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2018 Goals

I don’t really know what ducks have to do with goals, but here’s a picture of some ducks looking at some water. I’m such a professional blogger…

As you may have guessed from my previous post, I’ve decided to approach goals a little bit differently this year. Last year, I made a massive list of goals, most of which required hours and hours of hard work to be achieved. It was incredibly daunting, and I actually found the list to be more stressful than helpful.

This year, I’ve decided to go for things that are more challenging than time-consuming. I’ve decided to make goals that will help make my life better, easier or happier, rather than just trying to cram as many tasks into the year as possible. I’ve decided to make goals that are possible to achieve, even if I don’t look at them for a month.

Without further ado, here are my goals for 2018!

1. Go one one coach journey, one long bus journey and one train journey
In 2016, I started getting really travel sick on journeys, and it made me too anxious to go anywhere far away. This meant saying no to lots of events and plans, and missing out things I really wanted to do. In 2017, I managed to go on quite a few long car journeys, even though I was terrified, and make some amazing memories.

In 2018, I’d like to get over my fear of travelling long distances on public transport, so that I can stop missing out on amazing events, days out with friends and work opportunities. I used to be able to get on a coach or train without batting an eyelid, and I’d really love to get back to that.

2. Write a novel
This has been a goal for years and years and years, and I hope that 2018 will be the year I finally achieve it! I’ve been getting better and better at finding time to write recently and I definitely have a lot of ideas, so hopefully I’ll be able to do it.

3. Read at an open mic event
In the last three months of the year, I finally started attending poetry/prose/comedy open mic nights, after years of being too anxious to go. They’ve had one at my old university for years now, and, even when I was there, I only managed to brave it once or twice. I still haven’t read at one yet (except three years ago when our lecturers forced us to) and I’d really like to start getting my work out into the world. I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to reading aloud, and a lot of anxiety about anything uni-related (even open mics that weren’t run by the uni initially terrified me), so I’d love to be able to overcome this, and finally get to do something I’ve always wanted to do.

4. Go a month without spending anything at/on the way to work
At the start of this year, I was pretty good at keeping track of my money and not watching it slip away into the dark depths of the Asda self-scan tills and the staff canteen.

Now, however, I spend most mornings wasting all my money on unnecessary Asda snacks and my afternoons in the staff canteen buying expensive coffees. This might not seem like a problem, but, when it’s happening most days, it really does add up. I thought that setting myself a challenge like this would help to remind me that I really don’t need to be buying these things.

5. Buy less stuff
This sounds very vague, but, as you’ll probably have noticed from all my haul posts, I’ve bought a lot of things this year. I don’t regret buying so much, but I don’t think I’d have been any less happy if I had bought less. This year, I’d like to be more sensible with my purchases, especially on holidays and at events.

Don’t judge me if I end up doing tonnes of haul posts again though…

6. Eat less chocolate
While I consider eating a family-bag of Twirl Bites in one evening a talent, it is not good for my health or my bank account, so this year will be the year of not rolling around in a bed of Lindors.

Ironically, I’m in bed eating Lindors as I write this. Do with that what you will…

7. Get up earlier
I currently wake up for work half an hour before my bus is due, which means getting ready involves a lot of running, panicking and stressing, and not a lot of preparing myself for the day ahead. It’s really not the best way to start the day, and I always end up in a worse mood because of it. Plus, I’d really love to have time to sit down and eat breakfast like I used to do when I was at uni. I want my Coco Pops!

8. Get more confident with driving
Over three years ago, I had a minor bump and it made me absolutely terrified to drive anywhere. Since then, I’ve only driven once or twice, and I definitely haven’t been confident enough to drive on a regular basis. I’d love to get some driving practice in this year, so I can eventually feel comfortable enough to get a car again, and finally get away from all the late buses, cancelled buses and teenagers pulling my hair.

9. Get a passport
This has been a goal of mine for the past two years, so hopefully I’ll actually bother to fill the form in this year. This requires so little effort in comparison to the other goals I’ve made over the years, so it should be an easy one to cross off!

