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A Day in the Life: March 2016

It’s time to take part in Georgie’s link-up! I’ve not had the most exciting day, so I hope you enjoy reading about me doing really boring things. Sorry! I’ll have to plan a bungee jump or gladiator fight for next month’s…

Without looking, guess what time it is.
I just looked as soon as I read this so I feel like a cheater. But my educated guess (by which I mean the time on my laptop) is 20.39.

Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?
OMG it’s 20:39! I should get a job reading the time!

What was the last email you read?
And email saying I’ve paid my council tax a second time this month, because I’ve moved house and they charged me again. Really hoping to get double council services now. (I’m actually applying for a refund because no one’s actually enthusiastic enough about getting the bins taken out to pay twice, not even me.)

How were you challenged today?
I’ve not been challenged yet, but here is my challenge for the evening:

All the pie!
One cherry pie, out of date today. I can do this.

How did you make a difference today?
Andy was at work until 3:30am yesterday, so I assisted him by joining him in sleeping until midday. After all, nobody wants a king-sized bed all to themselves… Top girlfriend, me!

How could today have put a bigger smile on your face?
If I didn’t have to spend so much time doing housework. I still have the ironing to do, but I’d rather just sit and read comics!

What is something you could gladly part with right now, without feeling any loss?
My old iPods. I’ve kept them for years “just in case”, but I really wouldn’t miss them at all.

Something you found yourself singing today was…
‘Come on to me’ by Major Lazer and Sean Paul. Except I don’t know the words so I actually just make weird noises to the tune.

A photo from today:
The only photo I’ve taken to day is the one of the pie, so I’m going to cheat and post one from last Saturday, when I was being generally more exciting.


It’s a steam-punk version of BB-8, which I saw at Liverpool Comic Con last week.

How was your day?

11 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: March 2016

  1. moving really uses a lot of money *sigh*.. hope u will get your refund soon~!

    u r such a supportive girlfriend~! lol
    u can never say no to sleeping-in-til-late-afternoon kkk

    wow… the bb8 steam-punk looks awesome~ i simply love that character so much tho!
    he (is it he?lol) is so cuteeee..

  2. Ugh, sorry about getting taxed twice. I sort of feel your pain. When I get taxed for working less than 8 hours a week, I go on a rage and call everyone who may be responsible until I get a refund ahaha! I am so jealous of your BB-8, it looks super cool!

  3. That’s annoying that you were charged twice. I hope the refund goes through smoothly!

    haha, I like that your challenge is a cherry pie 🙂 That’s the kind of challenge I like. I also tend to keep a bunch of things “just in case”, but they just need to go. I’m slowly going through those things and getting rid of them.

    That’s a cool version of BB-8!

  4. It’s so cool how you guessed the time correctly! Hopefully you’ll get something sorted out with paying double taxes for the council. That cherry pie looks delicious!

    Speaking of Sean Paul, I can never seem to learn the lyrics to his songs XD. The steampunk version of BB-8 is adorable!!

  5. Oh man that sucks you got taxed twice. I hope it settles soon and fast!

    I did not even know they made steam punk BB8 — that is a cool picture!

    Reading time without looking at the time itself? Not for me. Glad one of us can do it :P.

    I listen to a variety of music, but my main squeeze is Meat Loaf. Though, I think everyone knows this at least?

  6. Hahaha I got a good laugh out of this. I like the steampunk BB-8, still haven’t seen the new Star Wars though. Shame on me. I think steampunk things look really cool – I saw some steampunk jewellery some time ago but I am not really that ‘kitsch’ or whatever it is, so I don’t think it would suit me a great deal.

  7. Very good. Just going to classes and trying to get assignments and papers done. It’s crazy. We are in the middle of the semester. Hehehe I’d share that king size bed with my dog Marley, along with my husband. We barely fit on the queen size 😀 Glad you had a good day.

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