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A letter to 20-year-old me

A letter to 20-year-old me

A few years ago, I wrote a letter to my 13-year-old self, and I was inspired by Chynna, Georgie and Pauline to write another one to an older version of me. Because I was still pretty clueless four years ago. Ah well. You live and learn, eh?

To fill you in, 20-year-old Amy was in her second year of university, working in a very busy retail job and spending the majority of her free time playing Candy Crush. She was never asleep before 3am, always rushing to meet university deadlines, and regularly buying things she didn’t need.


Hey Amy,

What’s ginger, really weird, and still thinks they’re hilarious?

Yes, it’s you. Of course it’s you. It’s always going to be you.

Anyway, hey! I’m you from the future. I’m here to tell you what you’re doing wrong, give you some friendly advice and confuse the hell out of you.

You’re welcome.

First things first: Facebook. Could you please stop posting over-dramatic statuses on there? No one wants to know about your exaggerated personal crises, thanks. Just stop pretending you’re in some tragic movie and get over yourself. No wonder people unfriend you all the goddamn time.

Secondly: money. Please could you save some more because mortgages are expensive and rental houses are a bit hit and miss. Do you want to sleep under a leaky roof and cry while your neighbours get so drunk they pass out by your door? No, you don’t. So please start saving.

And, finally: the important stuff…

You might be surprised to know that in four years you’ll be sharing your house/bed/personal space with a bald bloke who likes to listen to incredibly loud dubstep music and talks to literally everyone he meets. No, you haven’t been kidnapped. Yes, you’re in love. Confused yet?

Yeah, you would be. You know that “fairy-tale” relationship you’re in right now, where you feel all lovely and safe and secure and like he’ll never do anything to hurt you? Well, it’s all bullshit. You’re being treated like a fool, Amz, and it’ll all begin to crumble very soon. Sorry about that. Who knew we’d be so fucking naive, eh?

But don’t worry. In a couple of years you’ll meet someone better, and you’ll find out what real love really is. You’ll also stay over at his house share a lot and be forever afraid of using the bathroom in case you bump into one of his housemates. Because we’re awesome like that.

While we’re on the subject of relationships, could you please stop putting your horrible current one ahead of your friends? I know you think the sun shines out of his arse, but even so, there’s no need to drop your friends and cling to him like a pathetic little limpet. It’s not healthy, and you’ll be desperately apologising to everyone when he hurts you and you feel all alone. Luckily, they forgive you and you go back to being “besties for lyf” but still, it’s not on. They don’t deserve your shit, Amy.

I’m sorry uni isn’t going as well as you hoped. It does get better next year, though, if that’s any consolation. You actually enjoy it so much that you sign up for another year.

On a more positive note, your hair looks fab right now. I wish I had the energy to spend half an hour straightening it every day!

Lots of love,
Amy from the future (time machine not included)

P.S. Please tell me how you eat so much pizza and chocolate and still stay so thin. We no longer have that superpower and dieting is bloody horrible.

16 thoughts on “A letter to 20-year-old me

  1. I laughed at this, because the letter to my 20 year old self would be a bit worse but still sound about the same bahaha.

    I’m very proud to say that while I screwed up a lot between 20 and 26, I learned enough to say I won’t be repeating any of it. Hindsight is a fickle thing. Like, you’re glad you can look back on past events, but when they’re shitty events you’re like “wtf self” and get negative feelings.

    I honestly would probably kick beat my 20 year old self’s ass from here to NYC if I went back in time, and then threaten myself to get my shit together quickly xD

  2. Oh Amy, I was laughing at the first line. I love your personality. πŸ™‚

    Ha! I can totally relate to the melodramatic Facebook posts! Whenever I look back at posts from three or four years ago, I am dying of embarrassment. I just hope everyone else was as ridiculous as I was lol.

    I loved this. It’s always good to look back to where we are and to see all the lessons that we’ve learned. I wrote a letter to myself last May when I was a freshman entering college, and there’s so much I wish I could tell myself, so much hurt that I would experience from people who I called friend. But we get through it stronger than when we entered and a whole lost wiser!

