven’t blogged but regardless, you don’t have to explain it to us. It just happens, ya know?

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