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Amanda Palmer Gigs: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread. And Cable Television

Warning: This post contains an image of a keyboard swearing. Just in case you’re uncomfortable with bad language, or want to run and hide because I’m a strange person who adds speech bubbles to keyboards…

On July the 11th I went to see Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra perform live in Manchester. As this was over a month ago, it feels too late to review the gig itself, so instead I’m going to give you all a lovely and unthreatening post on why you should go see Amanda Palmer perform live. Which means it will not involve ransom notes like this:

Ransom note created on
Ransom note created on

I said NOT, so I am NOT to blame for any loss of cutlery. Honestly…

Now I’m going to stop bombarding you with terribly done fake criminal persuasive devices and get on with the blog entry.

Support Acts

Support acts. Multiple. Something that can fill even the most-patient gig-goer with dread. I’m sure we’ve all been there, standing up for hours on end and knowing that at least one of the acts your going to see will probably be disappointing. But at Amanda Palmer gigs that is not the case. She has some of the most creative, entertaining support acts I have ever seen. This time she had Jherek Bischoff, an amazing composer, who my boyfriend loved so much that I’m afraid he might actually run away with him, The Simple Pleasure who had me bouncing around and possibly crushing other people’s toes, and Bitter Ruin who left me speechless.[1. Jherek Bischoff, and Chad Raines from The Simple Pleasure are part of the Grand Theft Orchestra.] Seriously.

Her Dedication

Photo From the Manchester Cathedral gig last OctoberTo the fans. She goes so much further than any other artist I have ever seen to please her fans. She connects with them on Twitter. She stays after gigs to sign things and talk to fans. She crowd surfs, even though there is a small chance that we could all drop her on the floor. She comes into the crowd to dance with everyone. At the gig I went to last October she came outside for the encore, and perched on a wall with the crowd surrounding her. She doesn’t have to do all these things. Nobody is paying her any extra money for the extra time she spends. Nobody is paying her anything extra to endanger herself by running through the crowd. Nobody is paying her anything extra to sign things for loads of people. But she does it anyway. That’s dedication.

Because Glitter

Some fans brought glitter, and went down the queue sharing their glitter (which means throwing it on everyone, obviously). My boyfriend got some accidentally thrown in his drink, which means there’s a chance he might turn into a magical unicorn. We can only hope…

She’s Great at Proving a Point

When she performed at Glastonbury she had what all newspapers everywhere call a ‘Wardrobe malfunction’, which unfortunately does not mean that her wardrobe had a psychotic episode and began chasing her, just that her boob escaped from her shirt. Obviously the Daily Mail decided to cash in on this mishap and printed this article. (If you’re allergic to boobs or your parents are standing over you I’d advise you don’t click the link. I don’t want to be blamed for any complaining mothers, or perverted fathers.) What the Daily Mail didn’t realise is Amanda Palmer is not an artist who is shy to bare all. There are many pictures and many videos showing her less-than-clothed, so the Daily Mail’s response was obviously not well researched.

What did she do in the face of this newspaper article? Did she put her head in her hands and hope that nobody reads the Daily Mail? No. She wrote a song. And got naked half way through it. In front of a live audience.

This was not the gig I went to, but fans put the video up on Youtube. The song’s hilarious. Point proven.

Note: Don’t search for this video if you’re uncomfortable watching naked women playing keyboards. I know, keyboards can be incredibly distasteful sometimes…

Aggressive keyboard

I feel very uncomfortable right now.

The Crowd

The fans are lovely. Never have I been to a gig where the atmosphere has been so friendly. When she came into the crowd there was a big rush to grab her/touch her/do God-knows-what with her and a girl ended up falling. Loads of us rushed to get her up. Strangers helping strangers. Strangers talking to strangers and dancing with strangers. It was beautiful. The friendliness of fans was also clear when my topless bottle (insert joke about my bottle being mentioned in a Daily Mail article) was being waved in the air during The Simple Pleasure’s ‘Carnival of Love’. I spilt it. On a guy’s head. I instantly began apologising. He just shrugged and smiled. People at Amanda Palmer gigs just shrug and smile when you soak them. What more could you want?

If this has not persuaded you to book tickets immediately then I don’t know what will. I haven’t even gone into how great of an artist she is, and how she can cut straight from songs that have you dancing wildly to songs that have you covering your face with tissues so no one can notice your mascara dribbling down your face. I’ve got this many arguments without mentioning the music. Come on, guys.