  3. I love all the letters than everyone has done. Wouldn’t it be great to find a way to actually get them to your past self. At the same time, mistakes made and lessons learnt and all that, I guess.

    I enjoyed reading your letter and can definitely relate to most of it. Especially with Facebook and money. I used Twitter for my over-dramatic statuses though and Plurk. Not even sure Plurk was still around!

    Boys are DUMB. In saying that, I’m glad you’ve found your special someone <3 Honestly, I love your writing!

  4. I love this! I love the quirkiness of your letter.

    I remember writing those melodramatic Facebook posts. I do a face-palm every time I see one pop up under memories.

    I can definitely relate to 20 year old you though.

  5. I love this letter that you wrote to yourself. I feel like we make mistakes to learn from them and become a better person at the end. We know the impact of doing stuff and would do our best to avoid it in the future. I’m glad you’re in a far better relationship now and still keep your friends close to you. I used to post dramatic statuses on Facebook. Now, I moved on to Twitter. When will I ever learn? XD. You’re doing great now!

  6. I love this. If only it was possible to actually deliver these letters. I’d definitely be sending a lot of them. I have plenty to say to my younger self, although I’m not sure I’d pay any attention. Stubbornness has always been one of my finest talents.

  7. Hahaha, I loved reading this letter to yourself! It’s been nice reading everyone’s letters, it’s also nice to see that we are all reflecting and growing for the better. <3 We've learnt our mistakes and only using it to fuel ourselves into becoming the best we can be!

    I totally laughed at the tone of your letter – still so Amy! πŸ˜‰ "P.S. Please tell me how you eat so much pizza and chocolate and still stay so thin. We no longer have that superpower and dieting is bloody horrible." Haha, this was me too omg. I used to eat whatever I wanted and stayed thin but then boom, got older and it easily stays in my tummy fat πŸ˜› Glad I've somewhat increased my metabolism though xD

  8. Beautiful letter <3 I don't honestly know what to tell myself at any age because being 20 was 7 years ago for me, but I love the tone of it. It's all you throughout!

  9. LOL your letter is great! Haha, it made me laugh because you were so brutally honest to yourself and your personality really shined through. And I could completely imagine if your past self read this, how completely confused she would be.

    I love reading everyone’s letters because it’s amazing how much we’ve changed even just a few years ago. And how we all went through these different events and felt so stressed out but now stress out about different issues years later.

  10. haha, I really liked reading this πŸ™‚ The way you write is so fun, and I can relate to it. I’m pretty sure I was annoying on social media when I was 20, and I was also in an unhealthy relationship at the time. It’s unfortunate when we go through relationships like that, but the important thing is we have the strength to end it, move on, and learn from it. I’m glad you’re able to say that you’ve found someone better and have really found love!

    And omg yes, I miss being able to eat a lot and not worry about my weight. I want that back!

  11. This was so funny, but at the same time it was so emotional, because looking back in time we realize how experiences change us and how wise we become through suffering, heartbreak and bad decisions. Also, you can see that eventually everything that you though it would be the end of the world was sorted out and in the end everything turned out as it was supposed to be.

    I will definitely write myself a letter of this kind, of course with your permission to borrow this idea.
    Take care and have a nice day <3

  12. This is one of the nicest letters like this that I’ve seen, because you’ve really focused on how great things are going to become! As Shanae said, hindsight is a wonderful thing but it is good to go back and reflect on what’s different!
    I’m glad everything turned out so well for you!

  13. Oh nooo! I read the PS and I felt so sad for you but I understand what you mean. It’s interesting how our bodies change, I know I was pretty thin all the time but now it’s like, IDK, I’m noticing the excess belly fat. πŸ˜† Metabolism can change all the time as well, and I think when at uni we are just 100% more stressed, and the stress causes us to lose weight, or at least, not gain any. LOL.

    I always find these letters a bit amusing because we find ways to be harsh to our younger selves in an effort to teach ourselves, but in reality it could have been such a difficult time. 😞 It only goes to show that we learn more, the older we get. And sometimes we really have no way of telling the future, so we think relationships are going well but then they start to really go downhill.

    I’m just so glad you are in a better place now πŸ™‚

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