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2019 Goals

Graffiti in Brighton
This photo was taken in Brighton last year and has nothing to do with goals. Although I do happen to mention floating on a rainbow unicorn in this post, which is entirely coincidental.

At the end of December I made a list of goals for 2019. I sat typing it on my dying Amazon Fire tablet at 2am on an airbed, thinking about all the changes I wanted to make come January. I imagined myself as this amazing, well-put together, actual real adult.

Then my Amazon Fire permanently died and I forgot most of those goals and had to make up some new ones. Ah well, being a perfect adult is overrated anyway.

I’ve made ten goals for this year, because ten is a nice, round number of goals for me to forget I ever made by this time next year. Speaking of forgotten goals, here’s a quick review of how last year’s went…

A Quick Review Of My 2018 Goals

1. Go one one coach journey, one long bus journey and one train journey – no.
2. Write a novel – no.
3. Read at an open mic event – yes.
4. Go a month without spending anything at/on the way to work – yes.
5. Buy less stuff – yes, but I want to do even better this year.
6. Eat less chocolate – yes, but only because I eat more crisps now.
7. Get up earlier – no.
8. Get more confident with driving – no.
9. Get a passport – no.
10. Give myself more time to relax – yes.

Somehow, despite forgetting about most of them, I managed to achieve 50% of the things on my list. Go me!

Like 2018, this year I’m making goals that will make my life better, easier or happier rather than goals which involve me stressing myself out for no reason whatsoever. Let’s get these goals rolling…

My Goals For 2019

1. Keep my house tidy
This is such a boring goal, but I want to make an effort to tidy up before I go to bed every night so that the house always looks nice. I’m tired of having to hide behind the sofa every time someone knocks at the door in case they judge my messy living room. It’s annoying, and there’s literally no way to hold on to your dignity when you’re face down on the carpet like some sort of giant caterpillar.

2. Eat better
This is kind of two goals in one, because I want to eat foods that are better for me and learn how to swallow properly again. Although my swallowing has improved a lot over the last six months, it still takes me ages to eat my meals and I’m still not back onto more difficult foods like rice and salads just yet. Obviously, it’s not 100% controlled by me, as I can’t force my body to do its job, but I’m really hoping to be swallowing properly by the end of the year.

In terms of eating “better”, I want to eat foods that make me feel good, not foods that I think will make me lose weight. Until I stopped being able to swallow, I spent years focusing on trying to be healthy to lose weight, rather than trying to be healthy to sort out my stomach problem or make me feel generally better. So, this year, I want to pinpoint which foods and eating habits cause my stomach problems and acid reflux, so I can feel better, happier and hopefully stop any future swallowing problems from occurring. Not being able to eat put things into perspective and I realised I had my priorities all wrong. Health > weight loss.

3. Be more positive
I made a joke on Twitter about making this my goal because “I’m a negative dick at times” and I’ve actually decided to make it official. I’m not saying I want to float through every day on a rainbow unicorn and smile at strangers, or be consistently cheerful all the time, I’d just like to be less negative about everything. I always think up potential problems before I’ve even tried something, which is pretty terrible for my mental health. This year, I’d like to take my almost empty glass and fill it up a bit more, so I can taste a bit more happiness.*

*Yes, I know that was a weird metaphor, but I spent three hours trying to come up with a decent ending to that sentence and couldn’t think of anything. *skips off to lick all the happiness*

4. Write something on at least 200 days of 2019
A lot of you might know that for the past few years writing a novel has been one of my major goals. Considering how badly this goal has always gone, probably because it’s quite nerve-wracking trying to write an entire book, I’ve decided to shake it up a bit this year. Instead of focusing on writing an entire novel, I just want to make writing a habit, so one day I’ll have the confidence to sit down and write an entire book-length piece. I want to explore different kinds of writing again and enjoy that feeling of getting some words down on paper, instead of just hating myself for not being able to structure a plot properly.

5. Sort this blog out
It probably comes as no surprise, but I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with this blog. I’m not sure if this resonates with anyone else, but I just don’t want to talk about anything too personal anymore, or feel like I have to list every single thing I’ve been up to. I’m thinking about writing about books and comics and games and such, along with a few personal posts, but I’m not sure whether I’ll be good at it and I don’t know if I can commit enough time to make it worthwhile. That’s why I’m making it a goal to sort it out, so I can make this online space something I’m proud of, not something that causes me to have a massive existential crisis every time I open my dashboard.

