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25 Facts About Me

Sitting with a Chewbacca waxwork.
Fact #1: I’m very skilled at flying the Millenium Falcon.

Hi, I’m Amy. Even though I’ve been writing on here for almost ten years, and have probably said everything there is to say about myself, I thought it would be fun to do a “facts about me” post. I started writing this post last April, but for some reason it’s been sitting in my drafts unfinished for almost a year. Yes, I’m unorganised. Yes, I start lots of posts and never finish them. And yes, that’s an extra two facts you’re getting for free.

Anyway, here are my 25 facts. Hope you enjoy reading them!

1. I’m allergic to cats, which means I can’t stay at your house if you have cats, no matter how many times you vacuum the carpet or the cats. I’m not sure how likely I’d be to stop breathing, but I’ve been very ill a few times after spending too long with furry felines.

2. I didn’t have my first boyfriend until I was 18, which made me convinced that I would die alone surrounded by hairless cats (see fact number one).

3. I have A-Levels/BTECs in dance and drama, which some people find odd because I’m so quiet. I used to do a lot of school plays and spent most of my evenings either dancing or rehearsing, and I even sang solo on stage a few times. I wasn’t great though!

4. I know how to say ‘I would like a window’ in French. This is all I remember from my primary school French lessons. So, if you’re ever in Paris and fancy a window I’m your girl.

5. I once went to an Amanda Palmer gig where she came into the audience to dance with everyone. I got to dance with her, she hugged me, then threw me backwards to sing in my face. It was one of the best nights of my life and I wish someone had filmed it.

6. I don’t eat meat very often. I only like ham, bacon, pepperoni and occasionally burgers, but I prefer vegetarian meals. Most of my meals involve Quorn and I usually go for vegetarian options if I’m eating out.

7. I won two awards at university, one for writing a cool essay on Tennyson and the other for creative writing. For the first one, I had to do a presentation at a seminar, where I talked in detail about my essay. Unfortunately, my essay mentioned sex and penises. A lot. Sorry, Mum!

8. I don’t have a middle name, because my mum wanted me to be able to fill-in forms at superhuman speeds. Unfortunately, this means I’ll also never be able to get a website with my name as the URL, but at least I’m a form-filling-in champion.

9. To get into my high school I did a really cheesy dance to Holly Valance’s Kiss Kiss wearing a sparkly cropped vest that my mum made me and shiny leggings. I hope that no one has any video evidence of this mortifying life event.

10. When I was 10, I wanted to become an actress, which is why I chose to go to a school that specialised in performing arts, even though the rest of the teaching was terrible.

11. I’ve never been on a plane.

12. I really want to visit Japan someday, but it’s such a long flight, and such a lot of money. I’d love to go to a Pokemon Center, visit the deer park and eat all the Japanese sweets.

13. I have one sibling, my “little” sister Lucy. She’s 23, taller than me, and wants to run away with the circus. When we were younger everyone thought we were twins, even though I don’t think we look that alike. I blame my mum for dressing us the same!

14. When I was seventeen I worked at a small festival in a coffee shop, which mainly involved serving coffee and cake to very drunk people, and dancing in the woods when my shift was over. I spent the week washing with baby wipes and using so much dry shampoo my hair felt like it was made of powder. 100% would not recommend.

15. My favourite pizza is pepperoni and pineapple. Yes, I’m pro pineapple. #SorryNotSorry

16. I started drinking black tea after working at a festival (see fact fourteen), because I wasn’t willing to fight 6000 wasps to get some milk. Every morning the milk jugs would be surrounded by the terrifying creatures, which made black tea seem incredibly appealing. As it turned out, I preferred it to the milky tea I’d been having for years.

17. I overcook everything because food tastes better when it’s overcooked. Pizza should be crunchy, pasta should be mushy and, yes, all burgers should look like charcoal.

18. I used to be so terrified of the dentist that they had to refer me to a special dentist, where they x-rayed you in a machine instead of using those painful stick things, and where you had multiple nurses with you to keep you calm. I was seventeen at the time. I’m okay now, except when they give me fillings or spray water in my mouth or make me hold open my mouth for too long. Yeah, I still hate the dentist.

19. I can touch my nose with my tongue.

20. Before I got my current job, I spent four years working in retail. During which time I got yelled at, called stupid for not giving a man a free newspaper and had a woman try to throw her coffee at me then threaten to attack me after my shift. I still really enjoyed working in retail though, but I was so glad to get out.

