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21 Things I Accomplished In January

Dumbledore’s office
Because a few of my achievements this month are Harry Potter based (and because I didn’t know what image to use for this post lol), here’s a lovely photo from my trip to WB Studios last year. Go Dumbledore!

Because January’s that time of year where you’re supposed to eat lots of broccoli, spend 14 hours a day on a treadmill and stop spending £3000 a week on fancy coffees, I thought it would be good to make a list of my achievements for the month. As much as I would like to say I’ve joined a gym and can fit into all my old clothes, I can’t, but there’s no point in dwelling on what you haven’t done. So this post will focus on the things I did do in January, no matter how ridiculous.

Yes, some of these are completely and utterly ridiculous. I apologise in advance.

1. Did fifteen minutes of yoga, before getting hideously angry about how slow you have to move, and how much they tell you to “feel the earth” when all you can feel is the biscuit crumbs that are embedded in the carpet.

2. Didn’t yell at Andy for leaving water and beard hair all over the bathroom, even though it looked like an army of ants had decided to have a pool party on the fucking soap.

3. Earned 28 Papa John’s loyalty points for my service to the pizza industry.

4. Read loads of books.

5. Managed to stop myself buying an iPad I really didn’t need (but used the money to buy lots of clothes instead).

6. Finally remembered to sign the contract for the house.

7. Got two fillings and only spent six hours asking Andy whether the adhesive they used was going to kill me.

8. Bought a workout top in the H&M sale, which almost definitely counts as exercise.

9. Sorted out a New Look refund without having to talk to someone on the phone.

10. Didn’t yell at the woman who rings me every two weeks asking how the wedding planning’s going (even though I’m tired of her advertising her hotel so often).

11. Sorted out a Boohoo refund without having to talk to someone on the phone.

12. Started using my Kindle again.

13. Managed to find half the charger for said Kindle.

14. Started re-plotting two of the novels that I’ve been struggling with for a few years.

15. Worked on some short stories.

16. Gave myself lots of time to relax by taking time off from the blog.

17. Barely spent any money at work, even on falafel wrap day.

18. Remembered the engagement party I said I’d organise (but still didn’t organise it).

19. Only cried a little bit when Dobby died in Harry Potter.

20. Managed to hold very heavy, illustrated editions of Harry Potter 1-3 while I read them.

21. Did a workout routine which made me feel like I’d broken both of my knees.

So that’s it. This month I’ve proved myself as an expert pizza-eater, champion book-reader and a person who should never, ever do any sort of exercise ever. Go me!

How was January for you?

10 thoughts on “21 Things I Accomplished In January

  1. I remember trying yoga once and totally agree – way to slow for me XD Fucking crying at Andy’s beard hair looking at ants. (But for real though, Andy, pease clean up after yourself – that shit ain’t cute)

    To be honest, January was full of accomplishments so ya better pat yourself on the back girl 👏

    January was so-so, just a constant repeat of me wailing about the fact that I am SO broke, haha.

  2. Hi! Blog hopping 🙂

    That’s a lot of achievement and I congratulate you for that 😀
    My January was pretty much okay 🙂 I did something fun during this month and it feels great 😀

    Btw— are you open for link exchange? 🙂

  3. This is a great list. Some of these really made me laugh. Especially #2. I never really think much about little things like this that I do throughout the month. I have to say that pizza-eating is definitely an achievement. 😛 And now I want pizza.

  4. They’re some great achievements- particularly sorting out the refunds without talking on the phone! I think those illustrated copies of Harry Potter are big enough to make reading them a work out, surely? =p

  5. I enjoy your sense of humor, Amy. I totally feel you about the pace of yoga. I’m more of a fast-paced type of person – but you feel the burn through those looooooooooooooong stretches! haha.

    Good job on stopping yourself from buying an iPad! More savings in the bank ;). Or at least an opportunity to save more. It’s good that you worked on some short stories and took time off from blogging. Hope you’re feeling energized at this point!

  6. haha, nice list! I do think these are good achievements though! Sometimes it’s the little things that really add up, like stopping yourself from reacting to someone or controlling some of your spending. I’m glad you were able to write and read a lot in January too! Plus, doing a bit of workout is better than not doing any at all 🙂 In comparison, my January was actually really lazy!

  7. Well done on doing some exercise that left you sore!! It will feel like that in the beginning or even when you exercise a muscle that hasn’t been used or moved very much. I’m glad you got some exercise in 😄

    It’s really nice when you can email or use live chat to sort out a refund. Oh my goodness I hate talking to people on the phone and a lot of situations make me feel incredibly anxious. I can make a phone call to make an appointment with my doctor, but anything else makes me shit myself or cry. I had to make so many phone calls when it came to wedding planning that I would sweat before making the phone call only to find that it wasn’t the terror I expected, but afterwards I still needed water and I felt actually physically exhausted 😭 So anything that can be done without verbal communication is a freakin’ plus.

    Also it takes patience to do yoga! 15 minutes is good 🙂 Not everyone has the patience for it and it can be slow and boring. I’ve done hot yoga though, and it tends to go pretty quickly if you get into the zone. As long as you appreciate that yogis are stronger than they seem – we’re good 😉 Some people seriously underestimate the power required in yoga!

    1. I avoid making phone calls for as long as I can, and always try to find a way around it. I’m much better than I used to be (I used to get my mum to ring for me lol) but I’m still not fantastic.i bet you’re glad all the wedding calls are over!

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