Photo From the Manchester Cathedral gig last October

I’m sorry for anyone who wants to stab me right now for writing about something they have no interest in at all. I promise the next blog entry will be shorter and contain less ransom notes. If you all give me £1000…

5 thoughts on “Amanda Palmer Gigs: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread. And Cable Television

  1. Haha, love that ransom letter. Although the concept sounds ominous, the content of this one made me chuckle in amusement. Well done. Anyways, she sounds like someone I’d like to follow and listen to during her performance. Problem is that she’s nowhere near where I live, and I can’t afford to fly out. If she ever decides to visit the region, I’ll give it a listen. 🙂

  2. You shouldn’t get discouraged just because two people don’t recognize the person you’ve been drawing. That just means you need more practice. For the longest time I would constantly ask people to teach me how to draw. Sure I can draw stick figures, and the occasional doodle, but when I have someone to help me then and only then I can draw. This time around it was different. I am in a more relaxed/calm place (which is where you need to be), and I have the right book in order to do step by step in drawing.

    With out a doubt; people are the hardest creatures to draw! I noticed recently since I’ve been drawing I’ve been looking at people and seeing their outlines, and their muscle groups. In laments terms, I’m more focused than anything. The bird is actually a hawk. You would not believe this but every time that I had drawn a person, they would come out looking like someone else! I tried drawing Tom Hanks – he came out looking like Ving Rhames, and Michael Clarke Duncan. How is that even possible? Again, drawing people is hard work and takes a lot of practice. I drew every single day for a week because I was focused. This week, I haven’t drawn anything why? Allergies have been acting up pretty bad. So I can’t draw until they go away and I’m more focused. I even logged out of Facebook, due to this and I can’t seem to get away from doubt on Facebook anyway.

    Oh man, she sounds like a good singer. I’ve never been to a concert before were the singer actually took their clothes off! I’ve been to one Leann Rimes concert, one Weird Al Yankovic (Running With Scissors Tour – which is the best one), and one Lila Mccann concert, and three Meat loaf concerts (technically two because the first one was free). I honestly love Meat loaf, and was heart broken when I offered my dad a free ticket and free gas money and a meal on top of all that if he were to take me and him to a Meat loaf concert and he shot me down. I was heartbroken seriously. I never thought my dad would turn free gas money down! I love going to concerts, especially Meat loaf’s. Like this girl, Meat loaf tells a story through his songs, and it looks like they all have fun. My boyfriend is related to two members of the Offspring. A lot of people don’t believe him, because it does sound far fetched, but he does have proof. He does kinda look like them too in a way. But that’s besides the point. Going to concerts are generally fun. Cheaper than going to Disneyland which is getting up there in price. My next concert that I wish to go to is an Aerosmith concert. I love them! I would look up that video, however, my internet connection sucks.

    Back to drawing. You shouldn’t be discouraged from anyone who can’t recognize the pictures. Even if you don’t really have time and you want to relax, I suggest turning on some music or be in the quiet space and try to draw. That’s what I do. If I can’t even get it right I intend to move away from it. When I start school back up, I know I won’t have that much free time, but I will still have it no matter what cause I’m doing part-time. Good luck on your drawings.

  3. I’ve never heard of her before! Maybe I would need to youtube her and check her out for myself.

    I hardly ever go to gigs. Too loud and so many people. It’s madness. I’ve only ever been to the Big Bang one at Wembley Arena – they were awesome.

    Amanda sounds like a lovely artist and create good rapport with her fans 🙂 I can’t believe she wrote a song and get topless on stage XDD

    Has your boyfriend turned into a unicorn yet? That would have been amazing

    Could I erm, have my cutlery back please? I really want to eat some pie…


    Come Dine with me sounds fun! I wouldn’t mind doing that with friends but everyone is so lazy to travel to each other’s houses plus not everyone can fit into my kitchen. It’s small 🙁

  4. You can actually get a light lip gloss and use it to dim the strong effect of your red lipstick…

    I have never heard of Amanda Palmer before. I should probably google her and listen to some of her songs. Thanks for introducing her to me.

  5. I need to check her out as I’ve never heard of her. Maybe I should youtube her! Any good songs from her that you suggest?

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