21. My top ten music artists are Amanda Palmer, Emilie Autumn, P!nk, Eminem, The Dresden Dolls, Katzenjammer, In This Moment, Sia, System of a Down/Serj Tankian and Regina Spektor. This was a hard list to write. Can I add Hollywood Undead, REOL, Delain, Marina and the Diamonds and Within Temptation too, please?

22. I also really like N-Dubz, but please don’t hold that against me until you’ve bought all of their albums and spent an entire evening dancing to their greatest hits. They’re so catchy.

23. I almost ended up doing art at university, until I realised how terrible I was at drawing and decided to be sensible. Sometimes I wish I’d given it a go, but then I wouldn’t have the amazing job I have today. And I’d probably still be unable to draw hands properly.

24. I’m really terrible at drawing hands.

25. I find it really hard to finish things I write, which probably explains the ridiculous amount of drafts I have on here, and why I’m yet to finish writing a novel. I’m always wanting to start something new, because I have so many ideas I want to try!

So that’s it. 25 facts about a wasp-fearing, pineapple-eating blogger, who spends the majority of her time hiding from cats and rapping to N-Dubz songs. I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. It was so much fun (and quite challenging) to think of twenty-five relatively interesting things to say about myself.

Let me know some weird and/or interesting facts about you in the comments below!

16 thoughts on “25 Facts About Me

  1. I love all those facts about you. I too, want to visit Japan but you can definitely try these sweets. I used Japan Crate and OH MY GOODNESS! The sweets were definitely wonderful and it’s great a Japanese store called Daiso opened up in my area.

    My younger brother is 18 and is 6 foot tall, also a career in the circus sounds fun XD

  2. Love this! 😀 Honestly, fear of the wasp would also drive me into liking tea without milk!I am so glad I know someone who can ask for a window! You never know when the situation will arise!

  3. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear you are allergic to cats. They are amazing creatures, and I’m not sure what I would do without them. They always cheer me up. I feel like you and I could be good friends if we ever met (although we’re in different countries), but unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to come to my house due to my kitty. 🙁

    I also had my first relationship at 18. Unfortunately, he ended up turning into a jerk and we broke up after almost 5 years together and haven’t spoken since.

    I eat meat, but I also prefer other things, like veggies, noodles, or rice most of the time.

    I disagree about your overcooking. I HATE when noodles are mushy. lol My mom always tends to overcook things (especially noodles), so I had to start overseeing it to make sure it was done right. 😛 She also likes her pizza crust to be crunchy, but not me.

  4. This legit made me laugh so much, you’re extremely witty and seem to have a very similar sense of humour to myself 😛

    Totally agree with the working in retail thing. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it, but I’m glad I don’t do it anymore and can’t see myself every going back (willingly).

  5. I loved reading through these facts! I did do the 5 facts tag on Instagram that was going around a while ago but I think I should do a blog post like this.

    Tyrone is also really allergic to cats and so we can’t go and visit some of our friends and family because he’d just be dying!

    I wish I didn’t have a middle name! I really don’t like mine because it’s so common (like every girl I went to school with had the same middle name) so I’ve been trying to phase it out over the years. I managed to ditch it from my degree certificate.

    I’m pro pineapple on pizza too. Someone once said to me that they didn’t trust me because I liked it!

  6. Number 4 and 17!! Lmfao XD Seems like everyone sucks at drawing hands though. When I did used to “draw” back in middle school, most of the people just had hands tucked awkwardly behind their backs! Hah.
    I used to have burgers well done until I started dating my bf, and he was so mortified I switched the medium… Still haven’t died yet, which is good. XD

  7. I think “facts about me” posts are fun! Even if you already write a lot about yourself, some facts don’t come up naturally in blog posts. I’m with you on being allergic to cats though, and I really, really wish I weren’t. It makes me sad that such cute things can make me feel so terrible. Also, I didn’t have my first boyfriend until my second year of college, so don’t feel bad!

    haha, that’s funny that that’s the only thing you remember in French! I took a few years of Spanish, and I barely remember any of it. That’s also really cool about your university awards!

    I’m surprised you’ve never been on a plane! I hope you’ll get to go to Japan one day. I love it, and it’s kind of addicting. I’m already thinking about going back a third time. You would have a lot of fun there!