6. Make progress with learning Japanese
I started learning bits of Japanese in 2018, and really want to take it more seriously in 2019. I’m not sure whether this will extend to taking any actual classes, but I definitely want to set regular times to learn and have longer “study sessions” in the hope that I’ll be able to say more than ‘I am Japanese’ by the end of the year.

Note: I am not Japanese, I just happen to be able to say that in Japanese. Why am I so terrible at learning languages?

7. Buy less stuff
Ah, the obligatory money-related goal.

My house is a mess. I own too many things that I’ve never used and I’m incredibly good at buying loads of things at once for that temporary endorphin release (or whatever gets released – I don’t know how to science). This year, I only want to make considered purchases, instead of just collecting more things I won’t have time to look at.

I probably said all this last year actually, so sorry if this seems like I’m pretending I’ve just had some major epiphany.

8. Make more of an effort with my appearance
At twenty-six years of age, I’ve come to terms with the fact I’m never going to become the next Kate Moss, but I would like to look more presentable when I leave the house. Because I get up so late, I’m usually rushing out the door with my hair barely brushed and eyeliner smeared across my eyelids, so I’d like to start making more of an effort to look like a professional adult.

Or just someone who owns a hairbrush.

9. Get up earlier
This is the exact same goal I made last year, only this year I’m going to try harder to actually do it…

…Until 6am on Monday morning when I decide I can’t be bothered.

10. Read at more open mics
Last year, I set myself the goal of reading at a poetry/prose open mic night. I did this once, with a friend by my side, but then I stopped going to open mics as much so never got a chance to try and read something by myself. This year, I’d really like to get more confident with reading at events, so I can stop shaking like a whisk after seven cups of coffee and start to actually enjoy sharing my work.

So those are my goals for 2019. I feel like I’ve chosen things I’d really like to achieve this year, rather than things I feel like I should be achieving. I’ve taken “exercising more” off the list because there are other things I’d rather do with my time, and I’ve not added any goals that will cost a lot of money as I’m still prioritising saving for a mortgage. Hopefully, I’ll manage to keep looking at this list and tracking my progress, so I don’t forget about any of these!

What are your goals for 2019?

12 thoughts on “2019 Goals

  1. Many of our goals are actually the same! I’m making an effort to keep my bedroom tidy all the time – even just making my bed in the morning and actually put sit away as soon as I’m finished with it has made such a difference. Coming home from work and my bed is all made up is so much more inviting! Wishing you all the best with your writing goals – I’m writing to make writing a habit again as it once was when I was younger. One day we’ll finish our books and we’ll celebrate together and it’ll the best feeling the world <3 Oooh, if you're looking for new recipes Pinterest is a good place to search. It's helped a ton with my meal prep!

    Good luck with all your goals – 2019 is gonna be *the* year. For what? Who knows. But it will be *THE* year.

  2. I like your goals and that you want to expand the horizon of this blog. It would be interesting to read about your reviews of movies, animes, games or what you like watching or playing.
    I wanted to learn Japanese too at some point in time, but the classes were so slow.. it took 4 months from learning hiragana to learning katakana alphabet so I gave up. At least I got some good pdf from that class and I like to use those books when I have time, they are nice and cool.
    If you want to, email me and I will send you the pdf, I have them in my mail.
    I like your list, I also make lists at the beginning of the year. I have a pleasure in checking them at the end of the year. Feels rewarding, but I also keep the ones that were not checked for the next year. I have this goal of visiting Japan ever since I was in high school and it’s been more than 10 years since then. Lol. But it’s on my list, every year until I can check it. It’s gonna be one of the most rewarding checks. 😀

  3. I need to buy less stuff too so I can save money. After so long though I always end up caving and buying something. I just bought myself a new pair of shoes. 😛

    I’m sort of having a blog crisis as well. The first year of my blog, I mostly did all beauty and lifestyle posts. Now, I’ve sort of turned it into a personal blog and I’ve just been writing about my life or things on my mind. Although, I’m never up to much, so I’ve only been posting like once every couple weeks.

  4. We have quite a few of the same goals. Probably because you’ve been smart and created realistic goals for yourself, lol. Most of mine, however, are realistic…for someone else. I’ve also been so obsessed with weight loss that I’ve failed to remind myself health comes before smaller pants. Considering pushy society that is pretty hard to remember sometimes.
    Hang in there Amy! You’ll do great!