10. Give myself more time to relax
I’ve been trying to do this in 2017, but I’m still not quite able to switch myself off for an evening and just have fun. I always end up finishing off a blog post, or doing a little bit of ironing, because for some reason I’m programmed to feel guilty about spending entire evenings watching TV or playing a game. My aim is to have at least four evenings a month where I’m not trying to get shit done. Hopefully this will make me a lot happier, and make me more positive and productive on the days where I am trying to achieve something.

So there you have it. Ten goals that are not just about trying to write as much as I can or clean as much as I can. I’m actually excited for the year ahead, and feel very positive about this list, which is a big change from last year. I’ll be honest, last year’s mega list filled me with dread, and I didn’t enjoy trying to complete some of the tasks that were on there. This year, I’m all about improving things bit by bit, and not trying to be superwoman.

I am only human, after all.

What are your goals for the year?

10 thoughts on “2018 Goals

  1. Wishing you the best of luck with all your goals! I think you’ve got a really good mixture there.

    I’m sure you won’t regret getting a passport! And if you end up having to come to the passport office in Liverpool we can meet up for coffee. 😉

    I’d also like to eat less chocolate. It’s like my default snack, and it brings me so much happiness, but I know I should eat something a bit healthier.

    I decided on a goal for 2018 a few months ago, then I went and achieved it before the end of this year, haha!

    I think I just want to be happy in 2018, and I want to do more things that put my happiness first.

  2. I think those are great goals to have – they definitely shouldn’t be stressing you out! I want to step outside my comfort zones more too. I also agree that little things add up quickly. I found that budgeting is really hard :/

    Good luck on all your goals (and also your break – which I think you said you were going to take a short blogging break??)! I hope the rest of your year is fantastic and that 2018 is even better!

  3. #7 is something I need to work on myself. Even when I set my alarm earlier, I just end up hitting snooze a ton of times. I’m always rushing to get ready for work and have time for nothing else.

  4. I’ve been the same this year with my goals – I’ve decided to have fewer instead of having lists of them which does cause stress I agree!

    I love your goals and can totally see you smash them! Doing an open mic event sounds incredible and is definitely a challenge. I remember doing my first public speaking event and crying inside but once I was up there it was fine! The more I did it too, the easier it got! Keep us updated Amy! I know I’ll be seeing a post on it this year 😉

    Have a fantastic year!

  5. All of these goals are so catered and personal to you, it’s great! And they will all benefit you directly when you implement them! I hope you get your passport and come by to NYC! 🙂
    As for buying things to/from work… I generally take routes where I’m not going near anything (going to Sbux is out of my way, and snacks/food is also out of my way). Since I’m lazy by nature, unless it’s like a SUPER DUPER OCCASION, I mostly forget to stop by the snack places or coffee places to treat myself, so I rarely end up spending any money on way way to/from work.
    Hope you’ll crush them all! I’m trying to control my spending too… Buy only what I need!

  6. I think this is a great list of goals! I like that they cover different parts of your life, and they all sound reasonable. It’s a reasonable number too! I think it’s easy to get carried away at the beginning of the year with too many goals or ones that are really hard to achieve. I’m glad you feel good about it this time around. Good luck! You can do it!

  7. I’m really excited for you Amy! And I look forward to seeing you smash the goals on this list. And you’re right, compared to what you had last year, these seem less time consuming and taxing and more challenging. I actually really like this approach and I’m now thinking how ridiculous my 27 by 27 list was. Next time I make a set of goals I am not going to go for quantity and instead go for some really nice solid challenging goals, and not too many of them either.

    A lot of this sounds exciting because of the fact that it’s challenging. Like the travel, and eating less chocolate, and doing a little better at managing your time, money, and also keeping off snacks. I like them all 😄

    I didn’t make any goals for the year, again because of my 27 by 27 list, so I’ll see how I feel and if I want to make more goals soon. I’m still ultimately not a big fan of goals and especially not sharing them 😆 But reading a lot about yours has kind of encouraged me to share any that I make 🙂

    1. I realised this after doing my 24 by 24 list. It’s so hard to concentrate on so many and I just ended up not trying as hard ‘cause it felt impossible!

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