    Gahhh, I still hate going to the dentist. (I even have an appointment this week.) That’s good that there are types of dentists to help with that kind of fear though. I think one of my coworkers still goes to a special dentist like that.

    I always feel like retail people aren’t paid enough to put up with the terrible people that come in sometimes. Hopefully it wasn’t like that all the time! I liked learning more about you in this post!

  8. I don’t think you can ever say everything about yourself because we are constantly changing and we forget and remember things after a bit. 😂

    I’m actually allergic to dogs and I didn’t even know until Christmas when I stayed with Matt’s family and his dog haha. I think people rush into finding someone when we’re younger (not sure why tbh) but there is no rush. I personally wish I started dating when I was older (my first boyfriend was at 14 LOL) because I would’ve saved myself a lot of unnecessary stress. Also would be older and wiser and mature 😉

    I worked in retail too! Only for two years though and IDK why but being yelled at is a common theme with retail for some reason. xD

  9. Pepperoni & pineapple make an amazing taste combination on a pizza! When I go to the build your own pizza bar in Morrisons my go-to toppings are pepperoni, pineapple, red onion and sweetcorn. OMG so good!

  10. I feel better about myself after reading this, lol. I also didn’t have my first boyfriend until 18, in fact, it was about 3 months before I graduated, and we broke up that August when I went to the University here. Looking back at how upset I was, I sometimes laugh and shake my head. Regardless I have a few fond memories.

    I didn’t work in retail, but honestly being a waitress is about the same and I did that for about 7 years. I learned that no matter what, some people are just jerkwads.
    I only eat cheese pizza, legit, nothing else but cheese. Maybe one day I’ll venture into the world of unknown toppings, but I’ve spent 27 years just eating cheese, and I’m a creature of habit xD

  11. I’m really curious about the context of “I would like a window?” Like, seriously, why would one be in a situation where they only want to buy one window? =p

    I share your sentiments about overcooked food and going to Japan. Ugh. Why can’t I be Japanese? Well, I’m Chinese American. I guess I’m not that far off.

  12. I loved reading every single item on the list! Haha! XD

    Oh nooo, I’m sorry to hear that you’re allergic to cats! They’re wonderful little creatures, haha I can’t imagine life without my pets tbh 🙁

    It’s so cool that you did a lot of plays! I’ve always wanted to try drama/theater but I feel like I have to get rid of my stage fright first before I really pursue it haha!

    Lol I feel you at number 25. I have a hard time finishing stuff I write too, and I also have a ridiculously long list of drafts that never get published!

  13. It’s funny what we remember about learning other languages. In French, the sentence I still remember how to say is “Can I speak English?” haha. It’s “est-ce que je peux parler anglais” in case you were wondering.

    We are opposite on our meat preferences. It appears you mainly like pigs, which is one of the animals I dislike. I don’t really enjoy pork, ham, or bacon.

    Isn’t it funny how our younger siblings are taller than us. My “little” brother is also taller than me.

    I’m the same way with writing. I do really well until the end. I can never finish off the story properly.

    This was as much fun to read as it was for you to write. Thank you for sharing!

  14. I really enjoyed reading this list! This made me laugh: “So, if you’re ever in Paris and fancy a window I’m your girl.”

    I learned French in high school and I was so good I got 98% and first place in the whole year group. I remember nothing now. Nick made an effort of studying it in university and he is now basically fluent, and it’s pretty sexy, haha.

    I lol’d at the fact that you mentioned penises and sex in your essay – I am sure it was educational as hell. 👏

    I just got a massive throwback remembering Holly Valance and that song. Yes I will admit to maybe having imagined you in that outfit and dancing to it. I would’ve joined ya, though, no joke. ✌️

    omg Amy though. I went all the way over to your country so don’t be complaining how far away Japan is. Also I know you love Japan and don’t even get me started on how effin’ WORTH IT it is to travel there no matter how far away you are from and how $$ it is. I mean yeah save up your money but whatever you pay will be worth it 😱 TRUTH.

    I dig black tea! 🙂 I have it, well, black. 😆

    1. Wish I was fluent in any other language! That’s amazing!

      I’ve never been on a plane, Georgie. How am I meant to go to Japan in a tin box that stays in the sky by magic?!

      Andy wants to try me on a short flight next year, so I can see there’s nothing to be scared of! Hopefully it goes well!

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