  5. Good luck with your Japanese studies! Feel free to reach out to me any time. I lived in Japan for a year and managed to become conversationally fluent, so I’m always happy to help others learn and study. 💜

    As for the blog…totally get it. I don’t want to get too personal on my blog either, but it can be time-consuming to only talk about entertainment. I think it’s a good idea to leave it more open, and to let whatever happen — happen. Your blog will work itself out! That’s what I tell myself anyway.

  6. It’s good that you managed to conquer the items you’ve listed for 2018. Good job on going a month without spending money on the way to work. I am a big sucker when it comes to buying coffee. Good luck with your goals for 2019! Eating better goes a long way. I mean you don’t need to eat salad all day, every day but be more mindful of how much you’re consuming. I like that you’re going to be more positive. This will help carry you further. I felt the same way about my blog for a while- I don’t spill the whole tea, just a sprinkle where I feel like it’s appropriate. Totally understandable and that’s fine! Sending you positive vibes!

  7. I like that you’ve chosen goals to make your life happier instead of ones you feel like you have to do! I think that makes them more motivating and realistic. I’ve been trying to keep my house tidy too, so I don’t think it’s a boring goal, haha. It’s quite a lot of work! Buying less stuff will help with this too!

    I always see people writing about how they want to eat better to lose weight, so it’s great and refreshing to see that you’re prioritizing eating better for health. I also think being more positive is a great goal. Several years ago, I made a goal like that, except it was to be less angry and have more patience. Realizing I was quick to anger and keeping it in mind really helped me improve throughout the year.

    I feel you on sorting out your blog. It’s partially why I moved mine, so I could just import some of the entries. I removed a bunch of “things I did lately” type posts. I also think that’s a good idea to create a habit of writing a bit each day instead of trying all at once. I hope you’ll be able to learn more Japanese and read at more open mics this year! Those sound fun! Good luck with all of your goals!

  8. Your first goal has also been one of my goals for the last few years. I’m generally a tidy person but my boyfriend is not. The house has been staying cleaner lately, but it’s so frustrating cleaning up a house that you yourself did not dirty. I’m sure this year will be even worse now that we have a new baby. Messes stress me out.

    I find getting up earlier is easier when you have a reason to get up. When I used to teach I would have to get up at 6am to check my computer to see if there were any jobs for me that day. If I wanted to get up at 6am everyday without a purpose I would have zero motivation to get out of bed.

  9. Good luck on your goals for this year. You certainly did a lot more than I did last year, heh.

    I have the opposite problem as you with waking up. I tend to wake up incredibly early. This morning, I woke up at 3. Yes. Three in the morning. I know, you’re dying a million times, and you hate me. What’s funny is that when I was in my early 20s, I was an insomniac and I would go to sleep at 4, 5, 6 in the morning. Now, I go to sleep early and I wake up early. For me, it just happened naturally. I would recommend going to sleep a little early than you usually do and see what happens.

  10. Girl this post is so relatable! We have similar goals and motivations 😮

    I’ve also made it my goal to set aside time to keep my place tidy, but right now I’m not doing so well at it! I still have so much clutter and I think 50% of the stuff in my room aren’t even mine lol. There’s still so much to sort out!

    Ha, I think number 8 should be one of my goals as well! I’m so lazy that I don’t even put effort into looking presentable or learning how to style myself, so I literally don’t know anything about that – I don’t even know how to do makeup or tie my hair lol!

    I feel you about sorting out your blog too – I had a very hard time coming to terms with what I want to do on my personal space but I didn’t want to get all niche-y, so I just decided to write whatever I want on it. After all, that’s how I started! Hope you find something that works for you 🙂

    I hope your swallowing gets better! It’s so hard to have these kinds of health problems but I hope you fully recover this year! <3

  11. Good luck with your goals Amy. I like how you’re focusing more on foods that will make you feel healthier rather than those with weight loss in mind. Dairy has always affected my IBS and I’ve since been diagnosed with a dairy allergy, cutting put dairy from my diet completely was a huge step but has been great for my body. I’ve also been cooking a lot more meals from scratch – so much better than the ready meals and fast food I had been eating! I’ve also been posting less personal posts on my blog lately in favour of mental health and review themed posts.

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